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16 Jan 2019

Index Fund Advisors - Podcast

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Index Fund Advisors (IFA) is an independent financial advisor that provides wealth management by utilizing risk-appropriate, returns-optimized, and tax-managed portfolios of index funds. provides webcasts explaining the investing strategies of and Mark Hebner's book, Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors, with Foreword by Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz. See hard cover here: and iBook here:

  • Watch - Investing: The Evidence - Part Three - Show 295

    Sometimes referred to as smart, strategic, or alternative beater; factor investing is based on the multi-factor model developed by two American academics: Eugene Fama and Kenneth French.

  • Posted on 28 Nov 2018

  • Watch - Investing: The Evidence - Part Two - Show 294

    One of the biggest developments in the investment industry in recent years has been the growing popularity of passive investing.

  • Posted on 21 Nov 2018

  • Watch - Investing: The Evidence - Part One - Show 293

    We all need to invest. Nobody knows what the future holds, but a typical lifetime includes some pretty expensive events.

  • Posted on 15 Nov 2018

  • Watch - Is It Getting Harder to Outperform? - Show 292

    It's widely known, at least in the investing industry, that active managers have had a difficult few years.

  • Posted on 08 Nov 2018

  • Watch - Asset Class Returns - Show 291

    Mark Hebner talks about the wide range of year-to-date returns among the 15 asset classes used in IFA Index Portfolios.

  • Posted on 30 Oct 2018


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