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25 May 2019

Ancient Warfare Podcast

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Discussions from Ancient Warfare Magazine. Why did early civilisations fight? Who were their Generals? What was life like for the earliest soldiers? Ancient Warfare Magazine will try and answer these questions. Warfare minus two thousand years.

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    An Empire Under Pressure

    Tempted by lowered defences, riches on the Roman side of the Rhine, or just pushed forward by peoples further east, Germanic tribes started to raid and then come across western Europe's great river in large numbers from the third century onward.

    Joining Angus to discuss the issue XII.6 An Empire Under Pressure are regulars Jasper Oorthuys, Lindsay Powell, Murray Dahm, Myke Cole and Marc DeSantis, plus all those patrons who watched and contributed live as we recorded.

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  • Posted on 19 Apr 2019

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    Oliver Stone's Alexander

    We're discussing the 2004 film from Director Oliver Stone, Alexander. While it was expensive film to make it wasn't a box office smash. What do the team think?

    Angus is joined by Jasper Oorthuys, Mark McCaffery, Murray Dahm, Myke Cole and Marc DeSantis.

  • Posted on 14 Mar 2019

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    Rome’s Indispensable Auxiliaries

    'Men recruited from every corner of the empire, auxiliaries played an important role in augmenting Rome's military might. For the soldiers themselves, service meant a path to citizenship and future success.'

    In this episode we’re going to be discussing Ancient Warfare Magazine XII.5,  ‘Rome’s Indispensable Auxiliaries: Serving up front and on the flanks’.

    Joining Angus are Jasper Oothuys, Lindsay Powell, Mark McCaffery, Murray Dahm and Marc DeSantis.

  • Posted on 14 Feb 2019

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    Spartan Invincibility

    We are once more between issues of the magazine, so running with a random ancient warfare topic, the one that has been pulled out of the hat for this episode is ‘spartan invincibility’.

    We have a full house for this episode with Jasper Oorthuys, Murray Dahm, Mark McCaffery, Marc DeSantis, Lindsay Powell and Myke Cole.

  • Posted on 17 Jan 2019

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    The power of Poseidon

    'The first decades of the Hellenistic era are famous for the ever-growing warships of the Ptolemies, but naval warfare wasn't just about who had the biggest ships.'

    We're discussing Ancient Warfare Magazine XII.4. Taking part in this episode is Jasper Oorthuys, Lindsay, Mark McCaffery, Marc DeSantis and Murray Dahm.

  • Posted on 18 Dec 2018


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