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24 Aug 2019 The Original Theme Park Podcast

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A weekly podcast dedicated to theme parks, roller coasters and thrill rides. During each show, we talk about the total theme park experience. We'll have interviews with the people making decisions at your favorite park, reviews and ratings of the newest rides and attractions, discussion about everyday park experiences and chances to win tickets and merchandise from parks around the country!

  • Listen #1343 - Big Money, Big Drops

    The amusement industry is often about size.  Things are BIG!

    These days, for some of the exclusive experiences at the parks, the price tags are BIG as well.

    On this week's show, we'll talk about the rumored pricing for the "Star Wars Hotel" that's set to open in a few years at Walt Disney World.  Would you pay a (rumored) $1,100 a day to stay in a (virtual) cruise ship that travels through space?

    After a look at this week's top news stories, we'll take a look at a new CNN article that chronicles the "scariest" drops on roller coasters throughout the world.

    Did the "main stream" media get it right?  Or will the list anger CoasterBoys everywhere?

  • Posted on 23 Aug 2019

  • Listen #1342 - Real-Time at Kings Island's 2020 Announcement

    This week, we recorded a "real-time" episode of the show.

    Kings Island was getting set to make their 2020 attraction announcement at exactly 10pm.  So, we started our show 30 minutes earlier and podcasted in anticipation of what was to come!

    In the half-hour prior to the live announcement, we talked about Silver Dollar City's 2020 attraction "Mystic River Falls." We also talked about the rest of Cedar Fair's 2020 attractions that were announced earlier in the day.

    Then, you'll hear our "real-time" reactions and commentary as Kings Island's GM Michael Koontz takes the stage to announce what they will be building on the former site of Firehawk?

    Will it be a GIGA?  Or will it be a GIGA DISAPPOINTMENT?

  • Posted on 16 Aug 2019

  • Listen #1341 - Vomit and Boobs: Cast Member Stories

    This week's show is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the theme park experience... the brave men and women who work at the parks.

    Whether you call them Cast Members, Team Members or Employees, the people who run the rides, food stands, games and guest relations are most times the ones who determine if you're gonna have a good day at the park.

    Many of our listeners who have worked at the park have stepped forward with hilarious stories from their days as park employees.. and yes, there are great stories about vomit and boobs.

    We also take a look at some of the big stories in the amusement industry this week, including MAJOR announcements by Universal Orlando, Holiday World and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

    Plus, we have a Live Trip Report from Six Flags Great America and more details from EB's trip to Six Flags America! 

  • Posted on 09 Aug 2019

  • Listen #1340 - Mike and EB Aren't Hosting This Week

    EB is on vacation this week.

    So, instead of going dark, we decided that we would still have a NEW EPISODE for you.  But the episode you'll hear is from someone else's show.

    Last April, Mike and EB were guests on "The Lisa Valentine Clark."  It's a nationally syndicated talk show that can be heard of Sirius/XM Satellite radio.

    The guys were interviewed about and their thoughts on the theme park and amusement industry.

    EB is will also check in from a surprise trip to Six Flags America and Mike will preview next week's discussion about "Pantheon" at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and "Epic Universe" at Universal Orlando!

  • Posted on 02 Aug 2019

  • Listen #1339 - Punched in the Face at the Park

    This week's show starts out with a story that apparently is common at the parks.  A Disney Cast Member was punched in the face by a guest over an invalid FastPass.  We'll talk about what happened and what parks can do about it.

    We'll also check out some of the top stories in the amusement industry, including an update on the family who started a brawl at Disneyland and some new attraction announcements for 2020.

    Then, we'll wrap up the debrief from our California Trip.  We'll have stories from Knotts Berry Farm and EB's strange visit to some truly bizarre places in Los Angeles!

  • Posted on 26 Jul 2019


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