Everything LincolnAuthor: Renee Gentry
20 Feb 2019

Everything Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln, from politics to pop culture.

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    EL-003 Tad Lincoln

    Tad Lincoln was the Lincoln's fourth and youngest son. Learn how he got his nickname and hear about some of his shenanigans in this episode.

  • Posted on 31 Mar 2007

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    EL-002 Mezzara's Lincoln Statue

    The first statue of Abraham Lincoln erected in the United States was the San Francisco statue by Pietro Mezzara. The statue was destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Picture of statue is at http://www.everythinglincoln.com.

  • Posted on 18 Apr 2006

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    EL-001 Lincoln's Birthday

    The Presidents Day myth is debunked, several versions of Lincoln's autobiography are reviewed, and we hear from cousin Dennis Hanks about Nancy's boy baby. Links are at http://www.everythinglincoln.com.

  • Posted on 12 Feb 2006


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