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25 May 2019 The Original Theme Park Podcast

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  • Listen #1331 - Star Wars: First Look

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is easily the biggest theme park story of 2019. (It might be the biggest theme park story ever.)

    One of our listeners got a chance to experience the entire land before it opened to the public.  He ate in the restaurants, shopped in the stores and rode "Smuggler's Run."

    He'll tell us what he saw and if the new land is as impressive as we all hope.

    The guys also take a look at some of the top stories in the amusement industry... including Universal Orlando making claims about their Hagrid Coaster drop track, Calico Rover Rapids at Knott's Berry Farm and West Coaster Racers vertical construction.

    Then, we take a listen to Live Trip Reports from all over the country! Our listeners have been visiting the parks and call in with reviews and updates!

  • Posted on 24 May 2019

  • Listen #1330 - The Design Team Behind "The Beast"

    "The Beast" at Kings Island is one of the most legendary coasters in the world.

    On this week's episode of, we present "The Beast" with a very special honor.  We also talk with two of the original designers of this iconic coaster... Jeff Gramke and Al Collins.

    We'll hear how they designed this coaster 40 years ago without the aid of computers.  We'll also hear fun stories about the construction of the ride and its early years.

    Mike and EB will also talk through some of the latest news from around the industry.  Hersheypark might have a new name for their 2020 B&M Hypercoaster. There is more speculation on Kings Island's Project X.  ICON Park in Orlando has some new rides on tap. Finally, what do the guys think of that fence surrounding the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge?

    Also, the guys open the "Mailbag" and we have a second clue in our "Soundwave" contest!

  • Posted on 17 May 2019

  • Listen #1329 - New Roller Coaster Thrills

    It's not often that a completely new concept is added to a roller coaster train.  This week, we heard about an interactive one from Gerstlauer... and it is amazing.

    During our Quick Hits segment, we talk about leaked blueprints, new metal detectors, new ride reviews and an animatronic of our beloved half-giant Hagrid.

    EB also gives detailed reviews of all of the roller coasters at Six Flags Great America outside of Chicago.

    Plus, the Championship Round in our "Best Coaster Name" tournament, the MAILBAG and the return of an original game... SOUNDWAVE!

  • Posted on 10 May 2019

  • Listen #1328 - Six Flags is Great!

    Kings Dominion posted an interesting sign outside the de-construction walls of "Volcano: The Blast Coaster." We talk about what it says and what it could mean.

    During our "Quick Hits" segment, we review three new rides that recently opened.  We also hear from listeners who were on-site for the openings of all three attractions!

    We also unveil the FINAL FOUR in our "Best Roller Coaster Name of All-Time" Tournament. There were some surprising upsets in the Elite Eight round!

    Then, EB will tell us about an EXCELLENT visit to Six Flags Great America outside of Chicago.  Not only does EB say this is his favorite Six Flags park... he also goes so far to say it might be his new "home park!"

    Plus, we have more details on our 2019 Listener Meet-Up at Six Flags Magic Mountain and we read from our Mailbag!

  • Posted on 03 May 2019

  • Listen #1327 - Pirates, Stormtroopers, and Antique Cars

    There's a lot of action on this week's episode of!

    First up, Zamperla has asked Mike and EB to provide the voices of two "booty loving" pirates for their Galleon ride.  The guys will record their original script live on the air before they submit it to the ride manufacturer.  ARRRRRGH!

    Then it's time for QUICK HITS. The guys discuss teenagers fighting in the park, Kentucky Flyer, the Flying Aerobar and the reservation system for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

    After a look inside the Mailbag, Mike talks about his experience at The Void in Las Vegas.  He had a chance to check our "Secrets of the Empire," the Star Wars VR experience that actually puts you in the movie.

    Finally, Kevin from Ohio and Cincinnati Jon head to Kings Island to find out what's new for 2019! They do a great interview with KI Director of Communications Chad Showalter.

  • Posted on 26 Apr 2019


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