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27 Apr 2017 The Original Theme Park Podcast

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The podcast dedicated to roller coasters, theme parks and thrill rides.

  • Listen #1127 - Exclusive Clubs: World Records, 33s and Mike's Tiki

    This week, the guys tackle a ton of news stories from around the amusement industry,

    First up, news of a 2018 attraction at Sea World Orlando that will boast a unique world record. What could it be?

    Then, it turns out Disney is going to franchise their exclusive "Club 33" to all four parks at Walt Disney World. Will Mike approve?

    Six Flags Great Adventure unveiled a new policy for El Toro and Kingda Ka... and it's not popular with the CoasterBoys.

    Finally, we have some news about incredible future tech coming to the parks!

  • Posted on 21 Apr 2017

  • Listen #1126 - Mystic Timbers and InvadR Media Days

    It's the time of year when new roller coasters are having their grand openings!

    EB was at the opening of Mystic Timbers at Kings Island. He was joined by Kevin and Cincinnati Jon, who had a chance to interview Rob Decker, Don Helbig and Mike Koontz from the park.

    Spoiler Alert... we're going to talk about #WhatsInTheShed

    We're also joined by Dan the T-Shirt Guy who talks about InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and how the public reacted to their new wooden coaster.


  • Posted on 14 Apr 2017

  • Listen #1125 - Virtual Reality Knott's Boysenberries

    Knotts Berry Farm is a hotbed of activity this week! We're joined by Knotts Berry Farms' Director of Digital Marketing, Brad Jashinsky who tells us all about it!

    They just unveiled their new VR Showdown in Ghostown... a new VR game that takes guests on a time traveling adventure to visit a futuristic version of Knott’s western town of Calico.

    They also took part in an innovative video shoot wirth Buzzfeed, Google and YouTube. Two first-time coaster riders were put on Xcelerator and given the ride of their lives... and we got to witness it in ultra high def 360 video.

    And this week, Knotts is holding an auction of some of their most historic items... and you have a change to bid on all of it!

    We also talk more about the 2017 Meet-Up at Carowinds on Sunday, May 28th and tell you how to sign up!

    Thanks for listening to!

  • Posted on 29 Mar 2017

  • Listen #1124 - New Orleans, Tiki Legends, and a Listener Game!

    The Virtual Reality craze at the parks is rolling on. This week, Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced that one of their major attractions will be VR-based in 2018. We'll tell you all about it.

    EB spent part of his Spring Break in New Orleans and managed to do some park-related things... including visiting the former site of Six Flags New Orleans!

    Mike got a lot of help from listeners Imagineering the backstory of his Tiki Bar! He unveils the final story!

    Plus, will we be losing Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure sometime soon!

    Finally.... EB has crafted a brand new listener game! It's a head-to-head battle of wits and theme park knowledge!

    Thanks for listening to!

    a brand new listener game! It's a head-to-head battle of wits and theme park knowledge!

  • Posted on 24 Mar 2017

  • Listen #1123 - Listener Questions 2017 - Part 2

    Once again this week, we take your listener questions.

    Plus, this year, we take LIVE PHONE CALLS during the show!

    Thanks for listening to!

  • Posted on 17 Mar 2017


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