Inquire Within PodcastAuthor: Darren Main
20 Jul 2019

Inquire Within Podcast

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Hear interviews with some of the leading voices in modern spirituality, holistic healing, progressive politics and musicians who are changing the shape of music with their songs.

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    Gay Men Finding Intimacy with Finn Deerhart

    In spite of greater political equality in recent decades, many gay men still struggle to find deep connections with other gay men.  Finn Deerhart began his career as a conservative Christian minister only to realize that he was living in denial. Ultimately, he let go of his body shame and started a new career helping gay men to celebrate their sexuality.  In this episode, Finn talks about ways in which gay men can deepen their connection to each other and ultimately to something powerful within themselves.


    Finn Deerhart’s Website

  • Posted on 25 May 2019

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    Yoga and Islam

    About 3.5 million Americans and nearly 2 billion people worldwide identify as Muslim. How can Muslims benefit from yoga? Is yoga a complement to or in conflict with Islam? What can the broader yoga community do to make the yoga space more welcoming to Muslims? In this podcast, Sameera Qureshi—a prominent Muslim yoga teacher will address these many other questions.

    About Sameera
    Sameera Qureshi is a Muslim yoga teacher and prevention specialist based in the Washington, D.C area. She is the Director of Education and Training for a national nonprofit that empowers Muslim communities to prevent sexual violence. Sameera is passionate about infusing Islamic spirituality into evidence-based programs for her work in the violence-prevention field and within her role as a yoga teacher.

  • Posted on 08 Mar 2019

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    Holistic Fitness with Zach Taylor

    Getting and staying in shape can be hard.  In this episode, personal trainer, Zach Taylor talks abound a more holistic approach to resistance training that can complement practices like yoga.

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    Zach at Fitness SF

  • Posted on 01 Jan 2019

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    A conversation with Mariko Hirakawa

    A conversation with, yoga teacher, author and Ayurvedic practitioner  Mariko Hirakawa.  In this episode Mariko talks about her inspiring journey and her new book, The Yoga of Personal Development: Enlightened Lessons on Peak Performance, Leadership and Living A Life of No Regrets


    Mariko's Website

    Purchase: The Yoga of Personal Development: Enlightened Lessons on Peak Performance, Leadership and Living A Life of No Regrets



  • Posted on 30 Apr 2018

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    The Wall of Song

    Wall of Song is a collaborative singing video work that invites people from all different backgrounds, beliefs, political affiliations, orientations and countries of origins—no matter their ability to carry a tune—to record themselves singing along to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. In this time of great unknowing, uncertainty and division, this is a wall that brings us together.


    The Wall of Song iOS App

  • Posted on 23 Jan 2018


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