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12 Jul 2020

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Channel 9 is a community. We bring forward the people behind our products and connect them with those who use them. We think there is a great future in software and we're excited about it. We want the community to participate in the ongoing conversation. This is the heart of Channel 9. We talk about our work but listen to the customer.

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    Introduction to the Developer's Intro to Data Science Video Series (1 of 28) | Dev Intro to Data Science

    In this 28-video series, you will learn important concepts and technologies to build your end-to-end machine learning applications on Azure: Sarah and Francesca will guide you throught the data science process, from understanding your data, to applying machine learning algorithms and deploying your models on Azure. Finally, they will conclude the series explaining what ethical data science is and how to apply intepretability toolkits to you machine learning solutions.

    To learn more, check out:​ and

  • Posted on 10 Jul 2020

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    How to manage the Power Platform at enterprise scale AND help solve REAL problems with Alan Chai | #LessCodeMorePower

    Alan is a guy who likes to solve problems! Alan is a Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Schlumberger where he has created over 90 different apps using the Power Platform. Alan's journey started not only creating applications that improved business processes, but also apps that help the well being of his colleagues. Join Dona and Sarah in this episode where we talk about the next steps for Alan and how he aims to achieve his goal to create TWENTY new versions of himself!

    Alan is Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Schlumberger where he evangelises Power Apps and works with his team to deploy apps at scale on the Power Platform. He is also a regular and involved member of the Power Platform and #poweraddicts community where he shares knowledge and insights on how to build applications, sometimes the app themselves as mentors many people to get started. Learn more about Alan here:

  • Posted on 10 Jul 2020

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    App Center + App Insights = Better Together | The Xamarin Show | The Xamarin Show

    This week, James is joined by John Thiriet live from France who shows off how he combined the power of App Center Analytics with Application Insights. This combination gives crazy insight into your application when it is live. John shows off how to set it up and how to start to write queries today.

    Time Codes:

    [00:00] Intro to App Center & App Insights
    [03:25] Exporting to App Insights
    [06:10] Querying Data in App Insights 
    [09:00] PowerBI Integration 
    [12:00] Playing around with Kusto

    Show Links:

    Useful Links:


  • Posted on 09 Jul 2020

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    Performance Profiling | Part 1 An Introduction | Visual Studio Toolbox

    Not sure what to do once you start experiencing performance issues in your application after shipping it? Use the profiling tools in Visual Studio! In this multi-part series with profiler PMs Esteban Herrera and Sagar Shetty, we'll explore the world of profiling and the tools that can improve your code's performance.  Part 1 defines profiling, the various scenarios for when you should use profiling tools, and a peek into Visual Studio's Performance Profiler feature, which we'll explore more in future parts!

    Learn more about profiling in VS here:

  • Posted on 09 Jul 2020

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    Why Azure SQL is Best for Developers - Part 2 | Data Exposed

    In the second part of this two-part series, we discuss why Azure SQL is the best database in the cloud for developers, dive deeper into architectures, and review customer case studies to truly understand how Azure SQL really shines. Click here to watch part one.

    [01:05] Data architectures applied with Azure SQL
    [03:00] Hyperscale
    [04:00] Demand analytics, forecasting, recommendation
    [06:00] Easy setup
    [07:15] Detection & security customer studies

    Additional Resources:
    JSON Samples
    10 Reasons why Azure SQL is the Best Database for Developers
    Big Red Cloud Case Study
    Bing Ads Technical Blog Post
    DevOps for Azure SQL Intro
    Sync Mobile Apps with Azure Using Change Tracking API

  • Posted on 09 Jul 2020


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