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21 Sep 2020

Bad at Sports

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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, the series focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

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    Bad at Sports Episode 752: Urban Glass and Knockdown Center

    Knockdown Party

    This episode recorded live in NYC at NADA NYC in 2017 with Michael Merck and Tyler Myers

    from Knockdown Center and Cybele Maylone formerly of Urban Glass now of Aldrich Art Museum

  • Posted on 17 Aug 2020

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    Bad at Sports Episode 751: Richard Medina

    Richard Medina

    The prodigy of Sabina Ott RETURNS!

    This week Ryan & Brian chat with Richard Medina to talk about his first solo exhibition, Moby Dick, and what it's like to start a curatorial practice as an impassioned youth in Chicago's welcoming art scene.

  • Posted on 11 Aug 2020

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    Bad at Sports Episode 750: Michael Anderson RIP

    Michael Anderson

    This week we came back to sad news last week we lost a great friend of the show and a unique NYC based voice, Michael Anderson. To honor his passing we represent his interview from 2009. We miss you buddy!

    Original post:

    Holla! NYC correspondents Amanda Browder and Tom Sanford hang out with artist Michael Anderson in his Harlem studio. Born in the Bronx in 1968, Mr. Anderson began his artistic career fusing painting and collage but has concentrated on collage since the early 1990s.

    Since that time his materials have consisted solely of posters and billboards found on the streets of international cities and physically torn down by the artist. (text from Michael’s Blog).

    To prep you when you go see Michael’s show at Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea which opened on March 26th, 2009, Tom and Amanda talk to Michael about his work and end the conversation with a boxing match, as a way to get out their inner feelings. Michael watches in fear….or is it hilarity!
    Michael Anderson
    Marlborough Gallery
    The Short Life of Trouble
    Gayle Gates Art Collective
    Collage Geomancy
    Changing Role Gallery
    Media Violence
    Jack Da Vinci Johnson
    Miami Ink
    Paul Rodgers Gallery
    Mad Collectors
    Richard Prince
    Interview magazine
    Lucien Freud
    Jackson Pollock
    digital TV
    Size Matters
    Mike Weiss
    Michelle Stern
    Tom Fruin
    Jeff Sugg
    King Abraham
    The Dark Knight
    Philip Seymour Hoffman
    In Cold Blood
    VW Bug
    Birdman’s 5 * Stunna
    Tony Fitzpatrick
    Time magazine
    Shepard Fairey
    Bruce Nauman

  • Posted on 05 Aug 2020

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    Bad at Sports Episode 749: Alice Tippit and Alex Bradley Cohen

    Alice Tippit Artwork

    Today on Bad at Sports Center, Jesse and Dana are joined by special guest host, Alex Bradley Cohen, for an interview with painter Alice Tippit. We discuss the witty, poetic nature of Tippit’s work, some of which is currently on view in the exhibition Pallid Carrier at Patron Gallery through August 29th. 


    More information on Pallid Carrier here


  • Posted on 26 Jul 2020

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    Bad at Sports Episode 748: Stephanie Cristello and Ruslana Lichtzier

    Chicago Manual Style

    Today on the podcast, Brian and Jesse speak with Stephanie Cristello and Ruslana Lichtzier who are hosting the Chicago-based iteration of the vexillological contemporary art project Four Flags. Over the course of the next few months, dozens of Chicagoland artists are making flags that are being hoisted and hung from the façade of Chicago Manual  Style—in the West Town / Ukrainian Village neighborhood—and on instagram at @fourflags.

    Four Flags was founded by Julia Mullié and Nick Terra in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and was launched on April 15, 2020. Exhibited artists to date include Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Das Institut (Kerstin Brätsch & Adele Röder), Kasper Bosmans, Jennifer Tee, Willem de Rooij, Rodrigo Hernández, Maria Roosen, Anna-Sophie Berger, Dora Budor, and Lena Henke, among others.
    Bloemstraat 140B, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Chicago Manual Style and P.S. (Publishing Services) is a project space sited in a garage in Chicago, IL. Directed by Stephanie Cristello, the program is dedicated to exhibitions featuring established and emerging artists, and the production of critical writing. Positioned at the convergence of exhibitions and publications, each show results in the production and commission of essays and texts on contemporary art. Ruslana Lichtzier will be collaborating on curating this specific project.

  • Posted on 22 Jul 2020


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