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20 Jul 2019

Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Podcasts

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    Waste Diversion Tour 2007

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    On August 22, 2007, eight Fort William First Nation youth and one Elder participated in the Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami's "Waste Diversion Tour". Participants were introduced to various waste diversion options available in the neighbouring City of Thunder Bay, which Fort William First Nation citizens can utilize to make our community cleaner and healthier.

  • Posted on 31 Oct 2007

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    Recycling @ Powwow

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    The Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami brought recycling to the Fort William First Nation annual traditional powwow for the first time. Several people are interviewed about the issue in this podcast.

    With the help of our partner, ReCool Canada Inc., we were able to provide powwow-goers with the option to recycle - and people made the most of it! 75 kg of recyclable material was diverted from the waste stream. We also organized this mobile recycling depot for the 2007 National Aboriginal Day powwow, that took place the week previous (June 21, 2007).

    The FWFN powwow took place June 30 - July 1, 2007, on Mt McKay on Fort William First Nation.

    For more info, contact ecostewards.fwfn(at)

  • Posted on 06 Jul 2007

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    Caught Dumping Garbage on Fort William First Nation

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    Today, Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Citizens Council member Eugene Bannon caught non-Fort William First Nation citizens trying to dump garbage on our community. Listen to his story in this podcast.

    Fort William First Nation has a bylaw that is supposed to prevent non-community members from dumping any waste on our land. However, the bylaw does not prevent community members from dumping their waste. This not only has resulted in an un-engineered dumpsite called the 'Squaw Bay Road Dump' where waste is burned frequently; it has also created a loop-hole where community members let their friends (or people who pay them) dump garbage on Fort William First Nation for free. By doing this, garbage dumpers avoid paying $5 to dispose of garbage properly at the City of Thunder Bay Landfill, but the health of our community members is being compromised as these wastes are burned in vandal fires at the Squaw Bay Road Dump on a daily basis.

  • Posted on 29 Jun 2007

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    R.E.Z. Life - The Report, by Tim Solomon

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    Tim Solomon reaches out to indigenous peoples with a message he calls "R.E.Z. Life" (Rough Environmental Zones).

    If you would like to contact us, please send Tim an email at ecostewards.fwfn(at)

    This podcast was recorded at Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Studios, Fort William First Nation, Canada.

  • Posted on 05 Feb 2007

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    CBC Interview, AGG Pollution Mapping Project

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    Heather McLeod of the CBC Radio Thunder Bay program "Voyage North" came out to Fort William First Nation on Wednesday December 13, 2006 to interview youth about our pollution mapping project titled "Identifying Pollution Affecting Fort William First Nation - Youth Perspectives".

    The interview was meant to raise awareness about the over 250 random dumpsites found on our reserve, in the November 2006 project, which was funded by the Laidlaw Foundation. It was also our opportunity to invite the public to an Open House that took place on Sunday December 17, 2006, where the results of the project were communicated to the public.

    The outputs of the project were: a poster-sized map called 'Fort William First Nation Random Dumpsites and Adjacent Industry', a Youth Declaration on Pollution Affecting Fort William First Nation, and a youth-led photo exhibit titled 'This is What We Call Home'. The poster map and youth declaration were presented to the Fort William First Nation Chief and Council on January 16, 2007.

    This audio file is copyrighted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (2006).

  • Posted on 27 Jan 2007


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