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23 Mar 2019

Bad at Sports

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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

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    Bad at Sports Episode 685: Jacob Ciocci

    Happy Spring/ Purim/ Equinox! On this weeks vernal episode, Dana, Brian and co-guest, Jesse Malmed, are joined in the studio by Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad and DePaul’s School of Cinematic Arts, where he teaches animation. We discuss Ciocci’s latest work for his upcoming screening, un-confusingly titled “April fools! Pain is just a Program made by your Mind: the video Program. New Videos made by your Mind by Jacob Ciocci,” taking place April 1st at the The Nightingale Cinema. Ciocci also walks our hosts through the process for creating his award winning “Cloudy Boyz” beer label, and treats them to some very historic Paper Rad history.

    Jacob Ciocci

  • Posted on 23 Mar 2019

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    Bad at Sports Episode 684: Kevin Stuart

    This week Ryan (and a conspicuously late Dana) are joined in the studio by painter Kevin Stuart. We discuss the endurance of painting as a genre and Stuart explains the inspiration for his work, which includes everything from anonymous drawings of people on public transit to Tolstoy's great work of Russian literature, "Anna K."  We also learn of the artist's secret pigmentary breakthrough, and some of the Stuart's upcoming plans for yet-to-be public projects. All this and for sure more on this episode of Bad at Sports Center on Lumpen Radio! 

    Kevin Stuart

  • Posted on 19 Mar 2019

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    Bad at Sports Episode 682: Jenn Dierdorf

    Today’s episode of Bad@SportsCenter is a lovey one-on-one conversation with Brooklyn-based painter Jenn Dierdorf. A recovering conceptual sculptor, Dierdorf transitioned to painting a decade ago to reassert fun and frivolity into her studio life. We discuss all the things a vase of flowers can accomplish with the right amount of unction, and the power of solidarity among Dierdorf’s well-anointed Lady Painters. 

    More on Jenn Dierdorf can be found at

  • Posted on 15 Mar 2019

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    Bad at Sports Episode 683: BFAMFAPhD - Building Cooperatives

    This week bad at sports presents a panel on making and being presented at Hauser and Wirth by our partners BFAMFAPhD.


    Event 3:

    Building Cooperatives


    What if the organization of labor was integral to your project?


    Members of Meerkat Filmmakers Collective and Friends of Light


    Meerkat Media Collective is an artistic community that shares resources and skills to incubate individual and shared creative work. We are committed to a collaborative, consensus-based process that values diverse experience and expertise. We support the creation of thoughtful and provocative stories that reflect a complex world. Our work has been broadcast on HBO, PBS, and many other networks, and screened at festivals worldwide, including Sundance, Tribeca, Rotterdam and CPH:Dox. Founded as an informal arts collective in 2005 we have grown to include a cooperatively-owned production company and a collective of artists in residence.


    Friends of Light develops and produces jackets woven to form for each client.  We partner with small-scale fiber producers to source our materials, and with spinners to develop our yarns.    We construct our own looms to create pattern pieces that have complete woven edges (selvages) and therefore do not need to be cut. The design emerges from the materials and from methods developed to weave two dimensional cloth into three dimensional form. Each jacket is the expression of the

    collective knowledge of the people involved in its creation. Our business is structured as a worker cooperative and organized around cooperative principles and values. Friends of light founding members are Mae Colburn, Pascale Gatzen, Jessi Highet and Nadia Yaron.


    Upcoming Event: 

    Healing and Care (OFFSITE EVENT)


    How do artists ensure that their individual and collective needs are met in order to dream, practice, work on, and return to their projects each day?


    Thursday 2/28 from 6-8pm

    Adaku Utah and Taraneh Fazeli

    NOTE this event will be held at 151 West 30th Street  # Suite 403, New York, NY 10001


    Adaku Utah was raised in Nigeria armed with the legacy of a long line of freedom fighters, farmers, and healers. Adaku harnesses her seasoned powers as a liberation educator,healer, and performance ritual artist as an act of love to her community. Alongside Harriet Tubman, she is the co-founder and co-director of Harriet's Apothecary, an intergenerational healing collective led by Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans healers, artists, health professionals, activists and ancestors. For over 12 years, her work has centered in movements for radical social change, with a focus on gender, reproductive, race, and healing justice. Currently she is the Movement Building Leadership Manager with the National Network for Abortion Funds. She is also a teaching fellow with BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity) and Generative Somatics.


    Taraneh Fazeli is a curator from New York. Her multi-phased traveling exhibition “Sick Time, Sleepy Time, Crip Time: Against Capitalism’s Temporal Bullying deals with the politics of health. It showcases the work of artists and groups who examine the temporalities of illness and disability, the effect of life/work balances on wellbeing, and alternative structures of support via radical kinship and forms of care. The impetus to explore illness as a by-product of societal structures while also using cultural production as a potential place to re-imagine care was her own chronic illnesses. She is a member of Canaries, a support group for people with autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions.


    Access information info

    Address: 151 West 30th Street is between 6th and 7th Avenues, near 7th.

    The building entrance, elevators, and 4th floor restrooms have no steps and are fully wheelchair accessible. If you require additional assistance upon arrival, please ring the buzzer outside and someone can come down to help you.

    Parking in the vicinity is free after 6 PM. The closest MTA subway station is 23rd and 8th Ave off the C and E. This station is not wheelchair accessible. The closest wheelchair accessible stations are 1/2/3/A/C/E 34th Street-Penn Station and the 14 St A/C/E station with an elevator at northwest corner of 14th Street and Eighth Avenue. Nearby Subways include the 1,2,3, A, C, and E trains at Penn Station on 34th St, and the B, D, F M, Q, ad R trains at Herald Square on 34th at 6th Ave.  Both of these stations are wheelchair accessible.


    Making and Being is a multi-platform pedagogical project that offers practices of contemplation, collaboration, and circulation in the visual arts. Making and Being is a book, a series of videos, a deck of cards, and an interactive website with freely downloadable content created by authors Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard with support from Fellow Emilio Martinez Poppe and BFAMFAPhD members Vicky Virgin and Agnes Szanyi.


    BFAMFAPhD is a collective that employs visual and performing art, policy reports, and teaching tools to advocate for cultural equity in the United States. The work of the collective is to bring people together to analyze and reimagine relationships of power in the arts.

    BFAMFAPhD received critical acclaim for Artists Report Back (2014), which was presented as the 50th anniversary keynote at the National Endowment for the Arts and was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Art and Design, Gallery 400 in Chicago, Cornell University, and the Cleveland Institute of Art. Their work has been reviewed in The Atlantic, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, WNYC, and Hyperallergic, and they have been supported by residencies and fellowships at the Queens Museum, Triangle Arts Association, NEWINC and PROJECT THIRD at Pratt Institute. BFAMFAPhD members Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard are now working on Making and Being, a multi-platform pedagogical project which offers practices of collaboration, contemplation, and social-ecological analysis for visual artists.

  • Posted on 13 Mar 2019

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    Bad at Sports Episode 681: Brendan Fernandes

    Interdisciplinary artist Brendan Fernandes speaks with Brian and Dana on this week's episode of Bad at Sports Center. Fernandes sheds light on the secretive process behind his selection to participate in this year’s Whitney Biennial, and we learn more about artist’s move recent move from NY to Chicago, where he serves as faculty in ART, THEORY, PRACTICE at Northwestern University. Brian learns some new things about ballet, and we wrap up the show with some thoughts on Mary Boone’s imminent departure from the NY gallery scene.


  • Posted on 11 Mar 2019


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