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22 Jan 2017

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    Celebrity #Golf Match - Pair the Pros to their Mates!

    You watch McIlroy and Mickelson drive and chip; you cheer as birdies are made and boo as a three-footer for par is rimmed around the hole...

    Now, Golf for Beginners wants to see how well you know your favorite golf celebrities off the course. Sharing knowledge of current events will certainly liven up any lull in conversation while walking with your mates on the fairways and at the 19th hole.

    Match these golfers with his or her mate!

    We have selected several professional golfers for this game; how well do you know the spouses, fiancees and/or significant others of the below celebrity golfers?

    Note: You can click on the links to see the spouses immediately or take the challenge and wait until the end of the blog to see the answers:


    1. Phil Mickelson: This pairing should be easy! Married for over twenty years, the happy couple have been spotted on and off the course establishing  initiatives like Birdies for Brave.

    2. Rory McIlroy - : This top professional European and PGA Tour golfer recently announced nuptials, hoping for a 2017 fairy tale wedding in a castle in Ireland.

    3. Stewart Cink – Draws inspiration from his wife who is bravely fighting a breast cancer battle. We support her fight and wish her a speedy recovery.

    4. Dustin Johnson - For "All the Single Ladies" here is DJ's lady, summing up her life with the 2016 U.S. Open winner in this Instagram video.

      5. Sergio Garcia - You have to love social media - Twitter is how Garcia announced his recent engagement. Maybe Sergio's battle with a Major will be over with a new an improved, calm and carefree attitude.

    WIVES and/or SIGNIFICANT OTHERS - NOT in correct order.

    Think you know them all? Answers in golf, no cheating!

    On a score of 1 to 5, how well did you do? Let us know below in the comments section of this Golf for Beginners blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

    photos: Wikipedia


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  • Posted on 19 Jan 2017

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    Tips to Improve Consistency in Your #Golf Game

    I recently came across a Golf Digest post, "2017 New Year's resolutions for five of golf's brightest stars", from Dustin Johnson to Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth. These resolutions were not made by the golfer but more of a cynical look at what these pros will have to do to maintain their status on the PGA Tour.

    The blog noted that DJ will have to be "more consistent on Saturdays and Sundays." After this week's year-opening SBS Tournament of Champions at Kapalua Resort. a sixth place finish for Dustin Johnson shows that he is on track for another great year.

    Consistency is something that professional golfers need durig four rounds each week; for the average golfer, we only have to keep it together for eighteen holes, maybe once per week.

    How do you stay consistent during eighteen holes of golf? Consistency is meant for all areas of your golf game, from consistent ball contact to a more consistent golf swing. Playing with consistency throughout your round...dependably, probably the most important fundamental in golf.

    Here are a few tips to help you gain consistency from tee to green in 2017:

    1. Stretching and Fitness: You can't get around it; you have to be fit for golf. Walking eighteen holes is a terrific way to stay in shape but you have to be able to do it without feeling tired or the walk will sap your energy and cause you to swing erratically.

    Stretching just five minutes before a round of golf should be mandatory; your muscles will loosen up, your breathing will improve and you be prepared to swing the club with ease.

    Exercising the correct muscles will help you gain a repeatable golf swing. Here are a few targeted golf exercises to help your upper body get fit for the new season.

    2. Shorten your backswing: Chances are you believe your golf club is parallel to the ground in your backswing but you are probably over-swinging ...most amateurs resemble John Daly and don't even realize it!

    Next time you are on the driving range, have someone record your swing. If the swing is too long, it's more difficult to get the club back to the ball, arms may not stay together, rotation gets out of whack.

    Snyper @ compares golf to tech, "The more things that move, the more things that can break." Well said; the more moving parts, the more chances your arms, elbowsand shoulders will not stay connected. Take the club back seventy percent and also slow down the speed of your backswing, which leads me to the next tip on gaining consistency for the golf season.

    3. Tempo: Research by John Novosel has proven that "the backswing takes three times as long as the downswing." Another way to improve your tempo and consistency?

    Rob Akins in Golf Digest article suggests three-word golf swing takeaways with one word at impact...FINISH. These great sayings, like "low and slow" for driving consistency, work in the subconscious mind to improve your tempo, stop you from hitting fat or thin and improve the overall reliability of your golf swing.

    4. Routine: Having a pre-shot routine will stop you from thinking too much about where to place the ball, where to stand, etc., and you will, instead, spend your time visualizing where you want the golf ball to go.

