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12 Dec 2017


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Weekly film podcast and WBEZ radio show from Chicago featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews. Hosted by Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen. Part of the Panoply Network.

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    #659: Top 5 Best Worst Movies / The Disaster Artist / The Shape of Water

    It’s not easy to make a good movie, never mind a great one. But it may be even harder to make a truly terrible movie. 2003’s "The Room" is one such terrible movie that is so bad it's become legend - and a favorite at midnight movie screenings. It's also the subject of the new James Franco-directed (and starring) film THE DISASTER ARTIST, which tells the story of how "The Room" came to be. This week, reviews of "Artist" and THE SHAPE OF WATER, a wondrous new Cold War-era fairy tale from Guillermo del Toro. Plus, the Top 5 Best Worst Movies with Rob Hill, author of "The Bad Movie Bible."

    0:00-2:03 - Intro
    3:28-34:13 - Review: "The Shape Of Water"
    Ron Gallo, "Don't Mind The Lion"
    36:09-38:47 - Next week / Notes
    38:47-45:35 - Polls: "The Room" / Best of 2017
    45:35-1:00:17 - Review: "The Disaster Artist"
    Ron Gallo, "Young Lady You're Scaring Me"
    1:01:40-1:06:31 - Donations
    1:06:31-1:40:53 - Top 5: Best Bad Movies
    1:40:53-1:44:11 - Close / Outtake

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  • Posted on 08 Dec 2017

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    #658: Top 5 Movie Years / There Will Be Blood / Coco / Mudbound

    Great movie years usually come down to a memorable Best Picture matchup. In 1939, it was "Gone With the Wind" versus "The Wizard of Oz." In '94, "Pulp Fiction" versus Forrest Gump." And a decade ago - in 2007 - it was the Coen Bros’ "No Country for Old Men" versus Paul Thomas Anderson’s THERE WILL BE BLOOD. On this week's show, Adam and Josh honor the 10th anniversary of '07 with a Sacred Cow review of the PTA masterpiece and share their own Top 5 Movie Years. (Have a seat, 1939, you and Scarlett are going to sit this one out.)

    0:00-2:01 - Intro
    3:09-39:53 - Sacred Cow: "There Will Be Blood"
    Jonny Greenwood, "Prospector's Quartet"
    42:57-45:57 - Next week / notes
    45:57-56:28 - Massacre Theatre
    56:28-1:03:37 - JL Recommends: "Coco" "Mudbound"
    Michael Giacchino, "Dia de los Muertos Suite"
    1:06:14-1:47:27 - Top 5: Movie Years
    1:47:27-1:49:20 - Close

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  • Posted on 01 Dec 2017

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    Revisiting The Force Awakens / Rian Johnson

    Back in December 2015, Adam and Josh weren't even allowed to share the location of their "Force Awakens" screening. Stakes were high. Their review - posted just minutes after the critic's embargo was lifted - was overall positive, but notably non-specific. In anticipation of "The Last Jedi," they revisit the J.J. Abrams-directed film and that early review to see how they hold up. Plus, the show's interview with "The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson recorded live at Filmspotting's 500th episode celebration in 2014. At the time, Johnson had just been announced as the writer/director of Episode VIII. He talks about how early pre-production was going, what order a Star Wars novice should watch the films in and more.

    0:00-1:28 - Intro
    1:28-33:29 - Review: "The Force Awakens"
    33:29-1:14:25 - "Force Awakens" Feedback
    John Williams, "Star Wars"
    1:14:52-1:22:41 - 2017 Golden Brick Contenders
    1:22:41-1:39:39 - Interview: Rian Johnson
    1:39:39-1:41:44 - Close 

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  • Posted on 24 Nov 2017

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    #657: Lady Bird / Justice League / Top 5 Female-Directed Debuts

    Back in 2010, actress Greta Gerwig was the loopy, optimistic lifeforce in Noah Baumbach’s otherwise bitter and cynical “Greenberg.” She went on to co-write and star in a pair of Baumbach films before making her own directing debut this fall with LADY BIRD. The autobiographical film is set in 2002 and stars Saoirse Ronan as the strong-willed Gerwig stand-in with Laurie Metcalf as her equally tough mom. Ronan's "Lady Bird" may be an iconoclast, but Adam and Josh are only too happy to conform to the critical consensus that Gerwig's film is one of the year's best. Plus, Josh's thoughts on the new JUSTICE LEAGUE and the Top 5 Female-Directed Debuts.

    0:00-1:35 - Intro
    2:23-27:42 - Review: "Lady Bird"
    First Aid Kit, "It's A Shame"
    29:31-35:22 - Josh on "Justice League"
    35:22-44:43 - Next Week ("The Force Awakens") / Notes
    44:43-53:30 - Massacre Theatre
    53:30-1:01:16 - Adam on "Orient Express," "Wonderstruck"
    First Aid Kit, "Postcard"
    1:02:31-1:03:22 - Donations
    1:03:22-1:36:07 - Top 5: Female-Directed Debuts
    1:36:07-1:38:50 - Close

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  • Posted on 17 Nov 2017

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    #656: Wonderstruck / Killing of a Sacred Deer / Faces Places

    With a deluge of great stuff heading to theaters over the next couple of weeks, Adam and Josh devote this week’s show to the latest from three great directors: Todd Haynes ("Carol," "Far From Heaven") brings his experimental rigor to the adaptation of Brian Selznick's novel-with-pictures WONDERSTRUCK; former Golden Brick-winner Yorgos Lanthimos delivers Kubrick-inspired horror with THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER; and the 89-year-old French New Wave pioneer Agnes Varda ends a decade-long hiatus with her joyous new doc FACES PLACES. Plus, results from the latest Filmspotting Death Match.

    0:00-1:46 - Intro
    2:36-26:29 - Review: "Faces Places"
    Destroyer, "In the Morning"
    30:53-36:55 - Larsen Recommends: "Wonderstruck"
    36:55-43:22 - Notes
    43:22-54:30 - Polls: Death Match / "The Room"
    54:30-1:00:29 - "The Killing of a Sacred Deer"
    1:00:29-1:10:46 - Close / Hot Mics

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  • Posted on 10 Nov 2017


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