PodcastAuthor: Benjammin J. Heckendorn
14 Nov 2018 Podcast

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Console hacker Benjamin J Heckendorn and his friend Jason Jones give their down-to-Earth takes on various technology and videogaming topics. Podcasts are released every 2 weeks and usually cover 3 topics per 1 hour episode. They also occasionally answer listener email and sometimes take their show "on the road"

  • Listen Podcast Christmas Special Compilation

    Unfortunately we did not have time to do a Christmas special intro this year. However, for your enjoyment, I’ve compiled the first 4 Christmas Special intros into one file, for your Yuletide listening pleasure! They include “How the Jack Stole Christmas”, “Video Pirates Save Christmas”, “It’s a Wonderful Half-Life” and of course, “Mel Gibson’s The... Read More

  • Posted on 24 Dec 2010

  • Listen Podcast Episode 75 – We're Not Dead!

    Just when you thought it was safe to download a podcast, the Podcast returns from the grave! You’ll have to excuse us for not making one in a while, it’s almost like I have a bi-weekly Revision3 show or something. In this belated episode we discuss: 1) The music industry, including the Hollywood Slutification... Read More

  • Posted on 20 Dec 2010

  • Listen Podcast Episode 74 – E3 Edition

    In today’s timely episode, we’re not going to speculate on new products like we normally do. Nonsense! Rather, we’re going to report directly on what we’ve played right here at E3. Highlights include: 1) Xbox 360 Kinect, formerly known as Natal. 2) Jones taking a voyeuristic photo of Jessica Chobot. 3) PlayStation Move …and, in... Read More

  • Posted on 17 Jun 2010

  • Listen Podcast Episode 73

    We’re back! In this newest, thrilling episode we discuss: 1) The Lost finale. Spoilers abound! 2) Smart Phones and things that are cool about the iPad. 3) Red Dead Redemption, AKA “Grand Theft Horse”. Also, how “Dances with Wolves” isn’t a Western, but “Roadhouse” is. 4) Actors who don’t seem to age, like Keith David... Read More

  • Posted on 07 Jun 2010

  • Listen Podcast Episode 72

    In this thrilling new episode we’re joined again by Dale Nauertz for fun and profit. Topics include: 1) The iPad, iLiver, Apple Store and new pinball machine ideas. 2) TV shows that need to die and the zeitgeist of Mad Men. 3) Do celebrity spokespeople actually cause products to sell? Which do we find effective?... Read More

  • Posted on 14 Apr 2010


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