    Know what happens when you feel confident? Your score, and handicap, begin to drop and you can't wait to get out onto the first tee with your mates and your reliable insert golf phrase here ( game, golf swing, putting)!

    Share some tips that you use to improve consistency in the comments section of our golf blog below and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

    photo: wikimedia
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  • Posted on 11 Jan 2017

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    How to Choose Your New Year's Golf Equipment

    Rory McIlroy has decided not to commit to a golf equipment company for the 2017 golf season. The freedom to "have a little look around" is easy to do if you are one of the top golfers in the world but, how do you decide which golf clubs are right for you if you are an amateur player itching for a new adjustable driver, wedge or putter?

    Golf Clubs and ball
    Testing golf clubs to find the one that suits you can be an ordeal; professionals live in an entirely different world as golf clubs are mixed, matched and custom-fitted for each players' swing from changing lofts on clubheads to switching out top-of-the-line shafts for their swing speeds.

    No endorsements for the average player means we have to take a different route to get to the right clubs for our golf game!

    How does the average consumer choose the best golf clubs for his or her amateur status? Here are a few tips compiled by Golf for Beginners to get you off to a good start so that you are game ready for the new year!

    1. Demo Days: It is always a good idea to try golf clubs before you hone in on a brand you are comfortable with; demo days at your local driving range and/or course allow you to hit different clubs in a compatible setting. Pick up several different brands and experiment with loft, clubheads and more - a blade might feel better at point of impact than a hybrid.

    1. Custom Club Fitting: No matter which golf club you decide upon, you need to be properly measured before leaving the store with that brand new Callaway driver or set of Ping irons.

    One size does NOT fit all! Get measured for:

    a.  Lie
    b.  Length
    c.  Swing speed (flex of the shaft).

    2. Grip it...then rip it! Grip size and comfort is as important as the golf club you are swinging so make sure it fits just right in your hands.

    3. Golf Ball - just as important as the club. Do you need more distance? Do you need more feel and want a softer impact? Don't forget to get fitted to the correct golf ball for your swing speed.

    4. Shoes are part of your equipment! Where you may think that all you need is the right golf club, whether or not you walk nine or eighteen holes, the shoes make all the difference so make comfort your top priority.

    a. Size Does Matter! Footjoy states that "more than 70% of people are wearing the wrong size." Too narrow or too wide and your feet could be swimming or crumbled up for four hours (or more) of torture forcing you to concentrate on the wrong part of your game.

    What golf tips can you add to this golf blog? Feel free to comment in the section below and tag @Golf4Beginners on Twitter with your tips!

    photo: wikipedia

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  • Posted on 04 Jan 2017

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    Social Media Golf Celebrities and their Impact on Golf

    Do you follow Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson...Paige Spiranac... on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook? If so you are not alone as followers are in the millions for these golfers. Is it because of how they play or what they say?

    From professional golfers becoming popular via contentious tweets to phenom beauties making a name for themselves on Instagram, the impact golfers have on social media has been an enormous game changer.

    Advertisers are jumping on board the social media express, tying into the celebrity to get their product noticed; the monetization value of a single tweet from Tiger Woods was calculated at $33,911 while a single McIlroy tweet was $16,161 with Ian Poulter valued at $11,982. So, the next time you are reading posts from your favorite golfer, think about the subliminal impact it is having on you.

    Golf, the once exclusive pastime for the rich and famous, has gone mainstream but has it abandoned its core values to gain visibility and does it now have to right the ship?

    Listed below are a few Social Golf moments to consider: do you think, overall, that social media has helped or hurt the game using these examples? 

    1. There are different levels of enjoyment within the game of golf for the fan, from watching great tournament shots to learning about the new equipment from Ping, TaylorMade and Titleist and looking for the upcoming great stars who can be "the next Tiger Woods". Instagram has helped launch the career of Paige Spiranac much like the way Justin Bieber was found on A million social media fans have catapulted this good golfer into the Dubai Ladies Masters despite not officially qualifying for LPGA or LET status.

    One of the top female golfers and 4th in the Rolex Rankings, Shanshan Feng has only 933 Instagram followers (2,556 Twitter followers) compared with the 1 + million (884,000 Instagram) Spiranac followers. Although Feng lets her sticks do the talking on the golf course, she needs to gain similar influence or she may be watching from the sidelines over time as others line their pockets via the power of well-placed photos and tweets. Global publicity for the LET and LPGA increases purses and the internet has been chosen as the delivery vehicle.

