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04 Dec 2021 Web Clinic Podcasts

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    Personalized Messaging Tested: How little changes to an email send led to a 380% change in response rate

    Whether or not an email send is successful comes down to one primary factor: the messaging.

    While many companies strive to get audiences interested in products via email, nonprofits have the challenge of asking for donations via email — money spent towards an organization that does not directly benefit the donor.

    In this Web clinic replay, special guest Tim Kachuriak, Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer, NextAfter, shares his expertise from working with nonprofit organizations on email campaigns.

    Tim and the research team analyzed specific ways that you can generate interest in an email and strategies you can use to move forward with testing your way to successful campaigns, including an example test that lead to a 380% increase in revenue per email.

  • Posted on 12 Aug 2015

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    Does Seasonal Messaging Really Work? How one company’s wrong assumptions led to a 25% decrease in clickthrough

    Staying relevant to your customers is key in developing a marketing strategy that really works. Many marketers attempt to remain relatable with seasonal campaigns, such as winter holiday campaigns or events like back-to-school.

    However, seasonal campaigns might not be the best fit, or might not be appropriately executed in all industries.

    In this Web clinic replay, the research team reveals strategies for striking a balance between clarity and seasonality and shares a test from one company that resulted in a 25% change in clickthrough rate.

  • Posted on 08 Jul 2015

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    Branded Design Tested: How simple changes in page elements aesthetics led to a 51% increase in subscriptions

    Brand strategy has never been more important. The logos, colors and design of a website have the power to immediately orient customers and prospects when they land on your site.

    When used properly, design elements and aesthetic choices also act to reinforce the value proposition. However, it's important to understand that there must be a balance so that design elements do not become conversion obstacles.

    In this Web clinic replay, the research team will share strategies for testing your way into a balanced site as well as a test on branding that resulted in a 51% difference in conversions.

  • Posted on 10 Jun 2015

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    Harnessing Customer Motivation: How one company increased conversion by 65% by aligning page elements with customer desire

    As marketers, we must ensure the elements on the page align with the specific thought processes of our prospective customers, empowering them to proceed rather than filling them with anxiety or confusion.

    The most essential element in the sales process is customer motivation. Unfortunately, it is also the hardest variable for us to influence. Understanding the thoughts of the highly-motivated customer is imperative so that we can then use that motivation to bring about a desirable outcome.

    In this Web clinic replay, the research team shares two key principles on understanding and harnessing customer motivation, gleaned from two tests. The team also shares four questions to ask when evaluating your own customers' behavior on your site.

  • Posted on 13 May 2015

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    The Power of the Properly Sequenced Subject Line: Improve email performance by using the right words, in the right order

    Across all age ranges, U.S. adults said that they preferred companies to contact them via email as opposed to any other medium (according to a 2015 MarketingSherpa survey).

    However, that does not necessarily mean customers are anxiously awaiting your sends. With customers' inboxes being flooded daily with ads and newsletters, they carefully skim the subject lines, searching for easy emails to eliminate.

    In this Web clinic replay, the research team shares three observations on crafting effective subject lines gleaned from two tests, including an experiment which resulted in a 26% increase in clickthrough rate.

  • Posted on 08 Apr 2015


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