BIG ShowAuthor: Jason and Anna
18 Dec 2018

BIG Show

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Pop Culture Experts! Making fun of Ryan Seacrest since 2004! A funny podcast based in rainy Beaverton, Oregon -- married hosts Jason and Anna watch way too much tv.

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    BIG Show #335 - Oscar Bait

    BIG Show | BIG Show #335 - Oscar Bait

    Jason and Anna discuss 8 Oscar-worthy films, including 2 you can watch on your couch. Jason goes on an impossible mission to watch all the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movies before Tuesday. And Elliot has a great disdain for Jude Law.

  • Posted on 16 Dec 2018

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    BIG 334 - The Rookie Manifest

    BIG Show | BIG 334 - The Rookie Manifest

    We watch RBG and learn a lot about equal rights; the search for the fall oscar contenders is on and Jason eats all the halloween candy.

  • Posted on 28 Nov 2018

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    BIG 333 - Gallbladder Club

    BIG Show | BIG 333 - Gallbladder Club

    Anna joins the no gallbladder club, Sansa becomes and X-Man, Veronica Mars is back and fish love.

  • Posted on 05 Nov 2018

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    Trivia Show #01 - Edward Norton

    BIG Show | Trivia Show #01 - Edward Norton

    Anna is a big Edward Norton fan, but does she know enough Norton Trivia to go 10 for 10 on this episode of Trivia Show?

  • Posted on 05 Oct 2018

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    3 Questions #02 - Cucumber Itch

    BIG Show | 3 Questions #02 - Cucumber Itch

    Jason and Anna explore the produce aisle and ponder an annoying itch.

  • Posted on 23 Sep 2018


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