    Happy holidays! Ready for gifts🎅🏻🎄🎁 #merryxmas
    — Shanshan Feng (@shanshanfengCHN) December 24, 2016

    2. Did we really need to know that? Is it interesting to you to know what a golfer had for breakfast and/or do we really need to see guys like Jordan Spieth or Rickie Fowler hamming it up, shirtless on vacation?

    Thousands upon thousands of fans follow the top guys in golf (Spieth has 1.71 million followers) which is also great for his sponsors who help strategically place their equipment in threads and posts; Titleist ProV1x and Under Armour. The tweet below for the Titleist ProV1 golf ball received 294 retweets and over 2,000 likes:
    First week with the new 2017 @Titleist ProV1x was a success. No surprise it's the #1ballingolf
    — Jordan Spieth (@JordanSpieth) November 30, 2016
    Have you tried these any of these golf brands because of a post tweeted from a famous golfer? If so, you are not alone. Advertisers, who once saw results in a TV commercial during a round of golf, are finding that well-placed posts and online videos are equally effective, using brand ambassadors to relate to consumers. It's easy and cost effective to get the message out using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and, you get a lot more bank for your buck.

    What may be a boon to advertisers may also hurt them as we can also "read" the thoughts of golfers when they are at odds with the game. One very candid, prominent social golfer, Ian Poulter, lets fans know when they (or the system) are out of bounds but this type of power can also be dangerous.

    For example, after calling Ian Poulter an unfavorable "name" on Facebook, an average-joe deliveryman was the recipient of one of Poulter's effective posts causing the man's place of business to apologize to Poulter and to re-rout the driver to a different office. Ian Poulter nearly cost a man his job; it's easy to get attention when you have over two-million followers and the power of social media in your corner. He is heard, seen and can get someone fired with words as he has previously done.

    Although the man was clearly wrong costing Poulter his shot to land in the drink, Poulter, who makes millions each year, could have cost this worker his in the social sphere? 

    Lesson what you say and to whom you say it on social media.

    3. Good can come of it! Golf social media celebs can also make a positive impact on the game. Many players post about their favorite causes, foundations and those of the PGA Tour, bringing great visibility and more donations to help others in need.

    My pop would be proud of how the #heroworldchallenge has grown. We’ve raised more than $26M for youth programs. –TW
    — Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) December 1, 2016

    Do you think professional players' social media impact on golf has been positive? State your case in our golf blog comments section below and tag/follow us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

    Golf for Beginners wishes all of our friends and followers a very Happy New Year.
    Thanks for reading our blogs; we look forward to your thoughts, shares and retweets for 2017.
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  • Posted on 28 Dec 2016

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    #Christmas #Golf Poem Scores a Hole-in-One

    Golf for Beginners wishes all of our readers a Very, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year. In the spirit of the season, Stacy Solomon has written this poem, "Does Santa Claus Play Golf?" for your enjoyment.

    A man and his sleigh ride quietly in the night,
    Hoping toys are delivered before first light.
    Why is it so important to finish his work tonight?
    Because Santa Claus is catching an early flight.

    An untold story is that Kris Kringle plays an outdoor sport,
    Dusts off his clubs, heads for a resort.
    Off to warm destination leaving family behind,
    For a week of rest, rejuvenation and feet reclined.

    He packs his sunglasses, aloha shirts and flip flops,
    Off go the red hat, red outfit and props.
    Santa is now ready to fly in disguise,
    He kisses his wife and says his goodbyes.

    Next stop, warm weather, three courses to play,
    He hopes that his ho-ho-ho won't go away.
    The fairways are tight, the greens undulating and small,
    So Santa has practiced his best Villegas Spiderman crawl.

    First off the tee and with a big swing,
    His ball finds the fairway, his drive is amazing!
    His GPS, received as gift from his wife,
    Gets Santa out of trouble-this is indeed the good life.

    Claus plays his first round making par,
    He thinks he could be the next Myrtle Beach Big Break Star!
    He heads to 19th hole with scorecard signed,
    And proudly asks bartender to pour - he finished his grind.

    Thinking forward to two more days of play,
    Santa is happily sipping away.
    Planning his strategy for his next two rounds,
    Dreaming of sunshine and background surf sounds.

    But what should awaken Santa from his mirth?
    His alarm clock is ringing, he's brought back to earth.
    Gone is the sun, sand, vacation and play,
    It was just a dream, a moment away.

    It's back to the drudge and starting work for next year,
    Perhaps someone will give Santa a gift of good cheer.
    Is it too much to ask for, a vacation, golf travel,
    For the merry man who gifts toys for kids to unravel?

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  • Posted on 20 Dec 2016


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