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17 Aug 2022

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    American Mormon Podcast - Episode 1 - Rome

    Coming at you from Rome, Italy!

    Episode One comes to you from Rome, our first stop on our trip across Europe.

  • Posted on 31 Aug 2006

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    Jed's Blog Entry from Berlin

    Hey this is Jed. We are now in Germany. It is hard to type because some of the letters are in different spots. We spent the day in former East Germany. It is awe-inspiring.

    We interviewed the Berliner Bear, the official mascot of Berlin, and found several people to talk to at the Brandenburg gate. We also went to the Holocaust Memorial.

    East Berlin is very alive. We had some members take us around and show us the sites while we interviewed people. These members grew up in East Berlin before the wall fell. It is unbelievable to think about the life before the wall fell.

    Anyway, we are going to find some members to interview right now. We'll try to talk again soon.


  • Posted on 31 Aug 2006

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    Daryn's Blog Entry from Berlin

    Berlin. So, apparently, there used to be some kind of “wall“ here. Everyone won’t stop talking about it. On and on and on. “Communism kept the rest of the world out.” “We couldn’t even buy a banana.” “Blah blah yadda yadda blah.”

    Now, as you cross from West Berlin to East Berlin, instead of seeing a wall with barbed wire, armed guards in towers and armored tanks, all you see is a sign:

    “Welcome to Berlin! Completely wall free since 1989!”

    HA! I kid. OK, so Berlin is amazing. Clean, beautiful, amazing buildings everywhere and an even more amazing history. So much to see and do, and not a single Nazi in site. We interviewed people from all of the world in some of the most amazing places we could imagine. We also interviewed LDS people who lived in East Berlin before and during the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Honestly, I could never do justice to these interviews. They are just something you’ll have to see for yourself. Fortunately, soon you can. To witness an LDS woman stand in front of what is left of the Berlin Wall and share her experience of how the falling of the wall has blessed her life is worth the trip to Europe alone.

    Tomorrow, Jed and I are off to Paris, where we’ll stay in an apartment just two blocks away from the Eiffel Tower. I’ve never been to Paris, but I hear they have the Mona Lisa, a Disneyland, and a bunch of people that hate Americans. I can hardly wait! And if I bump into Robert Langdon, rest assured, I’ll find out what he knows about the Mormons.


  • Posted on 31 Aug 2006

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    Jed's blog entry from Paris

    Paris is you say...French.

    We left the wonderful city of Paris, France today. We had asked you, our lovely readers and listeners, to help us decide how to get to England. After very little debate (and much procrastination), we chose the Chunnel. For those of you not familiar with this amazing feat of groundhog labor, what the French and English blokes did was get thousands of gopher-like animals to dig a huge tunnel underneath the famed English Channel....Oh, I'm sorry. Daryn has just informed me that no gophers were used in digging the Chunnel.

    Anyway we just made it to England and have done nothing yet. Soooooo, let me tell you about France; I cannot string together enough cliches to give you a clear image of how wonderful Paris is. If you get the chance to visit, I recommend it. All of the famous locations live up to the hype.

    Let me give you some highlights:

    We did some great interviews in front of the Eiffel Tower. Language was clearly a barrier as a couple of people thought we were asking them about mermaids rather than mormons.

    We also ran into an anthropologist who let us know that actually 80% of civilization practices some form of plural marriage. Hmmmmmmm...

    At Notre Dame we interviewed a Catholic priest who was outside having a "cold one" (that's beer.)

    And the member interviews were fascinating too. We met two different ladies from the Ivory Coast. One had just been baptisted two weeks ago, and her story is very inspiring.

    And on the final day, we ran into two very CHEEKY british girls who were visiting Paris.

    So while in Paris, let me recommend some places to visit:

    Number 1: All the famous places you've heard of

    Plus: The Sacred Heart Catherdral is cool, but even cooler is the view - it is breathtaking to see Paris from the top of this hill. Oh, and a few block from the Eiffel Tower, there is a little chocolate store called Michel Chaudun at the corner of rue de Malard and rue de l'Universite that you must visit. I promise that it will be worth the walk. Daryn and I are still craving it.

    Oh, and the cheese. I bought five different kinds to try with my olive bread; I had them choose the strong stuff. I could not eat it all right there so it sat in my back pack the rest of the day. Needless to say, people kept giving me a funny look on the subway.

    Oh and Daryn was right: Some foods are better in other countries.

    Well, it is time to run. London's calling.



  • Posted on 31 Aug 2006

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    American Mormon Podcast - Episode 3 - Berlin

    Coming at you from Berlin, Germany! Look out, Paris, you're next!

  • Posted on 31 Aug 2006


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