A Spoonful of Russian - Learn Russian Online from Russian TutorAuthor: Natalia Worthington
20 Jan 2017

A Spoonful of Russian - Learn Russian Online from Russian Tutor

Learn Russian language from a Russian online tutor at your own pace. Natalia teaches via Skype and other video chat services. Russian lessons are tailor-made for all students. Experience authentic Russian pronunciation, see Russian alphabet written in cursive in real time, enjoy free supplemental YouTube videos.

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    My YouTube Channel Has Been Re-Enabled!

    Finally! Thanks to the Big G tech support we were able to sort out the problem. Now I will be able to upload my videos to The Spoonful Of Russian channel again. So relieved.

    It's been sooooo long. I feel like I am a bit rusty. My last vid was uploaded 1 year ago. I am going to ask you, guys, for your suggestions as far as my next video. Go!

  • Posted on 07 Apr 2016

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    Unable to log in to my YouTube to upload or approve comments

    Not sure what happened exactly, but I am unable to log in to my own YouTube account in order to upload new videos or manage my subscribers' comments. At the same time there is no problem logging in to Google, GooglePlus or Blogger. Hmmmmm. Thank you for being patient as I am looking into solutions.

  • Posted on 04 Nov 2015

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    Lesson 1 - Greeting

    Friends and family members greet each other with a simple "Привет".

    for those who want to 'Copy'+'Paste' :

    - Привет, Эмили.
    - Привет, мам.

    Use "Здравствуйте" with people you barely know, with much older folks (unless they are your relatives) or with government officials.

    - Здравствуйте, мисс Наталия.
    - Здравствуй, Эмили.

    Remember, "Practice makes perfect".

    Your e-mails with questions and comments are welcome.

    If you are brave enough, you can e-mail me an audio file with your greeting in Russian. I'll play it on the next show.

  • Posted on 14 Aug 2015

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    Mother-Daughter Duet (Опять Метель)

    Just to change the pace a little, my daughter Emily and I are trying our hand at covering one of the most popular contemporary Russian songs originally performed by Alla Pugacheva and her daughter Kristina. Those two don't need introduction.

  • Posted on 14 Nov 2014

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    a Spoonful of Russian 032

    Today I fill a request of one of my Podcast listeners/ YouTube subscribers by reciting a short poem written by one of Russia's greatest talents - Anna Akhmatova. Лотова Жена - Анна Ахматова (Lot's Wife - Anna Akhmatova). To view the text: http://youtu.be/2fEWD9bqAWk

  • Posted on 14 Nov 2014


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