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07 Jul 2022

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    Flashbulb Memories

    A flashbulb memory is a very vivid memory that is "burned" into our minds for a VERY long time. Often these are of traumatic events. As we begin to study memory-- think of a flashbulb memory that you have. Many of us remember exactly what we were doing on 9-11. Describe it. It doesn't have to be limited to that- it could be a childhood memory from a long time ago.

    One of mine-

    I was little- maybe 3 or 4. My mom said that she was going to the store. I REALLY wanted to go and pleaded my case. After she gave in- I remember spinning in delight- I was literally spinning around and around. When I went to run out the door of their room I met the doorknob of the open door and cut my face open just below my eye.

    I remember getting stitches and actually remember getting the first stitch in and it didn't hurt. The office where I was repaired still exists on 41st and Wadsworth. This memory is one of my earliest and I still remember it like it happened yesterday.

    So- post one of yours!

  • Posted on 13 Sep 2007

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    Naturalistic observation is when you watch people in their natural environment. I want you to go somewhere where you don't draw attention to yourself and then observe for 5-10 minutes. Write down everything you see and respond to this post with it. Draw a conclusion/make a thesis on what you see.

    Ideas- Lunchroom dynamics, people flirting, where people sit in class, etc...

    Please, no names of the people you observe should be in your post.


  • Posted on 29 Aug 2007

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  • Posted on 24 Aug 2007

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    Why AP Psych?

    Welcome to AP Psychology!

    I am very happy that you took this course and that you chose to challenge yourself with the fascinating world of psychology! I am sure that you will find this course worthwhile and personally relevant.

    From time to time I will post on the blog and you will be required to post a reply. At the end of every 6 weeks, I will require you to paste your comments in a document and hand them in to me. I want you to be honest in these blogs, and you do not need to use your real name. The ground rules are simple. No profanity, cut downs, sexual comments, etc will be allowed. I will also not publish your post if the spelling/grammar is poor. Be honest, write well, and don't be a jerk. I have only had to delete 2 or 3 posts from last year. I expect the same will happen this year. You are all wonderful students and I expect that you will not cause any trouble in this online community.

    So- on with the post...
    Why did you sign up for AP Psychology?
    What have you heard about AP Psychology?
    What do you want to learn in AP Psychology?



  • Posted on 24 Aug 2007


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