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12 Dec 2017

Bad at Sports

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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

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    Bad at Sports Episode 610: Karolina Gnatowski

    Things get witchy this week as Brian and Ryan weave a conversation on spell casting, rock n' roll, and badminton with fibers artist Karolina Gnatowski.


    Fresh off a Skowheagan residency, Gnatowski is burning a four ended candle with looming exhibitions at DePaul University, Free Range, Terrain, and the here and now, "Changeling" at Julius Caesar. Our conversational arc ties together the topics of witchcraft, spells, poetry, badminton, classic rock, and stand-up comedy. Brian reveals his sporting past, Ryan finds just the right word, and KG admits she's never seen "Top Gun."


  • Posted on 08 Dec 2017

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    Bad at Sports 609: Public Matters

    Public Matter changing the world.

    Public Matters connects people to their neighborhoods; cultivates shared ownership of place; builds capacity to shape communities.


  • Posted on 30 Nov 2017

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    Bad at Sports Episode 608: Alireza Khatami

    Alireza Khatami comes into the studio to talk his first feature film Oblivion Verses ( which premiered at the Venice Biennial where it took a golden lion for screenwriting. He chats with Brian and Dana on filming beyond plot, making a movie in a language you don't speak, and everything you need to know about cemeteries. 

  • Posted on 29 Nov 2017

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    Bad at Sports Episode 607: Illuminato, Hunter, and Padberg

    How should we teach art after Social Practice and the Post-Studio? Michelle Illuminato (Portland State,) Brett Hunter (Alfred,) and Carol Padberg (Hartford) help us work through the problem.

    Recorded at Open Engagement 2017


  • Posted on 09 Nov 2017

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    Bad at Sports Episode 606: Jeffly Gabriela Molina

    Jeffly Gabriela Molina joins Dana and Ryan in the studio to discuss her paintings and upcoming group exhibition at LVL3. Jeffly introduces us to the intimacy of her image making and even graces us with an original short poem. Ryan terms up our volume with an ode to Structuralism and more in this episode of Bad at Sports Center!

  • Posted on 02 Nov 2017


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