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10 Dec 2018

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    Being with Living Beauty

    In this week's episode Anthony Ward speaks with Joanna about: an early initiation to the magic of flowers; flower altars for thew Dalai Lama; working with living beauty; "the momentary face of God"; the plants are calling us to appreciate the moment; flower power, flower children; a life-changing meeting with Maya Angelou; the Zen of floral arrangement; a ballet of flowers; the natural altars of Nature; a sacred gift; the ancestral flower meditation.

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  • Posted on 09 Dec 2018

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    Call of the Forest

    Diana Beresford-Kroeger speaks with Joanna about: “Call of the Forest”; the forests of the world and climate change; one tree, one person, the Bioplan; a common dream experienced all over the world and prophesied by the Mohawk Nation; the rarest tree in North America; forest bathing and the immune system; instructions for forest bathing; learning the ancient ways of the Celtic culture to protect the world; tips for a kinder, healthier life; women standing together for the future; the trees hold the knowledge of the world; new amazing discoveries about the key role of the trees in the biosphere.

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  • Posted on 01 Dec 2018

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    Radical Joy for Hard Times

    Trebbe Johnson speaks with Joanna about: feeling the grief for the loss of the places we love; finding and giving back beauty in the wounded places of Earth; the resilience and creativity of Nature; the Global Earth Exchange; acceptance and creative change; the joy of acting together; guerrilla beauty; taking the right action as if your whole life depends on it; holding joy and grief in our hands.

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  • Posted on 24 Nov 2018

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    Earth Protectors Rising

    Polly Higgins speaks with Joanna about: daring to stand as an earth protector and calling others to do the same; our duty of care to the wider Earth community; the heart-felt call to protect the earth with the law; paving a way to peace and harmony; ecocide and the applicability of international law; emergency times and the emergence of something new, the rising of Earth protectors, “Extinction Rebellion”; support for the great ocean states on the front line of climate breakdown, missionlifeforce.org; plugging into the life force.

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  • Posted on 16 Nov 2018

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    A Place of Beautiful Possibility

    In this week’s episode Pat McCabe speaks with Joanna about: We need a radical course-correction; the oppression of Native American culture, we were born in Beauty; big changes in our current lifestyle; healing shame, opening to grace; we are in a time of pure potential; carried by the Spirit of Life into a place of visioning; learning to trust the Spirit of Life and the Earth community; from despair to surrender; inquiring what we can do in these times; calling upon the wisdom of water; the Human Reunion Ceremonies; the witch hunts as the archetypal wounding of humanity and the healing power of indigenous lineages; the vibration of truth; re-telling the old stories to change the future; ending the deception of the war between men’s nation and women’s nation; re-membering and giving language to the sacred masculine.

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  • Posted on 11 Nov 2018


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