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21 Feb 2019

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A blog and podcast about learning disabilities and kids struggling in school. Topics include dyslexia, ADHD, autism, asperger's, reading, legal issues, dealing with schools, IEP's, therapies and more.

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    It’s A Miracle- We’re Back!!!

    After a long hiatus, I’m bringing the LD Podcast back!

    I’ve gotten a bunch of great and supportive emails from folks, letting me know they miss the show. And now that my book is finished, it’s time to dust off the microphones and hit Reboot!

    While I can definitely say some tech problems helped delay our comeback, including an upgrade to Windows 7 and incompatible drivers essentially meaning I had to transfer all my files and gear over to my Mac, we’re back in the saddle again!

    During the time off, the boys are further along in school, and I was asked by Jossey Bass to write a book. Together with Jenifer Fox, we’ve written The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists, a book that helps teachers figure out ho to help differentiate instruction and personalize learning for all kids in the classroom. In addition to the book, we’ve put together a website on differentiation over at www.differentiatedinstruction.co, and we’d love to have you check it out!

    This show willgive you the update on what’s been happening, and we’ll have my interview with Anne Ford and her great new book, A Special Mother, next week!

    Thanks again for all your support and sorry for the extended holiday. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to never overlook your community.

    Feel free to also connect with me on social networks- @ldpodcast on Twitter, and Whitney Hoffman on Facebook!

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  • Posted on 18 Mar 2011

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    Dale Brown, Part III

    Apparently, there was some problem with the order of the shows and the feed, so I am reposting this episode, Dale Brown, Part III. Sorry for the shows being out of order. I blame the summer.

    Click here to listen to Dale Brown, Part III

  • Posted on 21 Jul 2009

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    Dr. Richard Selznick- the Shut Down Learner

    The next few shows will feature an interview I did with Richard Selznick PhD. Dr. Selznick is a psychologist and head of the Cooper University Learning Center in New Jersey, and has written a great new book entitled "The Shut-Down Learner". The Shut-Down Learner deals with the middle-school/early highschool aged kids who begin to turn off from school. They start to feel beaten down by the system, and are no longer fully engaged by school. As a result, these kids can easily become behavior problems or potential drop-outs, as they cease to find school worth their time and effort.

    In the first part of our interview, we discuss how parents first come to see someone like Dr. Selznick. We discuss how much Moms tend to be the person who first thinks help is needed, and the Wheel of Professionals who each see the child through their own lens and perspective, but only the people at the hub of the wheel can see the whole child. We also discuss what a shut-down learner looks like, and that it's often an accumulation of many years of tension, anxiety and failures that tend to catch up with a child as they progress through school. Dr. Selznick sees lots of families in distress because of the constant battles about homework and school issues, with the underlying tension being caused by a child's learning disability and misunderstanding the cause of the problems.

    Click here to listen to Dr Richard Selznick- the Shut Down Learner, Part I

  • Posted on 13 Jul 2009

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    Dale Brown- growing up LD Part II

    Dale Brown is the former director of LD Online, and helped found the self-help movement for people with learning disabilities.

    In this show, we talk about how important it is for people to be able to tell others about their learning issues, both to seek help, and to help other people understand where they struggle, so people don't make false assumptions about what people may be doing to compensate for their own processing issues. We talk about trying to help people find ways to help themselves, and how to use these successes to help others.

    We also talk about contextual learning, and how hard it is to judge how hard other people are working- and how hard these criticisms can be for kids.

    Next time, we'll finish up with our interview with Dale, talking about LD Online, changes in the LD community, and how we need to start supporting the resources we can take for granted, because without support, they will start to disappear.

    Click here to listen to Part II, Dale Brown

  • Posted on 13 Jul 2009

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    Dale Brown- Self Help for Learning Disabilities

    When Dale Brown was young, she struggled in school. This was long before the term learning disabilities became common. She did what she could to get along, but she often found the way her mind worked and the way she perceived things got in the way.

    In this three part series, Dale will tell us what it was like for her, to grow up with learning disabilities long before they were as widely recognized and understood; Starting the self help movement for people with learning disabilities, and working as the director for LD Online, the largest LD website online.

    Click here to listen to Part 1, Dale Brown- Growing up LD

  • Posted on 12 Jun 2009


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