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27 Feb 2021

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Learn Japanese Pod is a podcast to help you speak natural fluent Japanese

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    Fun Friday 15: Interview with Niko from NativShark

    In this episode, I interview Niko from NativShark, a comprehensive Japanese language learning app.
    In this episode we talked about Niko’s journey to becoming fluent in Japanese, why a lot of Japanese study materials suck and the art of making flash cards and other topics.
    If you are interested in trying out the NativShark app for yourself check out this link for a free 2 week trial.
    NativShark Free Trial
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  • Posted on 12 Feb 2021

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    Podcast 35: Motivational Japanese Phrases

    In this podcast, Ami Sensei and Alex teach you useful motivational phrases in Japanese.
    For more Japanese language learning podcasts visit Learn Japanese Pod

  • Posted on 28 Jan 2021

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    Podcast 35: Just the dialogues

    In this lesson you’ll learn common useful Japanese phrases used to cheer up and motivate your
    friends. Everyone struggles from time to time and a word of encouragement can always mean a
    lot to someone. And in Japan, where teamwork is seen as a virtue, motivating other members in
    your group to do their best is an important part of building relationships.
    You’ll find motivational phrases in manga, anime, J-pop and also in casual conversation with
    your friends. So check out the dialogue and extra phrases in this lesson.
    Main Dialogue (Japanese)
    A: どうしたの?元気なさそうだね。
    B: 最近日本語が全然上達しないんだ。
    A: 日本語上手じゃん!
    B: いや、思うように話せないんだよね。もうだめだ。
    A: 大丈夫、大丈夫。塵も積もれば山となる、だよ。
    B: それどういう意味?
    A: 少しずつ頑張って行けば願いは叶うという意味だよ。
    B: わかった!頑張るよ!
    Main Dialogue (Pronunciation)
    A: Dōshita no? Genki nasasō da ne.
    B: Saikin, Nihongo ga zenzen jōtatsu shinain da.
    A: Nihongo jōzu jan!
    B: Iya, omou yō ni hanasenain da yo ne. Mō dame da.
    A: Daijōbu, daijōbu. Chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru da yo.
    B: Sore dōiu imi?
    A: Sukoshi zutsu gambatte ikeba negai wa kanau toiu imi da yo.
    B: Wakatta! Gambaru yo!
    Main Dialogue (English)
    A: What’s the matter. You don’t seem very well/happy.
    B: Recently my Japanese hasn’t improved at all.
    A: Your Japanese is great!
    B: No, I can’t express myself the way I want to. It’s no good.
    A: It’s OK, it’s OK. Even dust when piled up becomes a mountain.
    B: What does that mean?
    A: It means if you try little by little you can realize your dreams.
    B: Got it. I’ll give it a shot!
    Extra Motivational Phrases
    Here are some extra motivational phrases. These phrases are featured in both the main podcast lesson and the extra drill audio file. Check out Learn Japanese Pod to download the podcast and extra drill audio.
    1. 頑張って! Gambatte!
    Do your best.
    2. ファイト! Faito!
    Come on, you can do it!
    3. 元気出して。 Genki dashite.
    Cheer up!
    4. 大丈夫、大丈夫。君ならできるよ。Daijōbu, daijōbu. Kimi nara dekiru yo.
    It’s OK. You can do it.
    5. 前向きにね。Mae muki ni ne.
    Be positive.
    6. 焦らないでね。少しずつね。Aseranaide. Sukoshi zutsu.
    Don’t rush. Do it little by little.
    7. 願えば叶うよ。 Negaeba, kanau yo.
    If you wish it, it will come true.
    Random Phrase of the Week
    なんとかなる – Nan toka naru
    Things will work out somehow
    今の会社を辞めてもなんとかなるよ – Ima Kaisha o yamete mo nan toka naru yo
    Even if you quit your job things will work out
    そんな心配しないで、なんとかなるさ – Shinpai shinai de, nan toka naru sa
    Don’t worry, things will work out you know.

  • Posted on 28 Jan 2021

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    Podcast 35: Notes

    These are the downloadable PDF show notes for podcast 35 “Japanese motivational phrases”.
    For more Japanese learning podcasts visit Learn Japanese Pod

  • Posted on 28 Jan 2021

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    Podcast 34: Aizuchi

    In this podcast, Ami and Alex teach you about Aizuchi or phrases you can use to interject in conversation to show interest in the speaker.
    For more Japanese language learning podcasts visit Learn Japanese Pod

  • Posted on 30 Sep 2020


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