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06 Oct 2022


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The first podcast about diabetes. We're dedicated to bringing you the latest news, information, and people who impact the diabetic community.

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    Show #36 - June 7, 2010

    Download Show #36 here.

    This week, we bring you news about a drug combination that may prevent Type 2 diabetes, an innovative approach to a closed-loop artificial pancreas model, and results of a study on "glucose excursions" using insulin pumps versus multiple daily injections.

    We'll be starting our interview segments in upcoming weeks, but if you have suggestions on articles or topics, send us an email to diabeticfeed@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you!

  • Posted on 06 Jun 2010

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    Show #35 - May 31, 2010

    Download Show #35 here.

    We're thrilled to be back. (A little rusty, but we're here!)

    This week, we give you the latest news about metformin and Vitamin B12 deficiency, Greece and Novo Nordisk, and much more.

    If you've got a comment, a link you want to share, or a question, please email us at diabeticfeed@gmail.com - we'd love to hear from you!


  • Posted on 31 May 2010

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    We're back.

    We're pleased to announce that diabeticfeed is back after a four year hiatus!

    Join us as we begin podcasting again with the latest news, information, and people that make an impact in the diabetic community.

    Thank you to all those who wanted us to continue! Expect a new podcast this week!

    Can't wait until then? Get the latest updates from diabeticfeed by:

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  • Posted on 31 May 2010

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    Show #34 - May 7, 2006

    Download Show #34 here.

    UVa lab creates possible diabetes treatment

    Combination Therapy Reverses Type 1 Diabetes

    Quigley's diabetes complication drug to enter human testing

    AstraZeneca drops diabetes drug
    There is also additional information found through this link.

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    We now have a way to share YOUR voice with the diabeticfeed community.
    You can leave a voicemail message at 206-888-4212, and you might even hear yourself on a future diabeticfeed podcast! Leave your comments, tips, or requests for future topics. We hope to hear from you!

    You can also send feedback, questions, and comments to diabeticfeed@gmail.com.

  • Posted on 08 May 2006

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    iTunes, diabeticfeed and you.

    In an effort to find out how many listeners there are to the diabeticfeed podcast, we have used what is called a “redirect” in web speak to atempt to get a more acurate count. The unfortunate side effect of this is that it opened up a known bug (well, we know now at least) in the iTunes software which permanently redirected the podcast feed location to another server.

    Unfortunately, there is no workaround to fix this issue available to diabeticfeed. If you use iTunes and have noticed that new episodes are up on the website that are not being downloaded by iTunes, we suggest that you “clear” diabeticfeed then resubscribe in iTunes.

    Thank you,

  • Posted on 07 May 2006


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