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16 Jan 2022

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Learn Japanese Pod is a podcast to help you speak natural fluent Japanese

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    Fun Friday 19: Japanese Buzzwords of 2021

    In this Fun Friday edition of the podcast, Andy and Alex sit down to talk about the Japanese buzzwords influenced by the major trends in Japan during 2021.
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  • Posted on 30 Dec 2021

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    Fun Friday 18: Our favorite Anime

    In this Fun Friday edition of the podcast, Ami and I talk about some of our favorite Anime, the latest and most popular releases and some old classics that are famous in Japan but not so well known abroad.
    We are certainly not Anime experts and we couldn’t properly cover all the major Anime even if we wanted to! We simply talk about the Anime we happen to know and love. Enjoy!
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  • Posted on 08 Oct 2021

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    Podcast 39: Calling an ambulance in Japanese

    In this podcast Ami Sensei and Alex teach you useful phrases for calling an ambulance and talking to emergency services during a medical emergency.
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  • Posted on 03 Oct 2021

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    Podcast 39: Just the Dialogues

    In this lesson you will learn how to call for an ambulance during a medical emergency. You’ll also learn related phrases for describing people’s physical condition including injuries and illness.

    Main Dialog 1 – Calling an ambulance (Japanese)
    A: 119番の消防ですが 火事ですか、救急ですか?
    B: 救急です。
    A: 救急ですね。住所を教えてください。
    B: 東京都渋谷区渋谷1丁目12-13。郵便局の前です。 A: 怪我ですか病気ですか
    B: 病気です。人が倒れています。
    A: わかりました。あと5分ほどで救急車が到着します。
    Main Dialog 1 – Calling an ambulance (Pronunciation)
    A: Hyaku juu kyuu ban no shōbō desu ga, kaji desu ka, kyuukyuu desu ka?
    B: Kyuukyuu desu.
    A: Kyuukyuu desu ne. Juusho o oshiete kudasai.
    B: Tōkyō to, Shibuya Ku, icchōme no juuni no juusan. Yuubinkyoku no mae desu. A: Kega desu ka, byōki desu ka.
    B: Byōki desu. Hito ga taorete imasu.
    A: Wakarimashita. Ato gofun hodo de kyuukyuusha ga tōchaku shimasu.
    Main Dialog 1 – Calling an ambulance (English)
    A: This is 119, Fire Department. Is it fire or a medical emergency? B: Medical emergency.
    A: Medical emergency. Please tell me your address.
    B: Tokyo city, Shibuya ward, district 1-12-13
    A: Is this an injury or illness?
    B: Illness. The person has collapsed.
    A: Understood. The ambulance should arrive in about 5 minutes.

    Extra phrases for medical emergencies
    Here are some extra phrases you might find useful during a medical emergency.
    If you want to ask someone to call an ambulance for you, you can use the following phrase:
    Sumimasen, Kyuukyuusha o yonde kudasai.
    Excuse me, please call an ambulance.
    It’s common for the emergency services to ask you for your details including your name. For example:
    Onamae o oshiete kudasai
    What’s your name?
    And you can reply with your name followed by “…desu” like this:
    Jon sumisu desu
    I’m Jon Smith
    You might then want to explain what’s happened by using the following phrases:
    Byōnin ga imasu
    There’s a sick person

    Kega o shita hito ga imasu
    There’s an injured person.
    If there’s been a traffic accident you can say:
    Kōtsuu jiko desu
    There’s been a traffic accident
    Here are some other phrases that describe someone’s medical condition. You can use these to talk about yourself or someone else:
    Kokyuu ga kurushii desu
    (Someone is having) difficulty breathing
    Mune ga kurushii
    (Someone has) a tight or painful chest
    Ishiki fumei desu
    (Someone is) unconscious
    Shukketsu desu
    (Someone is) bleeding.

  • Posted on 03 Oct 2021

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    Podcast 39: Notes

    These are the PDF show notes for the Learn Japanese Pod podcast episode 39 “Calling an ambulance in Japanese”.
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  • Posted on 03 Oct 2021


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