Diet ScienceAuthor: Dee and Michael McCaffrey
26 Sep 2017

Diet Science

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Diet Science is a fun 7 to 8 minute weekly program with insights and straight scoops on today's health and diet issues from Dee McCaffrey, CDC. Dee is an Organic Chemist who lost 100 pounds, nearly half her body weight, and has kept it off for 20 years by staying away from processed foods. She's the author of The Science of Skinny, released by Perseus June 2012, and The Science of Skinny Cookbook, which was released December 2014.

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    Got Triphala?

    ​If you haven't heard of it, Triphala is an Ayurvedic formula consisting of 3 different fruits. Listen in as Dee shares the high antioxidant properties of this powerful formula.

    ​Link to Triphala

  • Posted on 11 Sep 2017

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    What are Lectins?

    The word lectin derives from the Latin word legere, which means “to select." These tiny compounds found in common foods may be creating havoc on your health. Listen in this week as Dee​ explains how lectins can be problematic and how to reduce their effects on your body.

  • Posted on 04 Sep 2017

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    Like Manna from Coconut

    ​What is coconut manna? What's the difference between coconut manna and coconut butter? ​Listen ​in this week as Dee explains the difference and ​​talks about the best ways to eat it.

    ​Link to Coconut Manna

  • Posted on 14 Aug 2017

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    ​Is it Possible to Drink Too Much Water?

    ​Is the advice to drink "half your body weight in ounces per day" the right amount of water? Listen in this week as Dee​ explains the ​physiology of water intake and what happens when you drink too much.

  • Posted on 07 Aug 2017

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    ​​Got Banana Flour?

    ​This grain-free, gluten-free flour is becoming popular among the health food crowd, and rightfully so. ​Listen ​in this week as Dee ​​talks about its uses and nutrition perks.

    ​Link to Banana Flour

  • Posted on 31 Jul 2017


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