Ask About Fly Fishing - Internet RadioAuthor: D. Roger Maves & Don Bishop
20 Aug 2018

Ask About Fly Fishing - Internet Radio

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Fly fishers enjoy a fresh approach to learning about fly fishing. Listen to interviews with industry experts - broadcast LIVE over the Internet, recorded and made available as podcasts for an international audience.

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    Salmonflies & Golden Stones

    Skip Morris, author of seventeen books on fly fishing, will guide us through the biology and how to fish the salmonfly and golden stonefly. Where, when and how will be covered in depth so the next time you have the opportunity you'll be well prepared to catch more fish.

  • Posted on 16 Aug 2018

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    Nymphing to Catch More Fish

    Michael Gorman, a professional and savvy guide, has vast knowledge on one of the most effective methods of catching fish - nymphing. His well-tested techniques are effective on both trout and steelhead. Join us to pick Michael's brain on all things nymphing.

  • Posted on 02 Aug 2018


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