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21 Oct 2018

Ancient Warfare Podcast

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Discussions from Ancient Warfare Magazine. Why did early civilisations fight? Who were their Generals? What was life like for the earliest soldiers? Ancient Warfare Magazine will try and answer these questions. Warfare minus two thousand years.

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    Armour in the Ancient World

    From mail and shields to protection of a more spiritual nature, armour in the ancient world took on many forms and was developed to deal with a number of specific problems.

    In this episode we’re back looking at the magazine with issue XII.3 ‘The many means of Protection; Body armour in the ancient World”

    Angus is joined by regulars Jasper Oorthuys, Marc DeSantis and Marc MacCaffery.

  • Posted on 11 Oct 2018

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    Death, Dying and Killing in the Ancient World

    In this episode we’re going to be discussing the concept of death, dying and killing, how is described and perceived, in the ancient world. It’s thanks to Wim Sonnemans, one of our patrons for suggestion the topic.

    Joining Angus are stalwarts of the podcast Jasper Oorthuys, Murray Dahm, Mark McCaffery and Marc DeSantis.

    If you enjoy the podcast why not become a patron, by throwing a throw a shekel (or two) in our virtual bowl each month. We do try and give something back to our supporters, who get to watch us record live and Murray have been recording some bits and pieces exclusively for patrons.

  • Posted on 21 Sep 2018

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    Thracians in the Fourth Century

    'Fierce fighters, masterful mercenaries, backwards barbarians: these were only a few of the ways the ancient Greeks described their tribalistic neighbours to the north'.

    In this episode of the podcast we discuss Ancient Warfare XII-2, Wild Allies and Enemies: Thracians in the Fourth Century.Angus is joined by regulars Jasper Oorthuys, Murray Dahm, Marc DeSantis, Lindsay Powell and Myke Cole.

  • Posted on 09 Aug 2018

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    Subscribers of the magazine will realise we’re recording very close to the latest issued XII.2 XII.2 Wild Allies and Enemies: Fierce fighters, masterful mercenaries, backwards barbarians, we felt it didn’t give people enough time to read it, digest it and feed us your questions, so we’ve decided on another 'in-between' episode.

    Murray once more suggested the topic for discussion, his was a one word suggestion ‘uniform’, which had us all going off in different directions on what we could talk about, but it's turned into a very interesting conversation.

    So joining Angus are regulars Jasper Oorthuys, Murray Dahm, Marc McCaffery, Lindsay Powell, Mark DeSantis, and joining us for the first time we’d like to welcome Myke Cole.

  • Posted on 09 Jul 2018

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    Ancient Military Manuals

    Today’s topic was suggested by Patreon backer Wim Sonnemans, who suggested we might look at training manuals and handbooks. Which is a great topic of us as it is something our very own Murray Dahm has previously researched!

    To become a patron of the podcast you can find us at As a patron of the show you will be invited to watch us record live, and even comment as we are doing so…

    We thank those who already support the show, it is very much appreciated….

  • Posted on 11 Jun 2018


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