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06 Oct 2022

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Redefining the word "faggot" one podcast at a time! Mon-Wed-Fri podcast from Chicago IL.

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    Today, My Life begins...

    Today,after staying up all night because of illegal substances and drinking and too much xbox, I have made the decision to propose to my boyfriend. I want to make him my husband more than anything in the world, and I feel that I owe him everything I am for standing by me through all the bad times and the good.

    MJ has surpassed my expectations of what a man can be. He has sucked up his pride and stood by me and said that I was the best man in the world, when the world was spitting on me. MJ has smiled on my life when all I wanted too do was wake up and cry. MJ has made me feel beautiful every day when I felt as ugly as a toad. To say the least, MJ has changed my perspective on happiness.

    I have found my one true love and on this day I want to make it permanent. MJ, I give you my body, my heart, and my soul if you will have it. I love you with all my heart and always will, I hope you will accept my wish to share your life with me.


  • Posted on 03 May 2006

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    Ding! Dong! Your Livers Gone!

    Fucked up shit!

    Chinese Organ Hackers

  • Posted on 01 May 2006

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    Oh bitch I am cummin on you hard. From a mention on The Krebs Cycle Podcast y'all bitches should know my gay ass is gettin lubed up good for y'all. I am ready to work that shit and I hope you are too. Love you babies! WORK IT!!!

    PS. Look for a new show within the next 2 weeks. I plan on at least blogging every now and then to update on the status until then....


  • Posted on 30 Apr 2006

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    I have been having wierd dreams lately. I don't think they have been brought upon by drugs by I could be wrong. I dreamed I was making out with Oprah....yeah I know, talk about wierd. Am I supposed to have this wierd shit until I start back with my podcasting again.. I don' know.....

  • Posted on 25 Mar 2006

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    GHR Over and OUT!

    Gayborhood Radio is being exhausted. It has been a tremendous experience for me to start podcasting at the begining of all this mess and to meet so many wonderfull people. I have learned more about myself and through my emails and voicemails and archived content, I feel so great knowing that I have enriched peoples lives.

    At the height of GHR I made the iTunes top 100 list. One day I even beat out the FOX News podcast! This was and always will be a trophy to me.

    Podcasting helped release a lot of pain and anger and emotion I had pent up for a long time. Through a lot of my earlier "diary entries" I had the opportunity to openly discuss the abuse I went through as a child to the whole world. This was such a soul cleansing to me and if I did nothing else, it was worth all the money I spent to tell the world everything about me.

    I touched roughly an average of 1500-2000 people in my peak. Can you believe someone would want to listen to little old me. This is a wonderfull medium and I am so glad I could be arond for the "early times". I have made friends with people that are beyond compare and are some of the best humans on this earth.

    I love you all. GHR is dead, but I don't plan to be gone forever.


    PS. I got fired today from my job. I am so happy. My boss was such a dick. Never let someone tell you your not worth your weight in gold kiddos! smooches.....and kisses where it itches.

    PSS. Hurt and stink.

  • Posted on 04 Mar 2006


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