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17 Aug 2018

Fish Go Deep Podcast

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Weekly podcast of the Fish Go Deep radio show. Current and classic house music.

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    Fish Go Deep Radio 2018-15

    Crash the Box - MANG Dynasty
    This Is the Place - Alma Negra
    Afrodiscobeatdown - TR One
    Impala - Till Von Sein
    Hesperia Soul - Jovonn
    Reminisce - Jon Delerious
    Black No Sugar - The Journey Men
    Time For Love (Frankie Feliciano Remix) - Kim English
    I Feel Like feat. Brett Barton - Audio Soul Project
    State of Emergency - Shur-I-Kan
    Who Who - Fish Go Deep
    Curve - Jimpster
    Everyone - Atjazz
    Love You Again - Tominori Hoyoya
    Putting It In My - Austin Ato
    Down Under - Peznt
    How It's Done - Ed Nine
    Live at Filmore - Around 7
    If You Like (Instrumental) - Marcel Vogel feat Tim Jones
    Panic In Fort Greene Park - Juan McClean
    Deep Love - Korsakow
    Jazz Session - Folamour
    Late Night Studio Moves - Pitto

  • Posted on 15 Aug 2018

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    Fish Go Deep Radio 2018-14


    Lover (Black Loops Remix) - James Pepper
    Still Running - Fish Go Deep
    Do You Still Think of Me - Adam Port
    Ye Yo Ma (Doug Gomez RePercussion Edit) - Kerri Chandler
    Come On - The Klubb Kidz
    Internal Server Error - Ouer
    Keep On - Jovonn
    Affection - Jovonn
    Baba M'fa Njika - Diephuis & Jephte Guillaume
    Tech This Out (Atjazz Remix) - Karizma
    That Bass - youANDme feat. Gjaezon
    They Sleep We Love - Dave Aju & thatmanmonkz ft Foxee
    If You Like - Marcel Vogel feat. Sensational & Tijdan
    All the Fills - Yadava
    Blue Shoe - Kolja Gerstenberg
    Work - Mr Fries
    Nobody - Norma Jean Bell
    Jazz Session for No Future People - Folamour
    Subconscious - The Revenge
    Right Beside You - Conga Radio
    Black Moon Voyage - Gerd
    It's Time (Edwin Oosterwal Dub) - Steve Bug
    U Made Me - Ezel & Ovasoul 7

  • Posted on 24 Jul 2018

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    Fish Go Deep Radio 2018-13

    Float - Pedro & Jenna Camille
    Right Beside You - Conga Radio
    Subconscious - The Revenge
    It's Time (Edwin Oosterwal Dub) - Steve Bug
    U Made Me - Ezel & Ovasoul 7
    Azzuro - Coeo
    Cart People - Soulphiction
    Fracture (Soulphiction Jazzed Up Mix) - Michael Iwatsu
    Two Wrongs Making It Right - Kevin Yost
    We Rise (6th Borough Project Remix) - The James L'Estraunge Orchestra
    Dusk (Andi Hanley Rework) - Private Agenda
    Gospel Discotheque - D Lynwood & Bodymoves
    Just Feel Good - Fouk
    Keep It Together (Bas Rosi Remix) - Kraak & Smaak
    Neverland - Joss Moog
    Still Hope feat. Anthony Anaxagorou - Secret Sundaze
    Bassline - Satoshi Tomiie
    Stars (Cratebug Nova Remix) - Honey Dijon
    Panic in Fort Greene Park - Juan MacLean
    Counting Sheep (Lay-Far Remix) - Nemoy & Djemeia
    Chakattack - Chocky
    Spells of Bhagwan - Chaim feat Maalem Kouyou
    La Tirana del Oriente - Luciano

  • Posted on 11 Jul 2018

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    Fish Go Deep Radio 2018-12

    Soft Spoken - Art Alfie
    Deep Ah Yeah - DJ Romain & The Sharla Funk Experience
    Chad Brothers - Frits Wentink & DJ Boring
    North Wind - Tribe 2
    Chez Groove - Sascha Dive
    Keep It Together feat. Luxxury (Bas Roos Remix) - Kraak & Smaak
    Still Hope feat Anthony Anaxagorou - Secret Sundaze
    Everything - Owen DCS & Matt Jamm Lamont
    Defo (Trevor Deep Jr Remix) - Maajo
    Stars - Honey Dijon
    Everyday Magic - Roberto Rodriquez
    In Our Lifetime - Moomin
    Searching for Barong (Till Von Sein Remix) - Mohig
    Give In To Wonder - Fish Go Deep
    Skyy (Dub Vocal) - Zepherin Saint
    The Way You Move (JT Donaldson Remix) - Deep House Souldiers
    Falling Apart - Fish Go Deep
    Once More - Fish Go Deep
    Now Is the Time - Sean McCabe ft Hanlei
    Bassline - Satoshi Tomiie
    Take Off Your Shoes - Malandra
    Come Together - Robert Owens & Groove Assassin

  • Posted on 09 Jul 2018

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    Fish Go Deep Radio 2018-11

    Everyday Magic - Roberto Rodriguez
    I'm In Trouble - DJ Rimarkable
    Take Off Your Shoes - Malandra
    Rocket Ship (Prosumer Remix) - Marcus Marr
    Baseline - Satoshi Tomiie
    Shadow - Lerosa
    Tonight We Ride (Louis Vega Remix) - DJ Spinna
    Adinkra - DJ Applejac feat. Miles Bonny
    Don't Forget to Go Home - Emanuel Satie Feat. Billy Cobham
    They Can't Understand It - Bobby & Steve ft Byron Stingly
    Deep Ah Yeah - DJ Romain & The Sharla Funk Experience
    Love Is What We Need - Benji Candelario
    Nothing Is Perfect (Andrew Weatherall Remix) - Fod
    We Belong To The Night - FKA Mash
    Left Handed Books (Ashley Beedle Remix)
    Birds of Paradise - Gilbert
    Speed Syphon - Squares
    Just Click - Ekkohaus
    Sometimes You Just Know (Moodymann Remix) - Pollyn
    Ape Breaks - Musk
    A.D.L (feat. Wookie & Atjazz) - Zed Bias
    Hiroko (Afroterraneo Dub) - Modaji
    Femenine - Olsen

  • Posted on 12 Jun 2018


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