CroncastAuthor: Betsy Smith Kris Smith
30 Mar 2017


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A series documenting a love story. Betsy and Kris narrate the life they share together, on the road, with strangers and the one with their kids in tow. These two will make you laugh like no other show. Croncast is now made in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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    Foot Powered, Construction Worker Shampoo, Trashy Blues

    Episode: #837 | Length: 31:04 | Format: mp3 & m4a

    Foot powered machines
    Video iPods
    Instructional Videos
    Armpits are soft
    Lack of fondling
    Back wings of hair
    Construction worker shampoo
    Mystical Palm Breeze Spray
    Instructing where to spray
    What, capri?
    Athletic cut pants, baby
    Smells like Blood and Steel
    Small town Doctors recommend

    Tags: casino armpit mystical palm foot powered

  • Posted on 15 Mar 2015

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    Life Coaches, Prey Birds, Generation Lazy

    Episode: #836 | Length: 27:18 | Format: mp3 & m4a

    The wheels come off
    Where are the birds?
    Living in a shadow
    Lazy generation

    Tags: falconry life coach generation lazy

  • Posted on 13 Mar 2015

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    Faces, App Ideas, Gotta Chill

    Episode: #835 | Length: 31:03 | Format: mp3 & m4a

    Kris remembers all faces
    Wife hears another App idea
    Betsy brings some chill
    That baby sitter lady

    Tags: cindy crawford los angeles bob saget nyc

  • Posted on 18 Feb 2015

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    Stellar Vibes, Flipping, Big Tickets

    Episode: #834 | Length: 32:03 | Format: mp3 & m4a

    Back to Beverly
    Short Week
    Crank the vibe machine
    Flipping those finds

    Tags: croncast los angeles red hook nyc

  • Posted on 11 Feb 2015

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    With Strangers, Dirty Dirty, Resale Glory

    Episode: #833 | Length:29:16 | Format: mp3 & m4a

    Kris rides with lots of strangers
    Betsy seeks a new Goodwill
    Is busted with underpriced items
    Let me take you to the 99 cent store

    Tags: season 33 1timstreet strangers resale

  • Posted on 09 Feb 2015


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