After SerenityAuthor: David Moore
20 Jul 2019

After Serenity

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A monthly podcast for the After Serenity living campaign. Fans of Firefly and Serenity, come join us roleplaying in the 'Verse

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    After Serenity Ep 15 - Post Gen Con

    We're back from Gen Con, and hip deep in work. So we give you all an update, and make a request for help.

    Authors, we need authors!

  • Posted on 09 Nov 2007

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    After Serenity - Episode 14

     - Link to Joss/Amazon interview (
    Gen Con
        Check your event location at the Gen Con web site! The printed tickets that were mailed out were printed wrong and have the wrong location on them!
        Regular game slots are filled, but openings do happen at the game, so bring some generics.
        Shindig is still open, let us know if you want to attend, and send in your character background.
        Podcast Meetup - Saturday 7pm - 9pm
        Easter Egg - Write down the name of Jayne's gun and give it to you GM for 6 extra plot points.
        Sam Chupp will be our GM for Dragon*Con. He will be running "And Now You Are Here", our second module.

    Heart of the Hunter -

  • Posted on 13 Aug 2007

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    After Serenity - pre Gen Con 2007 special episode 001

    We still have tickets available for the Gen Con 2007 Shindig. Details are on the site:

    If you do a search for Shindig in the title of the event on Friday, it will be the only one.

    If you are signed up, send us your character background and some goals (short and long) that you would like to work on. We're sculpting the Shindig so that you can work on accomplishing these goals if you want to work on them.

    Stay Shiny!

  • Posted on 29 Jun 2007

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    After Serenity #013

    The forums are back up!

    This episode we talk about some general Serenity and not-so Serenity news. We also have some voicemail and talk about posts on the forums.

    Then we move on to talking about upcoming conventions and what you need to do if you haven't played before. We need authors! We also need GMs for future conventions!

    Neal5x5 sent in an excellent in character piece, listen for it.

    Origins and Gen Con easter eggs are in this one!

  • Posted on 15 Jun 2007

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    Out in the Black - Episode 5

    This podcast is the fifth roleplaying session of the Out in the Black module that is being run by David Moore and being played by; Cynthia Armistead, Curt Arnow, Ben Balestra, Sam Chupp, Mario Dongu, and Miranda Thomas.

  • Posted on 21 May 2007


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