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19 May 2019

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Learn the right way to workout and get better results in less time! Master Trainer Kira Langolf shows the most effective exercises for weight loss and body sculpting. Workout dvd previews for All In One Workout DVDs for resistance band exercise, stability ball exercise, pregnancy fitness, weight loss and body tone.

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    Abdominal Stability Ball Roll In for a Flat Tummy!

    Target the lower abdominals with the Abdominal Stability Ball Roll In. You'll also tone and tighten the entire midsection with this stability ball ab exercise!

    Listen to podcast episode #201 of "Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape" on itunes for details on this exercise and more!

  • Posted on 16 Apr 2014

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    Video: Quickie Leg and Ab Sculpt with the Stability Ball

    In this video workout sequence of a Stability Ball Combo, you hit legs and abs quickly and effectively!

    This is one of my favorite leg shaping sequences from the DVD workout Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball (available at This 5 minute workout hits your hamstrings and abs using the stability ball. Leg curl works the hamstrings, and most people are weak in the hamstrings, which causes lower back and posture problems. If you workout at home, (and some gyms), you may not have access to a leg curl machine, making it all the more important to use this video!

    When doing the leg curl, you may have to do one rep, then stop and slowly build your strength to get consecutive reps. Done properly, it is a very challenging exercise!  The plank position targets the core, ie the abdominals and lower back muscles. You pretty much work everything form the neck down! The leg curl is supersetted with abdominal exercises. You get more done in less time! Efficient, effective workouts get you in shape faster than ever! Add this sequence to your routine 2-3 times a week for tighter legs and abs before summer!

    Additional info: This DVD workout Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball (available at is loaded with workout options! It includes "pre-mix" routines that combine the exercises in various combinations for unique workouts. Plus, you get a "Fit in 40" full body workout.  For more preview clips visit the All In One Workout DVD site and click on Stability Ball Exercise.

    See also the Fit Girl Guide Podcast for more topics!

    Download the video here. If you are subscribed to this podcast, the video should automatically download for you!

    Quickie Leg and Ab Sculpt with the Stability Ball Video Workout

  • Posted on 13 Mar 2014

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    Free Video download! Sculpt and tone workout routine for resistance bands!

    Free download! Check out the Fit Girl Guide recent episode to get your copy of a fantastic workout routine for resistance bands. Here's the link:

  • Posted on 20 Dec 2013

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    Reverse Lunge

    The Reverse lunge is a great exercise for the entire leg, as well as the abdominals and your metabolism.   Are you doing it correctly?  Listen to Fit Girl Guide Podcast episode Fit 185 for  more info!

    Common mistakes when doing the Reverse Lunge include: 
    • lifting of the front leg heel
    • using the rear leg too much
    • leaning forward 
    • poor posture

    Key points to focus on for a good Reverse Lunge:
    • Keep shoulders back and down for proper posture
    • Focus on the front leg, which is your working leg
    • Drag your rear leg, don't use it!
    • Move slowly
    • Keep the heel of the front leg pressed into the floor
    Watch the video:


  • Posted on 02 Oct 2013

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    Triceps Pressdown Sculpt Your Arms the Right Way!

    The Triceps Pressdown video below shows you the right way to do this arm sculpting exercise! Always keep your elbows back and stationary! A little stretch at top is ok, but don't go so far the elbows move. Squeeze your triceps at bottom, error on the slow side! Check out the wrong way to do Triceps Pressdowns in episode Fit 153. Use various handles to change up this exercise. It is by far one of the best triceps shaping exercises you can do!

    This video is also featured in episode Fit 184: Pressdowns, Actions, Myths Fit of "Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting in Shape."

    Download the video here: Triceps Pressdown Widgets

  • Posted on 27 Sep 2013


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