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06 Oct 2022

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Agile Toolkit Podcast. Broadcasting conversations about Agile Software Development, Agile Methodologies, techniques and tools.

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    Todd Little and Joey Spooner - Kanban and the road to evolutionary change - BAI 2022

    I spoke with Todd Little and Joey Spooner at the BAI conference.  We speek about the evolution of Kanban and how Kanban can drive evolutionary change in an organization. We chat about Value Stream Managment, DevOps, transformation, continuous improvement, adaptive govenrnance and the many ways that Kanban can help.

    I have known Todd and Joey for many years and it was great to speak with them in person.


  • Posted on 02 Jul 2022

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    Marina Alex - Agile in Sales - BAI 2022

    Marina Alex is the creator of SWAY (Sales with Agile system), a business agility coach and agile sales expert. I spoke with Marina about her work and the use of Agile methods in sale. Overcoming resistance, understanding risk and putting the customer first.   


  • Posted on 19 May 2022

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    Ondřej Dvořák - BAI 2022 - Agile Methods for Lawyers and Legal Support for Ukrainian Refuges

    I spoke with Ondřej at the Business Agility Conference 2022.  He has been working with lawyers to use Agile methods for delivering their work.  Another great example of Agile outside of IT.

    I was impressed with his passion and the work he has been doing to help Ukrainian refugees find pro bono legal assistance.  He quickly stood up a site to match refugees with lawyers that can assist them.  As part of that work he is also employing his experience with Agile in IT and in the Legal profession.  

    If you are a lawyer, a refugee or just interested in the work that they are doing please visit.

  • Posted on 04 Apr 2022

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    Jurgen Appelo - Startup, Scaleup, Screwum, Lean + Agile DC 2019

    Last year I spoke with Jurgen Appelo at LitheSpeeds annual Lean + Agile DC conference.  He delivered a great Keynote on his book Startup, Scaleup, Screwup.

  • Posted on 11 Feb 2020

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    Lean + Agile DC 2019 - Padmini Nidumolu - Women in Agile Panel Discussion

    Welcome to this special edition of the Agiletoolkit Podcast hosted by Padmini Nidumolu.

    Padmini is one of the founders of Lean In Agile for Women here in the DC area and also hosts a meetup focused connecting women in the Agile community to share their stories.

    In this podcast he speaks with several speakers from Lean+Agile DC. Enjoy her conversation with Jessica Hall, Lisa Mabli, Christina Garnett and Rachael Bradstock.


    Enjoy this podcast.

    - Bob Payne

  • Posted on 19 Jul 2019


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