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26 Sep 2018

Blue Ocean World

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Blue Ocean World takes a look at current affairs, culture and religion and how those things connect with the big questions of life. Join co-hosts Dave Schmelzer, Tom Wassink, and Val Snekvik for lively discussion, interviews and stories.

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    Episode 112 - Maybe Christians Can Promote Spiritual Health Among...Everybody

    Adam Reynolds has, for years, been the Blue Ocean Faith chaplain at M.I.T., but has recently been promoted as an assistant chaplain for everyone there. Arguably more than anyone else in the BOF world, Adam has learned some ins and outs of, as a Christian, promoting spiritual health among all people. But it's required significant spiritual growth and change for him to pull that off. Dave Schmelzer and Christina Roberts have a fascinating conversation with Adam about what that's looked like and what all Christians might learn from his journey. 

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  • Posted on 20 Sep 2018

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    Episode 112 - Women (and Restlessness and Singleness) in Churches--with Erin Lane

     Erin Lane--who works with Parker Palmer at the Center for Courage and Renewal--has championed women's voices in churches and has written about her own attraction to and challenges with finding her own place in a church. Ryan Bauers, Christina Roberts and Dave Schmelzer explore these and other passions with her in a lively conversation.
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  • Posted on 02 Aug 2018

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    Episode 111 - Why Mysticism?

    Some years back, Dave Schmelzer and Blue Ocean Faith worked with a major evangelical PR person who loved everything about BOF with the strong exception of it's use of the word "mystical" as part of its understanding of spiritual growth. And yet the idea that there really is something going on out there is a big deal to Christina Roberts, Ryan Bauers and Dave. They discuss why as well as kicking around why mysticism can seem so controversial in some religious settings.

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  • Posted on 26 Jul 2018

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    Episode 110 - In a Very Divided World, Is Everyone Actually Us?

    A constituting idea of Blue Ocean Faith has been that everyone is us, that there is no ultimate us/them. But we developed that idea when the "them" for religious people were secular people, a group that Blue Ocean Faith flows easily with. Years later, the "us" is the other side of a sharply partisan, often vicious political divide. Christina Roberts, Ryan Bauers and Dave Schmelzer discuss whether "everyone is us" holds true in this new world. 

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  • Posted on 19 Jul 2018

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    Episode 109 - Good Without God's Greg Epstein on Life as an American Atheist/Humanist

    Greg Epstein, Harvard and MIT's Humanist Chaplain, joins Blue Ocean Faith's Dave Schmelzer, Christina Roberts and Ryan Bauers for a dynamic conversation about life as a nonreligious person in a largely religious country, gathering atheists/agnostics at Harvard and MIT, finding common cause with Christians and other people of faith and much more. 

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