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21 Feb 2019

Learning in Hand

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    Draw Your Own Illustrations, Clipart & Avatars

    Got a smartphone or tablet? Then you could be drawing your own illustrations, clipart, and avatars! In Learning in Hand #32 I share examples and show techniques for creating your own artwork, even if you don't consider yourself an artist. My technique is based on tracing photos, so don't worry if you are embarrassed by your drawing skills. The video features the free Adobe Illustrator Draw app for iPad, iPhone, and Android, and the techniques can certainly be used in other drawing apps.


    Go to learninignhand.com/draw for a transcript with links.

  • Posted on 23 Mar 2016

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    Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology

    Learning in Hand Show #31 is about giving your learning centers or stations a makeover. The collection of activities teachers provide their students at a center can be enhanced with technology, even if there’s only one computer or tablet available. Watch the video to learn about some of the websites and apps that can help you set the course of the center, provide content, support creativity, and capture responses. 


    Visit http://learninginhand.com/30 for a transcript with links.

  • Posted on 18 May 2015

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    Producing Infopics

    Learning in Hand Show #30 is about making infopics. An infopic is a photo with text layered on top that is designed to communicate a message. Watch the video to see examples and to learn about tools and techniques for making your own.

    Visit http://learninginhand.com/30 for a transcript with links.

    Apps metioned include Mextures, Over, Skitch, Pic Collage, PicLab, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Path on, Pixlr, Canva, and Rhonna Designes.

  • Posted on 07 Jan 2015

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    Free Images for Your Projects

    Learning in Hand Show #29 tells you about three websites that are great for finding clipart, photos, symbols, and icons. These sites feature images that you already have permission to use on your website, blog, poster, slideshow, video, animation, etc., etc. Also, get tips on how to download these images and advice for finding images to illustrate your ideas. 

    Visit learninginhand.com/29 for a transcript with links.

  • Posted on 06 Oct 2014

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    New in iOS 8

    Learning in Hand #28 is about some of what's new in Apple's iOS 8. Instead of showing you the major features you might already know about, Tony Vincent demonstrates the lesser known additions that teachers, students, and parents will be interested in. These include additions to the Notes app, predictive typing, dictation enhancements, sharing options, zoom improvements, speak screen, time limits, and updates to the photo library.

    Go to learninginhand.com/28 for a transcirpt of this episode.

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  • Posted on 17 Sep 2014


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