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17 Aug 2018

Logical Weight Loss Podcast

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A No nonsense approach to weight loss hosted by Dave Jackson a regular person like you trying to lose weight. He shares what is and isn't working for him, inspirational stories, and weight loss gadgets. Presented in a fun and entertaining style.

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    Adding Journaling and Removing Sugar Equals Success

    Today I share how my weight is going up and down a bit. I'm losing at a rate of around .25 lbs per week. The good news is where I use to fluctuate between 221 and 219. This lead to fluctuating between 219 and 217. This week I was down under 216 for the better part of the week. While it would be easy to become discouraged with the fluctuations, the bottom line is the weight is going down. 

    Karen Loss Weight Cutting out Sugar and Processed Food

    Karen's story comes from SparkPeople

    She got both of her legs broken in an accident. She was at one point around 300 lbs

    She lost weight by celebrating the small victories.

    She cut out processed foods, and sugar, and started journaling.

    She took years, but through dedication, she is losing the weight. 

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  • Posted on 09 Jul 2018

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    You Can Turn Right Instead of Left, Right?

    Weight loss is hard. Anybody that tells you different is lying. It takes discipline, it takes stamina, it takes a plan, and patience. However, we often can make it harder than it needs to be by focusing on the BIG (in some cases HUGE) picture. Here is how I handled that the past few weeks. 

    Find out What Works

    On June 15 I had a really good day (1500 calories, and a calorie deficit of 700 for the day). The next day I hit my regular calorie goal of 1800, and had a calorie deficit of 732. I was on a roll. Why I didn't keep doing that I don't know. I had found a workaround and at night I try to not eat after dinner so that when I get to breakfast I am actually breaking my fast. But at night I needed something with taste (instead of water). I started drinking Spark from Advocare (45 calories) I love the Mango Strawberry. This held me over, and I was losing weight. 

    If It Aint Broke Don't Fix It

    So instead of keeping with what was working, I looked at the calorie deficit (meaning I had burned more calories than I had eaten) and saw where I had a "surplus." I thought instead of drinking another glass of Advocare Spark, why not have one of their Delicious chocolate shakes? After all, it was 210-220 calories with 24 grams of easy-to-digest protein, what's not to love? I had "room" due to my heavy deficit (or so I thought). 

    Remember You Help Create Your Environment

    Looking back, I think I was getting cocky. I started staying up later. I wasn't quite as dedicated to drinking water. Before I knew it after getting to 216, I shot back up close to 218? What it the shakes? No, it was the calories. There is a difference between 45 calories in Spark,

    What 300 Calories a Day Looks Like?

    When you add the 200 calories in the Delicious Shake PLUS the 90 calories for the Coconut milk. Does (for easy math) 300 calories make a difference?  300 Calories a day is 2100 calories a week and 8400 calories a month or 2.4lbs. 

    You Have the Power To Make Your Next Choice the Right One

    I REALLY wanted a burger today (from the McDevil). Lately, I'm trying to avoid looking at the big picture (cause that will suck the life right out of you), and so as I sat in the driveway of my church, if I turned left, I'd be going to McHell. If I turned right, I'd be headed home to grill some chicken.

    All I had to do was turn right.

    I asked myself, "You can turn right can't you?" Yes, I can turn right I told myself, and I did. The chicken never tasted so good. I'm also gonna play a bit more with Advocare. I'm drinking a lemonade that has mineral and herbs, AND it's an appetite suppressant (and above all its yummy)

    Why Was This Good?

    This little experiment lets me know what works, and what doesn't. All I have to do is what works on a consistent basis, and I will hit my goal.

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    Advocare Meal Replacements (https://www.advocare.com/18013080/store/product/t1290-meal-replacement-shake)

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  • Posted on 25 Jun 2018

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    How to Get Motivated Now

    I heard Jeff Haden get interviewed on the You Wanna Do What? podcast with Monica Rivera. Jeff is the author of the book The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win which can get for free by going to www.logicalloss.com/audible if you decide to cancel your subscription you can keep the book (or any other book) for free.

    Motivation Does Not Come Before Action

    So many times we think we need the motivation to take action. Jeff points out that it is the other way around. When we take action, and we do the right things, and we see the results, THAT motivates us to keep Going. 

    You Don't Need A Dump Truck Full of Motivation

    When you think, "I need enough motivation to loss 100 lbs." That is not true. The only motivation you need is enough motivation to make your next meal a healthy one. You need enough motivation to make the next day a day filled with good choices. When you TAKE THESE ACTIONS, the results is motivation. You feel like you accomplished something. People who achieve hard goals over a long period of time did not work on ONE goal, they worked on tiny little goals that upon completion motivated them to NOT QUIT.

    I Really Like This Book So Far

    I'm only through the first chapter, but I'm really enjoying the book so far. 

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  • Posted on 08 Jun 2018

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    Motivation to Get Back In The Gym at 6:45 AM

    I started this year off great. I was losing weight, as time went on, I began to YoYo. So while I'm still down 5 lbs from the beginning of the year I wasn't making much progress.

