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26 Sep 2018


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Weekly film podcast and WBEZ radio show from Chicago featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews. Hosted by Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen.

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    #698: Lawrence of Arabia / Top 5 David Lean Moments

    A new 70mm print of David Lean's 1963 Best Picture-winning epic just wrapped up a run at Chicago's Music Box Theatre. Having survived their recent "4D" screening (temperamental A/C on a blisteringly hot late-summer day), Adam and Josh return from Lean's "Arabia" in awe of the director's widescreen compositions, his revelatory transitions and the film's complicated take on hero worship and British exceptionalism. That Sacred Cow review, plus more praise for Lean with the Filmspotting Top 5: David Lean Moments.   

    0:00-1:26 - Billboard
    2:25-30:37 - Sacred Cow: "Lawrence of Arabia"
    Maurice Jarre, "Main Title" (Lawrence of Arabia)
    31:49-37:19 - Next Week / Notes
    37:19-47:25 - Polls (Historical Epics / Musical Dramas)
    Maurice Jarre, "Then It's a Gift (End Title)" (Dr. Zhivago)
    47:59-51:26 - Donations
    51:26-1:27:09 - Top 5: David Lean Moments
    1:27:09-1:30:01 - Close

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  • Posted on 21 Sep 2018

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    #697: The Predator / Burt Reynolds Tribute (Deliverance)

    As long as there are people to remember Burt Reynolds, they're most likely to recall the goofy, charismatic, hard-driving star of movies like "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Cannonball Run," and the benevolent despot of the late-'70s porn scene in his Oscar-nominated role in "Boogie Nights." But it's possible that none of those Reynolds performances would have existed without his star-making turn in 1972's DELIVERANCE. Reynolds' death gives Adam and Josh a chance to catch up with John Boorman's Best Picture-nominated film in a 'Blindspotting' review. Plus, a 'funny voices' edition of Massacre Theatre, and a review of the new THE PREDATOR. written and directed by Shane Black ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," "The Nice Guys").   

    0:00-2:26 - Billboard
    5:26-23:55 - Review: "The Predator"
    Mountain Man, "Rang Tang Ring Toon"
    25:35-31:10 - Next Week / Notes
    31:10-42:50 - Massacre Theatre
    44:50-1:23:04 - Burt Reynolds Tribute: "Deliverance"
    1:23:04-1:26:15 - Close

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  • Posted on 14 Sep 2018

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    #696: Ethan Hawke Interview / Top 5 Hawke Moments

    With the critical reappraisal of Ethan Hawke in full swing after a career-best performance in Paul Schrader's "First Reformed," Adam and Josh commemorate "The Hawkessance" with a consideration of the actor's long and varied career, from Todd Anderson's "sweaty-toothed madman" to Rev. Toller's existential despair (and all those Sunrises and Sunsets in between). Joining Adam and Josh for the Top 5 Ethan Hawke Moments is Keith Phipps, Next Picture Show co-host and author of his own recent reconsideration of Hawke. Plus, Adam's interview with Hawke, who talks about BLAZE, his new biopic about Texas singer-singwriter Blaze Foley, and also about the importance of letting your kids make their own mistakes.           

    0:00-1:39 - Billboard
    2:29-35:30 - Interview: Ethan Hawke
    Blaze Foley, "Clay Pigeons"
    37:10-48:18 - Next Week / Notes
    48:18-57:13 - Polls (Hawke's best / Historical Epics)
    Nina Simone, "Just in Time"
    1:00:02-2:05:47 - Top 5: Ethan Hawke Moments
    2:05:47-2:09:05 - Close

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  • Posted on 07 Sep 2018

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    #695: Minding the Gap / Madeline's Madeline / Art House Roundup

    With a lull in the late-summer movie schedule, Adam and Josh play catch-up on a few acclaimed new indie features - and Filmspotting Golden Brick candidates - including the Kartemquin Films-produced doc MINDING THE GAP, director Josephine Decker's Sundance hit MADELINE'S MADELINE and the experimental sports doc JOHN MCENROE: IN THE REALM OF PERFECTION. Plus, Josh's thoughts on the Brick-worthy NIGHT COMES ON and the critically-reviled puppet noir THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS. Also, Massacre Theatre and a clarification on that confusing Ethan Hawke poll question

    0:00-2:00 - Billboard
    3:13-31:19 - Review: "Minding the Gap"
    Taylor Janzen, "Pretend That It's Not There"
    33:05-36:39 - Golden Brickspotting: "Night Comes On"
    36:39-46:03 - Next Week / Notes
    46:03-53:48 - Massacre Theatre
    53:48-59:58 - Josh on "Happytime Murders"
    Taylor Janzen, "Waiting Room"
    1:01:14-1:07:23 - Donations
    1:07:23-1:35:53 - Reviews: "Madeline's Madeline," "Realm of Perfection"
    1:35:53-1:39:53 - Close / Outtake

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  • Posted on 31 Aug 2018

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    #694: Crazy Rich Asians / Top 5 Things We've Learned Podcasting (About Movies)

    In anticipation of the show's 700th episode, Adam and Josh - and fellow podcast veteran Dave Chen from the /Filmcast - consider what a decade-plus podcasting about movies has taught them. (In short: gratitude, humility, and getting by on less sleep.) Dave also joins the conversation about the new CRAZY RICH ASIANS, a hit at the box office and the first Hollywood studio-backed film in 25 years to feature a predominantly Asian and Asian-American cast. 

    0:00-1:51 - Billboard
    1:51-30:20 - Review: "Crazy Rich Asians"
    Ruby Ibarra, "Us"
    34:00-46:21 - Next Week / Notes
    46:21-54:19 - Polls (Happytime Murders / Ethan Hawke)
    Ruby Ibarra, "Here"
    56:37-1:50:47 - Top 5: Things We've Learned Podcasting (About Movies)
    1:50:47-1:54:16 - Close

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  • Posted on 24 Aug 2018


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