ApologiaAuthor: Zachary Moore
24 Feb 2018


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Apologia is a friendly roundtable discussion that seeks common understanding between theists and nontheists.

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    Scriptorium: Alix Jules, "The New Jim Crow"

    Alix Jules is an activist and writer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, serving as President of the Board of Directors of the Fellowship of Freethought Dallas, President of Black Non-Believers of Dallas, as well as a national speaker on issues of intersectionality between race, religion, and gender. In this discussion, Alix and I talk about “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, which methodically lays out the case that the kind of sub-caste intended by the architects of Jim Crow laws in the American South (carrying on the legacy of African slavery throughout the Americas) can be found today in the racial biases employed by law enforcement, political leaders, and public policy that brought about the War on Drugs as a proxy to target and diminish the cultural power of Black Americans.


  • Posted on 02 Feb 2018

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    Inquisition: Shunda Lee

    Shunda Lee was raised in a family that instilled in her a strong sense of Christian identity and morality, though not specifically following any particular denomination. But upon reaching adulthood, Shunda sought to explore the Christian faith in depth, particularly as a result of her sister’s deep dive into fundamentalist Christianity. However, a combination of the limitations of Christian theology, as well as the close relationships that she developed with a variety of non-Christian women, eventually led Shunda down a path to apostasy. Now a practicing criminal defense attorney, Shunda and I discuss her unique perspective on the Christian Church in America, as well as the growing organized Humanist community in which she’s been occasionally involved.

  • Posted on 01 Nov 2017

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    Scriptorium: Trey Grant, "Divided by Faith"

    Trey Grant is Lead Pastor and founder of The Well Church in Keller, Texas, an intentionally multi-racial congregation that seeks to build a diverse community that worships Jesus together as one. I first met Trey after one of his first Sunday morning services, held in a local theater and attended by a small but diverse coterie of Christians. I was immediately entranced by Trey’s vision of a new kind of church for a sleepy corner of Red State Texas, and have sought to encourage him in his efforts to the best of my ability. We’ve shared a few books between us, but Trey recently offered to loan me his copy of “Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America,” by Christian Smith and Michael Emerson. Together, we discussed the troubling racialization of America, the evangelical Church, and our hope for a brighter, more collaborative future for our children.


  • Posted on 15 Oct 2017

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    Scriptorium: Dan Ray, "Silence"

    Scriptorium is a new project I’m undertaking with Apologia, in which I’ll be seeking out interesting discussions about interesting books. These will typically have a theological or philosophical context, and I’ll be inviting people from both sides of the religious fence to participate with me. For the first in this series, I sat down with erstwhile Inquisition subject, Dan Ray, to talk about the historical novel “Silence” by Shūsaku Endō. “Silence” was recently adapted into a feature film by Martin Scorsese, and I found both the book and the film completely fascinating. The story involves two Portuguese Jesuit priests who journey to Edo Japan under threat of torture and death, seeking to support the persecuted Japanese Christians as well as to discover the truth about their reportedly apostatized mentor.


  • Posted on 01 Oct 2017

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    Inquisition: Martin Hughes

    Dr. Martin Hughes was raised in a conservative Church of Christ family that embraced the fundamentalist Quiverfull movement, but though he aspired to be an apologist in the mold of C.S. Lewis, his study of literature left him on a path of apostasy. Now an atheist writer who manages the Barrierbreaker blog at patheos.com, Dr. Hughes is struggling to come to terms with a secular community that has disappointed him nearly as much as the Church. Though he has previously taken an aggressive anti-theistic approach with those who still defend Christianity, Dr. Hughes has now found some measure of peace with the role of the Church in America today.

  • Posted on 01 Sep 2017


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