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20 May 2019

Hostile Work Place Podcast, by Undercover

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For anyone who works in a hostile or harassing work environment, who faces age discrimination, a bully boss, or who just wants to know more about their workplace rights.

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    Episode #14: Steps Toward Workplace Civility Law & Qualifying for Disability Benefits

    In this episode we review two recent cases, both of which point toward the federal courts gradual expansion of discrimination law, inching closer to requiring civility in the workplace. We also have a highly informative interview with Brian Therrien of Disability Digest about qualifying for disability benefits, and the differences between short term, long term, and social security disability. I learned a lot just from interviewing Brian, and I know you'll find this to be one of our most informative interviews yet.

  • Posted on 25 Jan 2010

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    Episode #13: How to Never Give Up and Never Be Alone, an Interview with Our Forum Den Mother, Lulu

    Episode 13 features an interview with our forum Den Mother and bully boss fighter, Lulu.  Lulu joined our forum feeling alone and confused about how her long stellar career could start crumbling when a much younger manager took over the department where Lulu worked. 

    Over a year later Lulu is still fighting through trials, but now after learning her rights she feels empowered and more in control.  Make no mistake, Lulu does not have an easy life.  But listen to her tell her story on this podcast and you will detect a calm confidence in Lulu that makes her a source of inspiration and comfort in the Employment Law Academy.

    Remember last episode when we introduced The Undercover HR Person, Mary, to help our community members with responding to a bullying bosses and H.R. Departments?  So many people contacted her for help that now there is a waiting line.  If you'd like to check to see if she's had any cancellations you can contact her at:

    Quick Tip Contact Info:

  • Posted on 16 Dec 2009

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    Episode #12: Bully Boss Survivor Marilyn Veincentotzs

    Episode 12 features an interview with Bully Boss survivor turned author Marilyn Veincentotzs.  Marilyn, who also goes by "Dr. Vee", learned from "Work Laws Exposed" how to fight back against a bullying boss.  Then she helped a good friend do the same thing.  Then she took her expertise in organizational psychology and wrote a book, "How Organizations Empower Bully Bosses: A criminal in the workplace."

    In Episode 12 we also introduce a fantastic new resource for people who need help with responding to a bullying boss: The Undercover HR Person!  That's right, our forum stalwart and HR expert, "OnYourSide", is actually named Mary, and Mary is now available to help you with workplace issues too.  If you want help composing a letter to your boss, filing out a complaint form, preparing a timeline to use when meeting with HR, or completeing FMLA forms -- then Mary is the perfect resource for you.

    You can contact Mary here:

    You learn more about Marilyn Veincentotzs here:

    Quick Tip Contact Info:

  • Posted on 30 Nov 2009

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    Episode #11: Bullying Expert Dr. Ben Leichtling

    In this episode of the Hostile Workplace Podcast we are very pleased to feature an interview with Dr. Ben Leichtling, who has written a book and published a DVD set on living bully free in all aspects of life, including work.

    Dr. Leichtling was so generous with his time that we couldn't fit all of his helpful insights and ideas into the podcast, but it was simply too good "to leave on the cutting room floor".

    So even more of this interview is available on the Members-Only Forum, which is just $1 for the first month (and no further obligation).  You can join the Member Forum here:

    The Quick Tip a site where you can rate your boss, and check to see if you potential new boss has been rated by his or her employees.  The site is:

    Find even more helpful info from Dr. Leichtling at his site:

  • Posted on 20 Sep 2009

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    Episode #10: Some Bully Bosses Forbid Bathroom Breaks?!

    Main Segment

    In the Main Segment of Episode #10 we tackle the issue of "Bully Bosses Who Forbid Bathroom Breaks."  This craziness happens much more frequently than you may think.  Can you guess who the primary victims are?

    #1 Spanish radio station in Miami

    The radio show I mention during the show is 98.3.  My thanks to Frank, the Undercover Lawyer community member from Miami who got the book and called in to 98.3 to talk about it.  Thanks Frank!

    All Spanish UCL Site Now Launched:

    New Segment -- The Q & A:

    We also debut a new segment in Episode #10, the Q&A.  In you have a legal question about work that you think other listeners would be interested in, send it to me at:  Better still, ask the question in you own voice by using the comment line: (360) 450-5750.  Call in, leave your question, and you may hear your voice on the next episode of the podcast!

    The Quick Tip:

    This week's Quick Tip is about safe internet surfing at work.  The resources discussed are these:


  • Posted on 13 Aug 2009


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