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23 May 2019

Career Cloud Radio - Job Search Advice & Tactics

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Learn practical tips and tricks for your job hunt. Hosted by Justin Dux. Hear from resume writers, career experts, recruiters and HR experts. If you listen to this podcast you will become a better job seeker. Guaranteed! Topics include resume writing, interviewing, job searching, job sites, hidden job market, personal branding and other career advice.

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    Shapr is a personalized, mindful way of networking.

    Shapr believes that meeting new people is the best way to find inspiration & new opportunities. So they set out to make professional networking simple, efficient and enjoyable for everyone. In this episode, I interview Mandy Menaker from Shapr. She explains how this app is getting many people as possible into the habit of meeting one new person every week. Networking is a common topic on our show because it is an important part of the job search. This is one of the few tools I recommend to assist the networking process. Produced by, producer Omar Elkoton, Host Justin Dux, Editor Cameron Barrett Stewart.

  • Posted on 06 May 2019

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    Beeya Part 2 From intern to COO Kelsey Mackin

    We'd all like to short cut our careers. Advance faster than seems humanly possible. But how do we get those opportunities? In this part 2 episode, we talk with Kelsey who quickly took on more responsibility with Beeya until earning the coveted title of Cheif Operating Officer. If you have not heard it already, go back and listen to Beeya Founder in part 1. Otherwise, enjoy this followup interview with Kesley to learn how she was open to networking while in school. Her professor was right, "There are three main pillars to success, you, me and what we can accomplish together". Host Justin Dux, Producer Omar Elkoton, Editor Cameron Barrett Stewart.

  • Posted on 31 Mar 2019

  • Listen Founder Ladan Davia

    Guest Ladan Davia founded an online recruitment company. She shares some hard-earned wisdom for Job Seekers. Setting out to start a company is hard enough but Ladan also strives to change the recruiting industry. Edited by Cameron Barret Stewart, Produced by Omar Elkoton, Host Justin Dux. Recorded in 2018.

  • Posted on 10 Mar 2019

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    12 Gutsy Girl Badass Boss Kate White

    Unemployment is at a 10 year low, It's time to bring up salary negotiations. In this episode, Kate White gives us the tips she learned from her career becoming a powerful female executive. She offers advice about how to approach your boss, or a hiring manager, with a higher salary request. Whatever you get out of this episode, whether you're a woman or a man, just take away that you have to ask. If you didn't ask for a raise in 2018, you're definitely not alone; it is not too late to ask in 2019. Guest Kate White is the author of The Gutsy Girl Handbook: Your Manifesto for Success. You better sit down because Kate hits hard with great ideas on how to be Bigger, Bolder, and more Badass. Host Justin Dux. Producer Omar Elkoton. Edited by Cameron Barrett Stewart

  • Posted on 30 Jan 2019

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    11 Augmented Writing from Textio

    Allie hall is a linguist and data scientist for Textio. Employers use this tool to write better job descriptions and emails to candidates. You may have seen one of their client's postings or replied to one of their emails already! In this episode, we discuss how her findings from the employer perspective can be used by us job seekers to find the best postings possible. Host Justin Dux, Producer Omar Elkoton, Edited by Charles Dike

  • Posted on 26 Nov 2018


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