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22 Nov 2019 The Original Theme Park Podcast

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A weekly podcast dedicated to theme parks, roller coasters and thrill rides. During each show, we talk about the total theme park experience. We'll have interviews with the people making decisions at your favorite park, reviews and ratings of the newest rides and attractions, discussion about everyday park experiences and chances to win tickets and merchandise from parks around the country!

  • Listen #1407 - What's up at IAAPA and Cedar Point?

    We're still weeks away from Christmas, but for theme park fans, this is a week full of gifts from the industry.

    IAAPA is the trade show for the amusement industry and there are over 10 miles of exhibits for buyers to see!

    We'll talk about some of the announcements made and concepts unveiled and debate which ones will actually make it to a park.

    And speaking of announcements, Cedar Point will be making an announcement about their anniversary season on December 11th. Our listeners will chime in about what they think the park will present!

    Plus, we'll talk about the latest news and take a phone call from a candidate for President of the United States!

  • Posted on 22 Nov 2019

  • Listen #1406 - Inside Class Action Park

    The IAAPA conference is next week and there will be a ton of new attraction announcements.  But most times, the new attractions use the same ride systems we've seen for years.

    We kick off this week's show talking about a NEW coaster prototype by S&S that could shake up the industry (and enthusiasts).

    We'll also talk with Seth Porges, one of the co-directors of "Class Action Park."  This new documentary takes a look at the story behind "Action Park," the infamous New Jersey amusement center that was known for its "anything goes" attitude.

    We'll hear about how the park's wild attractions... including the iconic and dangerous looping waterslide!

  • Posted on 15 Nov 2019

  • Listen #1405 - BIG Shoes to Fill

    When Kings Dominion announced that they would be tearing down their iconic, inverted launched coaster "Volcano," a lot of people were sad.  But the sadness quickly turned to curiosity about what might replace it.

    Rumors have surfaced this week about what could be built on that same site.  Is it a worthy successor?

    We'll also have a Live trip Report from Hersheypark with an update on the construction of "Candymonium."

    Then, it's time for a brand new game show! We'll play a few short seconds from the pre-show of a specific ride.  Will our contestant be able to name the ride by just hearing the soundbite?

  • Posted on 08 Nov 2019

  • Listen #1404 - LIVE from Halloween Horror Nights

    To celebrate the end of the haunt season, this week's episode comes to you direct from Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights!

    Mike is down in Orlando and will report direct from the park.  He'll have reviews of the houses, scare zones and also "Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure!"

    EB will also keep everyone updated with the latest news from the amusement industry with our Quick Hits segment.

    Plus, the guys discuss whether the show will make it to Orlando and Tampa for a 2020 meet-up... perhaps for the 30th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights?

  • Posted on 01 Nov 2019

  • Listen #1403 - The Keymaster of Gozer

    Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights is generally considered the best Halloween event in the world.

    For the 29th edition... they decided to create a house based on the classic 1984 comedy "Ghostbusters."

    When the house was announced, Mike and EB BEGGED Universal to include "Louis Tully," the nerdy accountant character played masterfully by Rick Moranis.  They did.

    On this week's show, we talk with Jeremy McNaughton, the actor who plays Louis in the Ghostbusters house.

    We'll hear some behind-the-scenes stories and find out what it's like to be "The Keymaster."

    The guys will also comment on some of the biggest stories in the amusement industry, hear your Live Trip Reports and more!

  • Posted on 25 Oct 2019


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