    Over the memorial day weekend I dusted off my favorite to do list tool todoist.com and it was a mess. I cleared out all the old stuff, and I got focused. So I had to decide what would be my number one focus. I had a few. I'm working on a new version of a book I originally wrote in 2012 call More Podcast Money. I might do a revamp of the School of Podcasting's website (even though I did one five months ago, but there is a new bright and shiny tool for websites ---oooohhh. I am working on turning a diary form 1995 into a podcast called the History of the Band Six Shooter. Then I noticed something.

    None of my priorities included the phrase "Lose weight," or "Eat less, exercise more." THAT is what I was not losing weight. It wasn't a priority. That was on Monday. On Tuesday the 29th, I got a call from a friend of mine letting me know that a group of my peers has chosen me to be inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of fame. The ceremony is in two months. The minute I got off the phone I said to myself. YOU WILL GET UP AND GO TO THE GYM. The interesting thing was, this was not a question, this was not a possibility, this was a fact.

    Sure enough, Wednesday rolled around and at 6:45 AM I was in my shorts on the way to the gym. I was doing High-Intensity Interval Training on a treadmill sweating my butt off.

    So what changed?

    My Why.

    Look, I know that if I don't exercise and eat bad food I will gain weight. I increase my chances of cancer, stroke, diabetes, and include any other horrible diseases you want here. For some reason, those don't motivate me. Don't get me wrong. They SHOULD, but if I'm gonna be honest they don't. Maybe I'm a fool and think that I'll be lucky and dodge those bullets. This like ignoring that you are putting water in a bucket and eventually it's going to get full. You see eventually it will get full.

    So for now, my appetite is gone, my motivation is off the charts and I'm hyper-focused. The ceremony is July 24th. What happens after July 24th? Well, hmmmm. My goal is I will develop healthy habits and just keep on doing what I'm doing. There is that negative voice in my head that says, "Sure, go ahead and do your little exercise stuff, do your healthy eating, whatever, I'll be back." For now, I'm going to ignore that voice and politely go tell him to piss off. That voice is always there, always will be there, and the more I learn to ignore it the better I will be.

    So if you're why isn't inspiring you to do the right things that lead to weight loss, find a new why. I'm here to tell you the right "why" can make a world of difference.

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  • Posted on 01 Jun 2018

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    Revelations From the Bike Path

    I've been a bit down lately, and consequently, my weight has gone up. I just had some things happen that were disappointing. I went over 220, and once again that always gets my dandruff up. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder that is taking forever to heal.

    So yesterday I went for a bike ride. Where I live I might as well be at the bottom of a coffee cup. It's fun coming home, but starting out is uphill in all directions. So I started out and I rode my bike all the way to the top. I was impressed. This was my first time out this Summer with my bike, and I did it. I was tired, sweaty, and out of breath, but I did it.

    I ended up riding 10 miles that day.

    The next day I woke up and my knees hurt, etc. My body letting me know it appreciated the extra effort. I decided to take the bike out again. Here in Ohio, you take advantage of any day that feels like Spring or Summer where it's not 200% humidity. So I decided to do five miles. Here again, not matter what direction I go, I'm going uphill. My body told me it wasn't going to be able to go up the hill again. I started anyway and figured if I needed to I would walk it part of the way.

    Sure enough about halfway up, I was ready to quit. Instead of looking at the hill in front of me, I look at the tire and the road to make sure I wasn't hitting any holes in the road, etc. I just look straight ahead and peddled. It was hard. My Fitbit about exploded due to my increased heart rate, but eventually, I made it to the top and about collapsed.

    It turns out I was stronger than I thought. I am using this to remind myself that I can do this. Losing weight is going to be hard, but I can do this.


    We hear alot of people in politics talk about fake news, and alternative truths. I was leading a group at my church talking about the truths in the bible. This isn't going to be preachy so don't run away. This applies in non-church related items as well. What is it?

    Most if not all of the things that went wrong in your life we based on a lie.

    Fat is bad for you

    Don't change anything about the way you eat and lose weight

    Lose weight without exercise

    One won't hurt.

    I'll start tomorrow

    We know these are lies and yet we still listen to them. We know to stand up to them, and start doing the right things, eating the right way, even if we don't want to sometimes.

    We believe the lies often because it leads to an easier path.

    I watched a documentary on Amazon called Recommended Daily Amount and in the movie a person who had migraine headaches for 15 years, quit taking his medicine and for the most post "Cured" himself of migraines by cutting out soda (and caffeine) and sugar. He purposely didn't exercise as he just wanted to focus on the diet. Many parts of his body composition improved.

    He went through a major "Caffeine Headache" but ended up feeling so much better once he weathered the storm.

    Back To Basics

    I had a fluctuation with my weight a few weeks ago when I went out of town. It was somewhat depressing, but when I got home I just had to look at what has worked for me.

    Getting 7 hours of sleep a night

    Getting as close to 1900 calories a day (which means giving up mid-day snacks)

    Drinking 80 ounces of Water

    Getting 10,000 steps

    When I do this I love weight. This is my truth for now.

    So I started focusing on it, and low and behold the weight is coming back off. 

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  • Posted on 14 May 2018


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