CroncastAuthor: Betsy Smith Kris Smith
23 Feb 2019


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A series documenting a love story. Betsy and Kris narrate the life they share together, on the road, with strangers and the one with their kids in tow. These two will make you laugh like no other show. Going all the way back to 2004 with over 850 episodes. Croncast is now made at the gateway to the Poconos.

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    This is new, Brooklyn to where?, Safety first

    First, let us say that we've missed you! Two years is a long time not to say, "Hi". So, "Hi." We're getting warmed up and knocking the dust off everything. Let's take this love story on the road - finding something new, leaving Brooklyn and more await. via Knit

  • Posted on 24 May 2017

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    Life Coaches, Prey Birds, Generation Lazy

    Released: 2015-03-13 15:22:37 Episode: #836 | Length: 27:18 | Format: mp3 & m4a The wheels come off Where are the birds? Living in a shadow Lazy generation via Knit

  • Posted on 09 May 2017


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