Logic Pro 8 Tips with the Engage Institute PodcastAuthor: Engage Institute Podcast
22 Mar 2019

Logic Pro 8 Tips with the Engage Institute Podcast

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Engage Institute. Engage is a collective of cutting edge creative individuals that cater to the audio-visual production industry. Over the years Engage Productions has completed jobs for some of the biggest corporations in the world including Adidas, Marlboro, HBO, MasterCard, and Disney, among many others.  And now we want to take our knowledge and experience and share it with you. Engage is offering training in several of the top production programs in the world including Logic Pro 8, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro, and DVD Studio Pro. Dive into these amazing programs at Engage's cutting edge studio in the heart of Manhattan. These courses cover everything you need to get started using these top programs at a fraction of the price from other schools.

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    Logic Pro 8 Tips and Tricks Episode #1 - The Proper way to Install Logic Pro

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    This is the first installation of Logic Pro 8 tips and trick from the Engage Institute in New York City. Hopefully this podcast will be informative to you. Please send any questions or feedback to institute@engageprod.com thanks!

  • Posted on 16 Dec 2008


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