Feast of Fun: Gay Talk ShowAuthor: Hosted by Fausto Fernós & Marc Felion
26 Oct 2021

Feast of Fun: Gay Talk Show

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Interviews with amazing people, comedians and LGBTQ+ legends, with pop culture and politics wrapped up in a delicious candy coating of camp.

Hosted by Puerto Rican drag queen Fausto Fernós and his husband, Norwegian reality TV star Marc Felion, Feast of Fun began as one of the original 50 podcasts featured on iTunes in 2006, and celebrated by Apple: Feast of Fun "helped bring podcasting from an underground movement to a mainstream phenomenon." Five time winner of the People's Choice Podcast Award for Best LGBT podcast.

We've done thousands of shows with wonderfully wild people, LGBTQ legends and their friends, and tackle the tough questions like: is Sasquatch a drag queen? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?

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    FOF #2990 - Becoming Steve from Blue’s Clues

    When Steve Burns unexpectedly left the children’s TV show Blue’s Clues it opened up some wild speculation among fans. Was it drugs? An illicit affair? Was he gay? How could he just leave us like this?

    For millennials, the show was a big part of their childhood, and like the passing of Fred Rogers from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood or the death of Will Lee who played Mister Hooper on Sesame Street, Steve's sudden departure left an indelible mark.

    So when Steve Burns came back all these years later in a video explaining he just wanted to go to college and he touched on the struggles of growing up and having jobs, family and student debt, the public was deeply moved.

    At the same time, it was almost like a deadbeat dad coming in for an awkward hug.

    Our guest today is comedian Dan Cass, who’s hilarious video parodying Steve Burns instagram return makes us roar with laughter. Listen as we take a look at Blue’s Clues affected Dan’s generation and his hilarious parody video we think everyone should check out.

    FOLLOW DAN CASS: https://www.instagram.com/dankkass/


    ➤ Manspreading for incels

    ➤ Where is everyone at with the David Chappelle controversy.

  • Posted on 26 Oct 2021

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    Bruce Vilanch on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

    One of the strangest shows ever broadcast on TV is the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. The musical variety show featuring a campy highway pile-up of the top stars of the day with Margaret Hamilton reprising her Wicked Witch from the Izard of Oz aired only once on ABC in 1976.

    Today comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, best known for writing for the Oscars and for his appearance on Hollywood Squares joins us to talk about being a head writer for the Paul Lynde Halloween Special.

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  • Posted on 19 Oct 2021

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    FOF #2989 - Matt Brown Takes on the Dave Chappelle Controversy

    You’ve probably already heard about the controversy or even weighed in on Dave Chappelle’s final comedy special for Netflix, The Closer, where the comedy legend spends most of the hour taking an irreverent and critical look at the collective struggle of LGBTQ folks.

    Despite being a comedy special everyone loves to hate, Chappelle does bring up some wonderful sex positive material like wondering what MLK Jr would have to say about glory holes. Unfortunately, Chapelle proclaims himself team TERF while perpetuating some harmful ideas about trans bodies and compares trans women’s genitals to vegan burgers.

    The Closer is probably the longest set any comedian has ever spent talking on LGBTQ+ issues and is way more complicated than clickbait articles would have you believe.

    All controversy aside, we are puzzled that Dave Chappelle would align himself with the same regressive people he claimed were the reason why he abruptly walked away from a 50 million dollar paycheck when he quit his successful show on Comedy Central over 15 years ago.

    MATT BROWN: https://www.msbrowncomedy.com/

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    Today comedian Matt Brown, Ms Brown if you’re nasty, joins us to take a look at Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “The Closer” and the surrounding controversy around his comments on LGBTQ plus folks and trans bodies.

    Plus-- Star Trek’s William Shatner responds to his co-star’s George Takei comments on him being unfit for spaceflight due to his age and weight. Oh my!

  • Posted on 18 Oct 2021

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    FOF #2988 - Q-Force: From West Hollywood with Love

    As LGBTQ people, we’re connected now more than ever before. We live together, we fight together and we ride together- that’s what inspired comedy writer Gabe Liedman to create Q-Force, Netflix’s new animated comedy series that takes us on an adventure with a team of queer super spies and their allies as they team up to fight evil, save the world in West Hollywood, all before Brunch.

    Starring queer comedy icons Sean Hayes and Wanda Sykes, the new series is a delicious parody of spy shows, and isn’t afraid to take on the Mission Impossible of creating a comedy series that pushes the button on the ticking time bomb of LGBTQ sensibilitiues.

    Did we mention a few of the characters look like Tom of Finland cartoons come to life?

    WATCH Q-FORCE ON NETFLIX: https://www.netflix.com/title/81039557

    Today Q-Force’s animators and directors Jeanette Moreno King and Alex Sayler join us to talk about the new animated series, their shared history animating The Simpsons and the new Beavis and Butthead film.

    Listen as we chat with Alex and Jeanette, who is the newly elected President of The Animation Guild about Q-Force and whether Hollywood will go on strike or not.

  • Posted on 06 Oct 2021

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    FOF #2987 - Tom Goss is Living His Best Life

    The early days of the internet gave LGBTQ folks the unprecendted ability to take matters into their own hands, by creating blogs, podcasts, videos and music that spoke directly to audiences about their unique experience. We were no longer held back by narrow minded gatekeeper’s that kept the queer experience hidden from the world.

    Now it seems like everyone is a little bit gay and pop music is very queer.

    As we lead up to the milestone of our 3000th show, some of our favorite guests, who have been there for the long haul, like musician Tom Goss, are back to tell you just how awesome Feast of Fun is, and yes, they are correct.

    Tom was a college wrestler who went ot the seminary in hopes of becoming a Catholic priest but then he came out, became a singer songwriter and eventually grew to be the loveable queer music icon he is today.

    Today musician Tom Goss joins us to to look back on being a queer music pioneer, why he’s now creating music for the thrill of it, and how you just need 1000 dedicated fans to make it in this world.

    TOM GOSS: http://www.tomgossmusic.com


    ➤ Tom's song with Deven Green and Ned Douglas.

    ➤ Elvira, Mistress of the Dark comes out of the coffin as a lover of a woman.

    ➤ Why Latinx folks love Vick’s Vaporub.

    ➤ Anderson Cooper says neither Christopher nor Christina will get a penny of his enormous fortune, for reasons well known to them.

  • Posted on 04 Oct 2021


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