Design Critique: Products for PeopleAuthor: Timothy Keirnan
21 May 2018

Design Critique: Products for People

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Encouraging usable designs for a better customer experience.

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    DC128 Interview: Gene Duarte, Industrial Designer at Mychanic

    Industrial designer Gene Duarte joins Tim Keirnan for a discussion about the Pod Light and the Blade Multi Light, two of Gene's designs for Mychanic. As Head of Product Development, Gene tells the story behind the designs of these two creative and usable reinterpretations of the shop light. Tim has used them successfully for ten months and explains why they serve his needs in the garage and the house so well. Well done, Mychanic

    You can find Gene's Pod Light and Blade MultiLight at

    In the photo above, the magnetic base of the Pod Light is shown with the paint-safe sticker showing. Also, note the packaging of the Pod Light with the included batteries clearly obvious.

  • Posted on 25 Apr 2018

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    Update: Molly Fuller Design's Indiegogo Campaign

    Molly Fuller from episode 127 returns to tell us about her Indiegogo campaign to fund development of more stylish and affordable compression clothing for teens with autism and sensory disorders. Check it out at


  • Posted on 11 Apr 2018

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    DC127 Interview: Molly Fuller on Medical Fashion Design

    Molly Fuller joins Tim Keirnan to discuss creating stylish clothing for teens with autism spectrum disorder or other sensory needs. Her clothing designs use compression as a form of deep pressure for comfort and relaxation.
    Medical clothing does not have to look “medical” and she tells us about her interest in fashion design in school, and her tying it together with her career in medical service design, including working at the famous Mayo Clinic.

    You can learn more about Molly and her products at

    Molly is "on tour" this March and April! You can see her at the following events:
    March 25th - 30th: National Alliance for Caregiving, San Francisco, CA
    April 10th: Design of Medical Devices Conference, UM Minneapolis
    April 14th: Fraser Walk for Autism, Mall of America, Minneapolis
    April 21st: Pickin for Autism, Amsterdam Bar, St. Paul

  • Posted on 21 Mar 2018

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    DC126 Critique: Toro and Craftsman Snowblowers

    Let it snow! This episode finds Tim and guest cohost Mike Velasco talking about the customer experience of snowblowers. Or snowthrowers. Tim relates his newbie snowblower customer experience with the Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE while Mike relates his long history with snowblowers in general and his Craftsman 881730.

    In a world where the word "innovation" is all too often misused by advertisers and Silicon Valley snake oil salespeople, the Toro is truly innovative. The light weight, the joystick for controlling the chute, the new design for moving the snow, the nimble handling, and the accelerator in its handle are unlike anything Tim found in other brands and models. Its speed is also impressive.

    As mentioned in the outro, the website is a terrific resource for learning about snowblowers, and also had a good review of the Toro.

  • Posted on 28 Feb 2018

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    DC125 Critique: Reizen Jumbo Talking Calculator

    Accessibility expert Mike Elledge joins Tim Keirnan for an out-of-the-box critique of the Reizen 12-Digit Jumbo Talking Calculator. This calculator has many features that make it a good choice for people with low vision or coordination troubles, with its oversized buttons and display and its ability to speak values entered and calculated.

    However, Mike finds opportunities for improvement, including the typeface chosen for the buttons, the very small and distant minus symbol and other symbols put across the top of the LCD, and more.

    We close this episode with email from listener Costan Boiangiu.

  • Posted on 31 Dec 2017


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