HOUSE OF PUNTE: An NFL Humor PodcastAuthor: Josh Zerkle and Friends
19 May 2019

HOUSE OF PUNTE: An NFL Humor Podcast

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An NFL humor podcast delivered weekly, with interviews, news, opinions and mature humor. Listener discretion is advised.

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    Kickoff Express '18: The Great Brown Hope + Week 3 Forecast ATS

    Welcome back to America's NFL Pre-Pre-Game Show. It's Kickoff Express.

    Today on the show:The Great Brown Hope Debuts In Cleveland.

    We check in with Tony Romo on his second job.

    Picks for almost every game in Week 3. 

  • Posted on 21 Sep 2018

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    The Kickoff Express Radio Hour

    New show, same great taste!

  • Posted on 05 Jan 2017

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    Stephanie Stradley (Texans Chick)

    Aaron debuts a new segment, currently untitled. Amber does the news. Stephanie gives us the lowdown on how Houston is celebrating the Texans' first-ever division title. We discuss the value of Wade Phillips' penis to modern society, and wonder whether or not the Texans have  a chance at winning the Super Bowl. Recorded 14 December 2011 with Amber Jones and Aaron Merrill. 66 minutes. Episode 103.

  • Posted on 22 Dec 2011

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    Tom Holzerman (The Wrestling Blog, Outside The Squared Circle)

    Tom Holzerman (The Wrestling Blog, The Wrestling Podcast, Outside The Squared Circle) joins me and Shakey for this week’s podcast. We cover the hottest NFL news this week and we break down the “Would You?” with the woman that was caught having sex in Ralph Wilson Stadium, as well as a woman that was teaching Bible school when she accosted a 13-year old boy. Tom discusses the effects that Hulkamania might have had on professional football, whether or not NFL players celebrate first downs too much, the perils of cruise vacations, being a new father, and the essence of raw conflict. Check out Tom’s new general-interest podcast, Outside The Square Circle, Recorded December 7, 2011 with Shakey. 63 minutes. Episode No. 102.

  • Posted on 08 Dec 2011

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    Daniel Victor (Pro Publica), Jack Pierce (@2Yellows)

    The scandal that continues to unfold at Penn State is unlike any other event in the history of sports. Josh and the crew give this ongoing saga some attention after hitting the requisite news of the day, joined by a former SID officer (Pierce) and alumnus of the school (Victor). The pair participate in a serious discussion of what should happen to the university, only to get a taste of that as the show draws to a close.

  • Posted on 10 Nov 2011


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