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20 May 2019

Hollow Hill Ghost Hunting Podcasts

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Fiona Broome's podcasts about ghosts, ghost hunting, and haunted places.

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    Ghosts of New Orleans' French Quarter

    This podcast is one of my earliest. I originally recorded it in October 2006, shortly after Hurricane Katrina. The following topics are part of this 20-minute recording.

    Hotel Monteleone appears to be a portal of some kind. (That's true of many French Quarter locations.) This hotel is unusual because people not only encounter the hotel's ghosts, they seem to connect with their own loved ones, as well.

    Jackson Square's vivid military history is just one reason why it's among New Orleans' most haunted areas.

    Pirates Alley is named after the ghost of pirate Jean Lafitte. He and his brothers - and perhaps other pirates - appear there, especially on foggy nights.

    Brennan's Restaurant is a popular, internationally famous restaurant. It's also the home of four ghosts. Two appear upstairs. Two appear downstairs.

    New Orleans is still among America's best places to encounter ghosts. Some areas of New Orleans are still in recovery, even in 2017 as I'm updating this. But, the French Quarter was barely touched by the hurricane and the flooding that followed.

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    New Orleans book: I mentioned this project in my podcast. However, my publisher and I were never able to agree on several important issues. So, I'm sorry to say that book wasn't completed and I don't expect to resume work on it.

    Glitches: The sound quality isn't very good, but - in 2006 - after two weeks of truly weird things happening to the recording, I decided to post it anyway.

    Then, in 2009, when we changed Hollow Hill's format and had to re-import all the files, this one file kept giving us problems. I'm not sure why, but it makes me wonder just what I said in the podcast that results in these weird glitches.

    Music by: Devin Anderson (I think he's now Devin Anderson Wiley)

  • Posted on 01 Dec 2017

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    Ghost Hunting without Equipment (2009 podcast)

    This is one of the first of my re-issued Hollow Hill podcasts.

    In this 16-minute podcast from November 2009, I talked about how to use your five (or six) senses to investigate haunted places, and I shared other ghost hunting tips.

    Some things have changed in the eight years since I recorded this. (Okay, a lot has changed, but the info in this podcast is still valid, with a few notable exceptions.)

    For example, as of 2017, the K-II isn't the only good EMF meter.

    In fact, right now (late 2017) I like the Ghost Meter better than the K-II. (Also, the Ghost Meter is about half as expensive as a K-II meter.) In "seance mode," the Ghost Meter been surprisingly accurate for yes/no responses.

    (That's one in a photo on the right. Mine has a clear case, not black. And yes, it does look far too much like an "as seen on TV" product. Despite that, it seems to work as a real-time communication device. I'd trust it far more than, say, a loosened flashlight/torch.)

    Also, the Ovilus is available again, and far more sophisticated than it was in 2009. As of 2017, I'm testing its accuracy in a variety of on-site and remote experiments. So far, I can confirm that the Ovilus III can work remotely, with about 30% accuracy.

    Other than that, most of this 2009 recording is still good information.

    Yes, I still experience frustration when people miss seeing apparitions and other ghostly phenomena. But, since 2009, I've learned to accept that some researchers are going to hyper-focus on their ghost hunting equipment... and miss real hauntings.

    Maybe this podcast will help.

    Here's the podcast:

    Ghost Hunting with No Tools (2009 podcast)

    First, I talked about the importance of looking around and listening. I described the kinds of evidence you might see and hear.

    Then, I shared an easy way to make your hands more sensitive to "cold spots" and exactly how to find them.

    I also described the best ways to use dowsing rods, and whether or not you should investigate "lights out" at indoor locations. (In most cases, there's not much reason to work in the dark, but there are exceptions.)

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    Podcast by: Fiona Broome, the founder of HollowHill.com
    Music: Zombie by Devin Anderson

  • Posted on 24 Nov 2017


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