By the Light of the MoonAuthor:
20 Sep 2019

By the Light of the Moon

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A(nother) Pagan Podcast

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    Episode 1- By the Light of the Moon

    Hello there!! Finally, the official episode 1! I'd explain here why this is out a little later than expected - but then  why listen to the podcast?! Tonight we discuss apartment living pagans and I bring you some magical correspondances for Nutmeg! So here it is, finally out! Enjoy - and leave some feedback. Feel free to leave a comment here on the blog, email me @, find me on Twitter @projectfae or leave a rating on iTunes! Intro/outro is by Porno Galactica - Miss Kiss and the Rocket from This episode was created with Audacity.

  • Posted on 27 Jan 2012

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    Episode 0 - By the Light of the Moon

    This first five minute episode will be considered Episode 0. Listen - leave feedback and return on the New Moon for the first real episode of By the Light of the Moon!

  • Posted on 08 Jan 2012


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