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14 Jun 2021

Bad at Sports

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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, the series focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

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    Bad at Sports Episode 768: Christina Quarles

    Christina Quarles Painting on view at MCA

    On today’s episode Dana and Ryan join painter Christina Quarles [in person!] to discuss her eponymous exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. We talk painting (of course), and discuss pandemic cancellations and inspirations. We hope you enjoy the sound of face-to-face conversation and Christina’s giggles as much as we enjoyed recording them. 


    Christina Quarles

  • Posted on 03 Jun 2021

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    Bad at Sports Episode 767: Ben Davis on NFTs

    Image of Ben Davis from his website

    This week we can catch up with the preeminent American Art Critic, Ben Davis from Art Net and talk about NFTs and whether this really is the future the hype demands, or whether this is a long con grift.


    Ben Davis -

    Art Net -

    Nifty Gateway -

    Foundation.App -

    Beeple -


  • Posted on 26 May 2021

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    Bad at Sports Episode 766: Carrie Secrist

    This week we returned with Carrie Secrist and the Carrie Secrist Gallery (CSG.) A long time pillar of Chicago's south loop CSG began a significant shift and radically changed how they were doing exhibitions as the pandemic was just kicking off. We check in with the gallery's founder to learn about this adventure and how it has impacted gallery artists and informing the way the gallery will work. We also take a minute to celebrate an incredible milestone for a Chicago artist, as a hint her initials are DGM and weirdly so are our managing founders, although they are not the same human and only one of them has been recognized by the Guggenheim. WE COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR HER! WELL DONE DGM!


  • Posted on 11 May 2021

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    Bad at Sports Episode 765: Stephanie Burke

    Ruin from Stephanie Burke

    On this harrowing episode of Bad at SportsCenter, we talk with photographer Stephanie Burke. Her ongoing series of photographs is a visual exploration of lost opportunities at Parks College. Founded in 1927 by Oliver “Lafe” Parks, Parks College was a nexus of aviation development throughout the 20th century. When the Parks College program was moved to SLU in 1997, the Cahokia Il campus was left empty, and has subsequently gone to ruin.


  • Posted on 14 Apr 2021

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    Bad at Sports Episode 764: Haig Aivazian

    Image c/o the Renaissance Society of Haig Aivazian's

    Image c/o the Renaissance Society of Haig Aivazian's "All of the Lights"

    In a wide ranging discussion with Haig Aivazian we start with the exhibition at Chicago's Renaissance Society and we reach toward the history of fire, policing, data visualization, sports and art, and why artists should not be afraid of making propaganda!

  • Posted on 31 Mar 2021


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