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21 Jul 2017

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Channel 9 keeps you up to date with the latest news and behind the scenes info from Microsoft that developers love to keep up with. From LINQ to SilverLight – Watch videos and hear about all the cool technologies coming and the people behind them.

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    LinkedIn app for Windows 10, Albums, and more | This Week On Windows

    This Week on Windows LinkedIn joins the Windows 10 app family, The Windows Store is helping you beat the summer doldrums with some apps for students, and we're giving you tips and tricks to organize and share your summer memories. Topics covered in this week's episode include:

    • New LinkedIn app for Windows 10
    • Did you know: Using albums to organize your photos
    • Windows Store: Study and play collection


  • Posted on 20 Jul 2017

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    Design Patterns: Template Method | Visual Studio Toolbox

    This is the third of an eight part series where Robert is joined by Phil Japikse to discuss design patterns. A design pattern is a best practice you can use in your code to solve a common problem.  In this episode, Phil demonstrates the Template Method pattern. This pattern defines the program skeleton of an algorithm in an operation, deferring some steps to subclasses.

    Episodes in this series:

    • Command/Memento patterns
    • Strategy pattern
    • Template Method pattern (this episode)
    • Observer/Publish-Subscribe patterns (to be published 7/25)
    • Singleton pattern (to be published 8/8)
    • Factory patterns (to be published 8/10)
    • Adapter/Facade patterns (to be published 8/15)
    • Decorator pattern (to be published 8/17)


  • Posted on 20 Jul 2017

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    DEVintersection Countdown Show on the Harnessing the Power of Roslyn with Kasey Uhlenhuth | The DEVintersection Countdown Show

    Kasey Uhlenhuth and Richard Campbell talk the amazing power of Roslyn to use C# in unique ways, including as a tool to enforce coding standards inside your application. Kasey talks about joining Microsoft as the multi-year project to rewrite C# - code-named Roslyn – was finishing up and going open-source. Since then, there has been an explosion of opportunity for ways to work with C#. Kasey uses the compiler-as-a-service aspect of C# to create sophisticated coding standard rules that can throw warnings or even block builds when violated. You can see Kasey talk about Roslyn and more at DEVintersection, Oct 31-Nov 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Go to to register – sign up for a workshop package and you can go home with an XBOX One S or a VR headset!

  • Posted on 20 Jul 2017

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    Image Recognition, Vuforia and the HoloLens

    Today's project comes to us via Sebastian Gambolati, who's written a great tutorial/how-to build image recognition into your HoloLens app...

    How-To: Create an image recognition app with Vuforia and HoloLens


    Image recognition and interpretation is a very requested task into modern application. Either you want to identify a specific image or object or either you want to interpret what the users get in front their smartphone camera.

    A technology that is becoming more and more popular among developers with this task is Vuforia. This framework can recognize a specific image and track it while the image is in the scene. The same goes to Custom 3D object, Cylinders, boxes, etc.

    Moreover, Vuforia is widely accepted because we can use it with almost any device, from older and cheap Android smartphone to the most recent VR/AR/MX devices. In this post, we will use the Vuforia capabilities from Unity3D because it is also multi-platform.



    First, we need to download Unity3D from here. You may try the personal (and free) plan. In the meantime, it is installing, review What is Unity3D.

    What is Unity3d?...

    What is Vuforia?...

    Step 1: Setup Vuforia Database...

    Step 2: Create Unity3D project and import Vuforia asset...

    Step 3: More 3D Models...

    Step 4: Deploy to Android...

    Step 5: Deploy to HoloLens...


    In this post, Upload images to a database that later can be used for tracking other images and objects. Moreover, we imported it to Unity3D and setup the ARCamera and ImageTarget component. And we imported an external 3D model to our scene. At the end, we build the project for different platform. And we didn’t make a single line of code!

    We will continue in a next post showing how to recognize multiple images and how to distinguish each one showing different 3D models or specific data.

    Project Information URL:

    Project Source URL:

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  • Posted on 20 Jul 2017

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    AI in the Open World | Microsoft Research

    Fielding AI solutions in the open world requires systems to grapple with incompleteness and uncertainty. This session will address several promising areas of research in open world AI, including enhancing robustness via leveraging algorithmic portfolios, learning from experiences in rich simulation environments, harnessing approaches to transfer learning, and learning and personalization from small training sets. In addition, this session will cover mechanisms for engaging people to identify and address uncertainties, failures, and blindspots in AI systems.


  • Posted on 19 Jul 2017


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