Expat Girl in A Sex-pat WorldAuthor: Kat Kondiow
14 Nov 2018

Expat Girl in A Sex-pat World

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I am a single western woman living in Thailand, where the majority of expats are men, and some of these men are what I refer to as Sex-Pats. This blog will be a place to host my future podcast and photos about my life here amongst the sex tourist, the sex-pats, the "bar girls", the lady boys and the beach boys. DCO Thailand

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    Expat Girl in a Sex-pat world Phuket, Thailand Epsisode #1

    Episode #1, a General overview of sex tourism with the local expats.

    Finally my first podcast about being a single western (non-Thai) female and living in Phuket, Thailand. An island famous for its' beauty, beaches and tropical jungle. However a big attraction is also sex tourism, and not just with the tourist. Listen to my podcast and hear about the Sexpats!! Phuket is very much a paradise to men in a completely different way then it is to me.

    It really is another world living here and as a western woman. I am very much on the outside looking in.

    I have been living in Phuket for 5 years. I have finally made a podcast and this took me weeks. This is just a few anecdotes about a few guys and their behavior and the nature of the beast.

    Email me at kat@expatgirl.com.

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