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22 Sep 2018

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    The New Ecology

    In this week's episode Oswald Schmitz speaks with Joanna about: Ecosystem engineering, changing how the land functions; the new ecology, using scientific principles to improve the welfare of people and Nature; respecting and celebrating the wild, broader community; designing with recycling in mind; complexity is not complication; health, ecology and politics, becoming more engaged and science-informed citizens; environmental laws, caring for the future generations; approaching the crossroads of climate warming; the ethics of interconnectedness.

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  • Posted on 11 Sep 2018

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    New Thinking Allowed

    In this week's episode Jeffrey Mishlove speaks with Joanna about: William James and the history of parapsychology; Epictetus and our inner freedom; the group mind effect, Roger Nelson and the Global Consciousness Project; esotericism and the the new far-right; his central insight from a lifetime of inquiry; a time with a sense of existential groundedness.

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  • Posted on 31 Aug 2018

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    Insights from Biosphere 2

    In this week episode Mark Nelson speaks with Joanna Harcourt-Smith and Jacob Aman about: earning the name "biospherian"; Vladimir Vernadsky and the planet-shaping power of life; Biosphere 2, doing whole systems science; "humans are the most unstable element in the ecosystem"; ecotechnics, bringing nature and technoloy into a mutually supportive relationship; longing for a reverential ecology; the dedication of the team overcame the group dynamics in a closed space; breaking the taboos of the reductionist, dispassionate science; the central, optimistic premise of the project; why Biosphere 2 was a threat to the industrial world; regenerating Nature and the human spirit; the visceral recognition of our belonging to the Earth.

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  • Posted on 24 Aug 2018

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    The Shimmer of Consciousness

    In this week's episode Harri Aalto speaks with Joanna about: discovering the shimmer of consciousness; the language of inner experience; the intimate connection of human consciousness and Nature; the pain and challenges of life through an expanded consciousness; the longing of cosmic, earth and human consciousness to be unified; the full range of the senses; developing the potential of human consciousness; the role of understanding for expanding awareness; belonging to a larger reality; the most refined level of consciousness; love and deep understanding, one and the same experience.

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  • Posted on 19 Aug 2018

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    The Way of the Horse

    In this week's episode Linda Kohanov speaks with Joanna about: learning from horses how to be powerful in a new way; the power to stand up together and speak our truth in a way that doesn't demean someone else; horses, relationship before territory; a life-changing encounter with a horse; immature dominant power running amok in our world; understanding sensitive and dominant children; the advantage of multicultural societies; a new world opened through the relationship with her unrideable horse Tabula Rasa; heart breathing and the skills of energy engagement; Buddha was an exceptional horseman; meeting horses changed human culture; developing "emotional heroism" to change the world.

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  • Posted on 10 Aug 2018


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