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01 Mar 2021 The Original Theme Park Podcast

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A weekly podcast dedicated to theme parks, roller coasters and thrill rides. During each show, we talk about the total theme park experience. We'll have interviews with the people making decisions at your favorite park, reviews and ratings of the newest rides and attractions, discussion about everyday park experiences and chances to win tickets and merchandise from parks around the country!

  • Listen #1517 - The Ride to Happiness

    There is a TON of news to cover this week, including a popular park changing operators and a former guest of the podcast working in SPACE!

    We also take a look at many of the new rides and attractions coming to Europe in 2021!

  • Posted on 26 Feb 2021

  • Listen #1516 - Back to the Front of the Line

    Throughout this 15th season of the podcast, we're going to take a look at certain topics and find out how our opinions on them have changed over the years.

    This week, we'll listen to part of a show recorded in January of 2006 about the emergence of "Cut the Line" passes.  We made a lot of strong statements then.  Do we feel differently now?

  • Posted on 19 Feb 2021

  • Listen #1515 - Last Fan Standing

    To celebrate the 600th Episode of our podcast, we played our most ambitious game show EVER! We had 100 listeners take part in a trivia competition LIVE on our show!

  • Posted on 12 Feb 2021

  • Listen #1514 - HOT or NOT 2021

    It's our annual HOT or NOT episode! We gave listeners the chance to vote on whether specific rides, parks and amusement industry fads are trending upwards or downwards in 2021. You'll hear the results in real-time!

  • Posted on 05 Feb 2021

  • Listen #1513 - 2021 New Attraction Preview with Arthur Levine

    Mike and EB are joined by Theme Park Journalist Arthur Levine to discuss all of the new attractions coming to US parks in 2021. A live audience interacted with the show by voting on the "hype-level" for each new ride.

  • Posted on 29 Jan 2021


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