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26 Jun 2019

Formula 1 Video : Sidepodcast TV

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Welcome to the future of Formula One broadcasting. F1 news, views and race previews all wrapped up in a fantastic video podcast. Grab your slice of the F1 action with regular commentaries, paddock gossip and all the championship standings. Enjoy each track on the calendar in stunning 3D detail as well as catching the drivers pre-race thoughts. Sidepodcast takes the chequered flag and heads for the country as we delve inside team's factories to discover massive wind tunnels, complicated modelling tools and the unsung heroes of a World Championship campaign - the engineers. Additionally, show host Christine travels to all the important motor sport events, to bring you right up close to the action. Other highlights include a look behind the scenes at Red Bull Racing, special driver interviews and all the technical details that make the world of high-performance F1 racing so unique. You don't want to miss out on a minute of the the greatest revolution in Grand Prix television since the advent of the in-car camera. Experience motor sport the way it is meant to be, subscribe now.

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    Sauber turn F1 inside out

    For the past two years mechanics in Hinwill have been spending their downtime slicing a chassis in half, lengthways. From the tip of the nose to the very edge of the brake light, they are now able to reveal exactly what makes up a modern F1 car.

  • Posted on 01 Jun 2012


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