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24 Mar 2019

Celtics Stuff Live | The Original Boston Celtics Podcast

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Celtics Stuff Live was the original live interactive webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans. The show originally aired for two hours every Sunday night and featured regular and prominent guests such as Mike Gorman, Sean Grande, Steve Bulpett, Marc Spears, Peter Vecsey, Mark Murphy, Scott Souza, Kelly Dwyer and Gary Tanguay and broadcast on CelticsBlog.com. Justin Poulin was one of the first members of the internet media to be credentialed with access to the locker room. NEW EPISODES MONDAY

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    562: Attitude Is Everything

    Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke looked back on the Celtics 2-1 week highlighted by the return of THE LITTLE GUY... Isaiah Thomas. Thomas's return to Boston, punctuated by an emotional tribute video, brought back fond memories of Thomas's teams in Boston and the comparison to the current bi-polar roster makes the memories even fonder.
    In the show's second half, the out sized impact of Marcus Morris came into focus and who could replace his prominent role in time for the playoffs. With Malcom Brogdan and possibly Kyle Lowry injured... is the field in the east clearing for the dysfunctional Celtics?

  • Posted on 19 Mar 2019

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    561: Is THIS The Turning Point?

    Celtics Stuff Live's Jon Duke and Justin Poulin caught up after the Soul Plane made it's return to Boston with the Celtics finishing their California trip with a 3-1 record.  Jon and Justin got into the new Kyrie, UNO games on the team plane, and to wrap up the show, the guys looked at the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Which matchups work best for the Celtics? Listen and find out.

  • Posted on 13 Mar 2019

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    560: Justin and Jon take opposing sides on the future of Kyrie in Boston

    Celtics Stuff Live's own Podfathers, Justin Poulin and Jon Duke, discussed the down and down week for the Celtics as the only consistent effort was a poor one. Continued questions about the team's ability to play together and the impact of changes coming this summer have reigned over the club. Jon and Justin looked at where a larger role for Jaylen Brown might come, but that was only the an appetizer to a longer discussion.... where Justin and Jon take opposing sides on the future of Kyrie in Boston.  

  • Posted on 04 Mar 2019

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    559: The Roller Coaster Does Not Stop

    Tell me when you've heard this before... the Celtics played well against a really good team and then disappointed against a horrendous team.
    Justin and Jon looked into the leadership problem on this team and why they seem to be unable to consistently do much of anything. Is it on Kyrie? And what about Brad?
    Speaking of Brad, Jon and Justin looked at the rotations employed and what it might take for Jaylen Brown to get a longer look, Marcus Morris to get a shorter look, and maybe for Rozier not to get a look at all.
    In the outtakes... we've all had enough of the public relations effort employed by Kyrie, no matter if he is right or not.

  • Posted on 25 Feb 2019

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    558: Justin's Still Not Happy

    It's the All Star Break, but there is no respite from the rumors and speculation surrounding the Celtics summer of stars. Kyrie, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant spent the past weekend in a bromantic whirlwind that set Twitter ablaze. Jon and Justin discussed the wild weekend and how the confluence of rumors could impact the Celtics in 2020 and beyond. This show went pretty wild as Jon became excited at the prospect of a Kyrie, KD, and Brow lineup and Justin was... let's just say just a tad less than impressed. 

    In the show's outtakes... Jon and Justin looked ahead to the Bucks and Bulls games this week. Or at least Justin did...

  • Posted on 19 Feb 2019


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