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26 Jul 2017 The Original Theme Park Podcast

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The podcast dedicated to roller coasters, theme parks and thrill rides.

  • Listen #1139 - Weird Theme Park Mom

    Disney has announced A TON of new attractions coming to its parks over the next few years. We'll give you the whole rundown.

    We'll also talk about some interesting news out of Six Flags Over Georgia and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

    After a Live Trip Report from the new Ghostbusters VR Experience, we'll talk with Liz Alterman who wrote a great article for the New York Times - "How I Became That Weird Theme Park Mom."

  • Posted on 21 Jul 2017

  • Listen #1138 - Information Overload

    It's a jam-packed show (full of news stories!)

    We'll kick things off with rumors about a new "Star Wars" hotel being built at Walt Disney World. It sounds like it would be a "cruise-like" experience that never leaves the park.

    We'll also talk about how the amazing TRON Light-Cycle ride might be coming to America!

    We'll also take a look at some new attraction names trademarked by Cedar Fair and try to figure out where they might be going.

    Plus, we'll marvel at Do Dodonpa's 0-111 launch (in 1.5 seconds), hear a Live Trip Report from California's Great America and Mike will have a review of InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

    Thanks for listening to!

  • Posted on 14 Jul 2017

  • Listen #1137 - EB - LIVE from Michigan's Adventure

    This week, EB and his youngest children podcast from Michigan's Adventure!

    He'll tell you about his first visit to this Cedar Fair park, including reviews of the rides, food and other attractions.

    He'll also talk about how he and the family saved some money!

  • Posted on 07 Jul 2017

  • Listen #1136 - Sparktacular Exploosiolosa 2017!

    There was a strange event at Six Flags Great Escape in New York this week. We'll talk about what happened, how the media covered it and how guests reacted.

    We'll also do some "Hot Takes" on stories from Europa Park, Kings Island and Six Flags Over Georgia!

    After a few Live Trip Reports, EB will head outside to celebrate the 4th of July by shooting off some amazing (and loud) fireworks!

    Thanks for listening to!

  • Posted on 30 Jun 2017

  • Listen #1135 - First Look at OWA Park

    Phantasialand in Germany announced that they will be building the world's longest flying coaster next year... and it will launch! We'll talk all about it.

    Then, we'll do a round-up of all of the latest news... including a look at the POV for Mine Blower, Lightning Rod Rumors and a debate on getting banned from parks.

    We'll also talk with the Director of Marketing and PR for "The Park at OWA" to learn about what this brand new park will have to offer!

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  • Posted on 23 Jun 2017


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