Forks [and] FangsAuthor: Christi, Megan, Hilary, Ramya
22 Mar 2019

Forks [and] Fangs

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The official website of the Forks and Fangs podcast, a weekly podcast show devoted to discussion of the Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer. Also includes discussion of the upcoming Twilight movie. Updated by the show's hosts, Christi, Megan, Hilary, and Ramya.

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    Forks [and] Fangs Episode 8: Analyzing BD Quotes

    -Exciting news
    -News discussion about the new teaser trailer and clips from the Penelope DVD
    -Main Discussion: analysis of the Breaking Dawn quotes-of-the-day from
    -Vampire or Werewolf? Segment: Would Edward or Jacob be more likely to audition for American Idol?
    -Several emails read and listener questions answered
    -Fun and lots of giggles with your hosts Christi, Megan, Hilary, Ramya, and Josh

  • Posted on 01 Aug 2008

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    Forks [and] Fangs Episode 7: Comparison of the Vamps and Wolves

    How do the vampires and werewolves relate to each other? We look at their differences and similarities.
    -New & improved intro song by Just Plain Sexy
    -The News segment gets jazzed up
    -Main discussion: Comparing & Contrasting the Vampires and Werewolves. Are they really that different?
    -Character Analysis for Jacob Black, everyone's favorite werewolf
    -The "Vampire or Werewolf?" segment is back with an interesting question
    -One email
    -a few bloopers at the end
    -fun, Fun, FUN with Christi, Megan, Hilary, Josh, Alyssa, and Kat!!!

  • Posted on 09 Jul 2008

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    Forks [and] Fangs Episode 6: Short but Sweet Settings Discussion

    -Only three hosts this week: Christi, Hilary, and Josh (the new guy)
    -It's a short show because we were limited on time and hosts!
    -News discussion about the Cullen crest and the new Twilight "Field Trip" movie clip
    -Main discussion: the town of Forks as a setting and how the people of Forks act
    -Discussion about why no one pays much attention to the Cullen family
    -One email from a girl in Scotland
    -No "Vampire or Werewolf?" Segment
    -No "Character Analysis" Segment, but next week will be JACOB!
    -We promise to have a longer, more interesting show next week! :)

  • Posted on 28 Jun 2008

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    Forks [and] Fangs Episode 5: Why Girls LOVE Edward

    -Two new hosts this week: Alyssa and Kat, who are both Jacob fans!
    -Not much news besides news about our podcast intro song
    -Edward is the star of our Character Analysis segment
    -Alyssa and Kat thoroughly explain why they don't like Ed
    -Main Discussion: Why do girls love Edward? What makes him the perfect man? What can other guys learn from him?
    -Josh, a host who will join us next week, hits the nail on the head when responding to our main discussion topic
    -2 other emails concerning our Breaking Dawn cover discussion last week and some BD theories

  • Posted on 19 Jun 2008

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    Forks [and] Fangs Episode 4: Breaking Dawn & Twilight Movie Excitement!

    -Lots of news discussion about...
    -the first Twilight movie clip shown at the MTV Movie Awards
    -the cover art for Breaking Dawn
    -the preface and first chapter of Breaking Dawn
    -Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn tour with Justin Furstenfeld
    -No Character Analysis Segment this week, but we will analyze EDWARD next week!
    -Vamp or Werewolf segment: Would Edward or Jacob be more likely to be on the TV show "Cops?"
    -Three Emails! Yay!
    -About three minutes of bloopers... yeah it was that kind of a night!

  • Posted on 13 Jun 2008


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