Cashflow Ninja w/ M.C. LaubscherAuthor: Investors, entrepreneurs and financial experts share how to create, grow and optimize cashflow from Real Estate, Businesses, Commodities and Paper Assets.
23 Jun 2018

Cashflow Ninja w/ M.C. Laubscher

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The mission of the Cashflow Ninja Podcast is to empower and inspire people to discover how to generate their own income and manage, grow and protect their own wealth in the new economy.Our traditional education systems do not teach the financial literacy we need in the new economy and it does not teach the skill sets we need to generate our own income and manage, grow and protect our own wealth. The current model of the traditional education system also cannot adapt and react at the speed necessary in the Information Age to enable people to be competitive in the new economy.As a lifelong learner and passionate about self-development, investing, entrepreneurship and financial education, inspired by Tim Ferris, Mike Dillard, Lewis Howes, Robert Kiyosaki, Dave Ramsey, Pat Flynn, Seth Godin, Mixergy, Michael Hyatt, Ali Brown and John Lee Dumas from, podcast host M.C. Laubscher will be your guide interviewing successful and inspiring guests that share their knowledge, experience, and journey to help guide you to achieve your goals and help you thrive and prosper in the new economy.Popular show topics include: real estate investing, entrepreneurship, business, online business, lifestyle business, online marketing, online publishing, gold, silver, oil, stock market, stock trading, royalties, Bitcoin, raising capital, infinite banking, life insurance, wealth strategies, investment strategies, tax strategies, asset protection strategies, estate planning strategies, credit score strategies, and any related topic to preparing you to create, grow and optimize your cashflow in the new economy.

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    320: Kenneth Ameduri: Enormous Opportunities in Automation & Artificial Intelligence

    My guest in this episode is Kenneth Ameduri. Ken is the chief editor and co-founder of financial publication letter He was a founder of Future Money Trends and Wealth Research Group, which have gone on to be vital sources of education and wealth for hundreds of thousands of readers. In his 20s, Kenneth has founded multiple businesses that have gone on to be worth millions of dollars.

  • Posted on 22 Jun 2018

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    319: Frank Holmes: How To Invest in Crypto & Blockchain Stocks

    My guest in this episode is renowned global investor Frank Holmes that leads the HIVE board of directors and is contributing to the company's vision and strategy. Frank is chief executive and chief investment officer at U.S. Global Investors, a leading mutual fund and asset management firm. Frank is a sought-after keynote speaker at international investment conferences and a regular guest in business media. His Frank Talk CEO Blog is one of the most widely read in finance.

  • Posted on 20 Jun 2018

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    318: Mark Podolski: How One Ambitiously Lazy Geek Created Passive Income in Real Estate Without Renters, Renovations, and Rehabs

    Excited to have my friend, Mark Podolski back on the show. Armed with $3,000 and no real estate experience, Mark Podolsky bought his first parcels of land in 2001. Now, he is the owner of Frontier Properties, a successful investing company, and has completed more than five thousand lucrative land deals. He is also the founder of, an automated collection system that helps lenders get payments from borrowers without collection headaches.

    Having escaped the corporate world and solo-economic dependency himself, Mark works as a coach and mentor to help others achieve their financial freedom goals. He is dedicated to teaching current, relevant, “real-world” investing methods to his students.

    Mark just released his new book, Dirt Rich, How One Ambitiously Lazy Geek Created Passive Income in Real Estate Without Renters, Renovations, and Rehabs

  • Posted on 18 Jun 2018

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    317: Minesh Bhindi: Property Profits, How To Buy & Profit From Prime Real Estate

    Joining me today is my friend Minesh Bhindi, the CEO of Gold and Silver For Life & Property Profits For Life.

    Minesh has invested in Real Estate since the age of 16 and has used his experience and knowledge to consistently achieve massive success across all asset classes.

    His investment appraoch can be summoned up in the Wealth Triangle Investment Philosophy where he teaches that how you create wealth is by buying a booming asset below market value, then creatively create cash flow from this asset and then buy more of it.

    He has taught these strategies to his clients all over the world and his company has a 92% student success rate.

  • Posted on 15 Jun 2018

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    316: Jeet Banerjee: How To Build An Epic Online Business & Live Life On Your Own Terms

    My guest in this episode is 25-year-old serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, digital marketing consultant and best-selling author, Jeet Banerjee. Jeet began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17 and since then, he has launched a handful of successful businesses and even sold 2 companies for a profit since then.

    Jeet will discuss his entrepreneurial journey and look at how you can create an online business selling digital and physical products.

  • Posted on 13 Jun 2018


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