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21 Apr 2019

CD Baby Indie Pop Podcast

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Power pop? Twee pop? Britpop? Folk pop? Jangle pop? Punk pop? Post pop? We're not big on labels. CD Baby's Indie Pop Podcast is the place for you to discover the best new independent pop music, regardless of style, origin, or influence.

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    #12: Fall Begins

    In this episode, Chris plays, well, some indie pop. Listen to find out what he says about these awesome artists.

    1.    Quiet Company - How Do You Do It -
    2.    Stan Ridgway - This Town Called Fate -
    3.    Joel Streeter - Like a Bird in Its Gilded Cage -
    4.    Quiet Company - The Biblical Sense of the Word -

  • Posted on 22 Sep 2010

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    #11: Summer Stunners

    Explore 3 great tunes from CD Baby's giant indie-pop treasure trove.

    Track Listing:
    Doug Burr- Red, Red (from "Oh Ye Devastator")
    Map- Alone on Christmas (from "Regrets, Silhouettes, and Distractions")
    The Boat People- Unsettle My Heart (from "Chandeliers")

  • Posted on 02 Jul 2010

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    #10: Spring Forward with Some Indie Pop

    These 3 jaunty little indie-pop numbers will get your feet hopping forward into Spring.

    Stoney- Jailbird
    Stevie Monce- One for the Lovers
    Me and Joan Collins- Crime of the Century (So Far...)

  • Posted on 14 Apr 2010

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    #09: Now comes with Indie Pop!

    Indie Inaugural- CD Baby launches the first episode of its Indie Pop Podcast (an outgrowth of the CD Baby 60's Pop Podcast) with an eclectic sampling of catchy goodness.

    Perhapst- Perhapst- Cruel Whisk -
    Evil Maria- Evil Maria- Along the Way -
    The Van Allen Belt- Superpowerfragilis- Out to Lunch -

  • Posted on 05 Mar 2010

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    #08: Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

    Like a wild, psychedelic caterpillar crawling into its cocoon, this will be our final episode that adheres strictly to the 60's Pop format. Soon, we will emerge anew as the CD Baby Indie Pop Podcast, a beautiful butterfly soaring freely on the musical breeze.

    Episode features:

    1) Tony Cox- "Sweet Elaine"
    2) Hopeful Monster- "Uncivilized"
    3) Schuyler Fisk- "The Good Stuff"
    4) Jane's Party- "No Good For Me"

    Plus, download our free sampler album The Best of CD Baby's 60's Pop Podcast from

  • Posted on 07 Jan 2010


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