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25 Feb 2017 The Original Theme Park Podcast

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  • Listen #1120 - Interview with GCI's Adam House

    The Off-Season is a GREAT time to start making plans for the summer. You can buy tickets, book airline fare, choose hotels and get excited for what's to come.

    We start off this week's show by hearing what EB has planned for his first and second theme park trips of the 2017 season!

    We'll also hear Part II of an interview with Adam House, the Senior Design Engineer at Great Coasters International. Kevin and Cincinnati Jon met up with Adam at a local chili establishment and talk about designs for InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Mystic Timbers at Kings Island.

    Finally, it's time to announce the first Listener Meet-Up of 2017!

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  • Posted on 24 Feb 2017

  • Listen #1119 - HOT or NOT - LIVE!

    This week's show kicks off with a First Drop about the Rise and Fall of Disneyquest.The Interactive Indoor Theme Park that was supposed to open with nationwide locations will be closing its doors in July. Why did this concept fail and will we ever see anything like it again?

    Then, Mike takes a look at some theme park offers he received in the mail recently and does some "Theme Park Math" with EB to see if the deal is worth it. Would you pay $99 for a beer membership? Would you pay $555 for season-long access to the front of the line of your favorite rides and attractions?

    We'll also hear an interview with Adam House, the Senior Design Engineer at Great Coasters International. Kevin and Cincinnati Jon met up with Adam at a local chili establishment to learn about his career and what it's like to design high profile roller coasters for high profile parks.

    Finally, we poll the audience in real-time as we decide whether certain aspects of the amusement industry are HOT or NOT!

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  • Posted on 17 Feb 2017

  • Listen #1118 - Mike Gets a Real Thrill in the End!

    Fun Spot America in Florida is building a fantastic new Gravity Group coaster for 2017. They finally decided on a name. We'll discuss...

    Kennywood has announced that they are adding a virtual reality experience to their some-what new Sky Rocket coaster. We talk about if this is really necessary.

    We'll talk about the upcoming auction at Knott's Berry Farm. You'll have the opportunity to bid on a variety of items from the park's past. EB has his eye on one or two items.

    Finally, Mike tells a funny, yet serious story about an experience he had recently in an off-topic segment.

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  • Posted on 09 Feb 2017

  • Listen #1117 - New Rides and a New Game: Make EB Laugh

    The City Council of Santa Clara held a special meeting to discuss the new proposed master plan and rezoning for California’s Great America. We'll take a look at the new rides and attractions coming to this park over the next 20 years.

    We'll also take a look at the new attraction currently being built at Glenwood Caverns in Colorado. It's the exact same concept that EB has been begging for since we started the show back in 2005!

    We'll talk about the Best Attraction Names of all time and hear from the audience about what ride names best describe the attraction's experience.

    Finally, we'll unveil a brand new game... MAKE EB LAUGH!

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  • Posted on 03 Feb 2017

  • Listen #1116 - Your Home Park's Worst Mistake

    This week, we start off with news from Silver Dollar City. Apparently, they have trademarked a name for their 2018 roller coaster. This starts a conversation about great attraction names and leads in to next week's interactive topic.

    We also take a look at Maxpass, the new $10 per ticket mobile fastpass system that will be unveiled at Disneyland. Is this just the start of big changes to come?

    We also hear from listeners about the worst mistakes that have been made at their home parks. We hear about everything from the removal of popular rides and attractions to unpopular park policies.

    We also have a Live Trip Report from Disneyland and news about an all-new contest on next week's show!

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  • Posted on 27 Jan 2017


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