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23 Mar 2019

Hospital Records Podcast

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Hospital Records’ award-winning podcast, hosted by London Elektricity, with occasional guest takeovers from the Hospital and Med School roster. Bringing you the freshest music the drum & bass and jungle scene has to offer.

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    Hospital Podcast 385 with London Elektricity

    We’ve got a treat in-store for you this week, brand new music from A.Fruit, S.P.Y, Whiney, Keeno & Polaris along with a bunch of fresh music from the Drum & Bass world!

    S.P.Y ‘See Your Face Again’
    Electrosoul System ‘Quest’
    Camo & Krooked ‘Atlas’
    Mampi Swift ‘Victory’
    HLZ & MC Fats ‘Mystery Sound’
    Particle ‘Tape Pack Flex’
    InMost x Saikon ‘Untold History’
    A.Fruit ‘Please, Arrive’
    Logistics ‘Levitate’
    Hybris ‘Arbil Barbio’
    DJ Limited ‘The Jaguar’
    Mitekiss ‘Lie Awake (ft. Degs)’
    Koherent & Ill Truth ‘Samsara’
    Whiney & Keeno ‘Spheres (ft. Pippa Violets) (Polaris Remix)’
    Subminimal ‘Restricted’

  • Posted on 12 Mar 2019

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    Hospital Podcast 384 with London Elektricity

    Tune in this week as we celebrate the release of A.fruit's 'Obsession' EP, and continue to plow through the 'Sick Music 2019' compilation, 60 mins of non-stop goodness from London Elektricity, have a wonderful week!

    Ken Nordine 'Beige'
    A.Fruit 'Secret Trick'
    Krakota 'Reload'
    Method One 'Kontroller'
    S.P.Y 'Runaway Dub'
    Ken Nordine 'Blue'
    Liz-E 'Slap'
    Cesco 'Drones'
    Brain & Wave 'Percussions
    Inja x Whiney 'Be My Cure'
    Zephire 'Desperation (Primate Remix)'
    Walkr 'Solis'
    A.Fruit 'Music Lasts Forever'
    Ken Nordine 'Sepia'
    Septic Cycle 'Subot'
    Pete Cannon 'Ella'

  • Posted on 26 Feb 2019

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    Hospital Podcast 383 with London Elektricity

    London Elektricity is back again, hot off the back of the sell out Printworks show, featuring the hottest music from the promo inbox, along with brand new music from Med School's forthcoming A.Fruit 'Obsession' EP, plus a bunch of cuts from the nearly sold out Sick Music 2019...

    A.Fruit 'Bright Spot'
    Silent Dust & Dominic Ridgway 'Don't Think'
    Anile 'Allergens (Bop Remix)'
    Dharma Kaya 'Eclectic'
    Grafix 'Frozen'
    Gridlok 'Blush'
    Lucy Grimble 'Keeper (Influxx Remix)'
    Natural Forces 'Bloodline'
    Fanu 'Drums for Freedom'
    MRSA 'Nail Out'
    Dkay & DJ Lee 'Raged'
    S.P.Y (ft. Diane Charlemagne) 'Dusty Fingers (Metrik Remix)'
    Abstract Elements 'Why?'
    Akuratyde & Bop 'Passengers'
    Bou x Unglued 'Ascendant Man'
    Giganti 'Rico Law'
    Nuff Pedals 'Drive By'

  • Posted on 12 Feb 2019

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    Hospital Podcast 382 with London Elektricity

    London Elektricity is back, hot off his AU/NZ tour - bringing you a huge selection of tracks from the Sick Music 2019 compilation which dropped on Friday, a brand new exclusive Med School premiere, and the usual dose of D&B promo's...

    London Elektricity 'Funkopolis'
    Flava D 'Return To Me'
    Culture Shock 'Take Control'
    Total Science, Digital & Spirit 'Cookie Monster'
    Klute 'Take a Breath VIP'
    Degs (ft. DeTune) 'Poveglia (Whiney Remix)'
    John Holt 'Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)'
    BCee 'Shouting About Nothing'
    Muffler 'November'
    Lakeway 'War Dub'
    Makoto x Hugh Hardie 'Bluebird'
    Gridlok 'It's Not Techno'
    Serum 'Mixed Grill'
    Phentix 'Satori'
    Agzilla 'Tripping Over Laces'
    A.Fruit 'Obsession'

  • Posted on 29 Jan 2019

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    Hospital Democast (Jan 2019)

    We kick off the 2019 podcast campaign with a ram packed Democast. Chris Dexta has gone through the overflowing demo inbox, and hand picked a selection of your own creations! Watch out for these names, they may be the next big thing!

    Kije 'Horizon'
    Nichenka Zoryana 'Integral'
    BorkerBrothers (ft. Mxsfytvylle) 'Sirens & Bass'
    Obsessive Loop 'Summer Madness (Bootleg)'
    Nuo 'Sittinginthedarkness'
    Retract 'Too Late'
    Kubatko (ft. UZA & Jo Joonghyun) 'Yeonnam'
    Shoyos 'Heaven (Duoscience VIP)'
    Mosaic 'Classified'
    Merovingian 'Minimal'
    Noh Vae '700mph'
    Sikka 'Take That Place'
    Phonetix (ft. Brendan Mills) 'Blue Step'

  • Posted on 15 Jan 2019


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