Dogma Debate Public Podcast MovedAuthor: David Smalley
19 Oct 2018

Dogma Debate Public Podcast Moved

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Dogma Debate Public Podcast Moved

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    #999 - David Smalley Special Announcement

    David Smalley Special Announcement The feed you are listening to is broken. To get things fixed so that your Podcast App can pick up the new episodes correctly, you need to go into your App and add a new feed pointing to: If you are using Stitcher (or other App where the company that owns the app controls the feed URLs), you might need to contact Stitcher support since some of them have been following the feed redirects but have not been correctly updating which feed URL they subscribe to to match the redirect. That means that every time they are still going to the old feed URL when they need to update to the new correct URL.

  • Posted on 04 Mar 2018


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