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26 Mar 2019

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A video podcast by the American Society for Microbiology that highlights the latest in microbiology, life science, and related topics. ASM is composed of over 42,000 scientists and health professionals with the mission to advance the microbial sciences as a vehicle for understanding life processes and to apply and communicate this knowledge for the improvement of health and environmental and economic well-being worldwide.

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    New Engaging Approaches for Science Communication

    Science communication experts discuss creative ways (like variations of escape-the-room, the Up-Goer Five Challenge, or edible learning aids) to get people to interact with science.

    Jennifer Gardy, Kathryn (KT) Elliott, and Dave Westenberg discuss the inspiration for their creative approaches and tips for other who want to improve their scicomm skills.

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  • Posted on 06 Aug 2018

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    Disease Detective - Anne Schuchat - Principal Deputy Director of CDC

    CDC Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat has extensive experience in global health and science advocacy. Jennifer Gardy interviews Schuchat about emerging disease threats and what advice for early-career scientists Schuchat can offer.

    Schuchat talks about translating disease detective work into policies that decrease infection rates, citing the successes in decreasing group B Streptococcus infections, developing group A meningococcal vaccines, and halting the recent West African Ebola outbreak. Schuchat talks about her road from an Emerging Infectious Disease fellow to her role in preparing for emerging disease as Deputy Director, and her vision for a future of interdisciplinary collaboration for the greater benefit of global public health.

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  • Posted on 14 Jul 2018

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    MWV 112 - Astronaut Kate Rubins on TWiV, live from Microbe 2017

    From ASM Microbe 2017 at New Orleans, Vincent and Rich meet up with Kate Rubins to talk about becoming an astronaut, space travel, and doing science in space.

    Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Rich Condit

    Guest: Kate Rubins

    Thumbnail Photo by Chris Condayan

    Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees

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  • Posted on 21 Jun 2017

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    MWV 111 - TWiM live at Microbe 2017: Rigor, lotteries, and moonshots

    At Microbe 2017 in New Orleans, the TWiM team speaks with Arturo Casadevall about his thoughts on the pathogenic potential of a microbe, rigorous science, funding by lottery, and moonshot science.

    Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Michael Schmidt, Elio Schaechter and Michele Swanson.

    Guest: Arturo Casadevall

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  • Posted on 21 Jun 2017

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    MWV 110 - How to Create Agar Art Using Living Microbes

    Step inside the creative process with Agar Art 2015 winners Maria Peñil Cobo, Mixed Media Artist, and Mehmet Berkmen, PhD, Staff Scientist at New England Biolabs. During their multi-year collaboration, Maria and Memo have created astonishing works of art using living microbes. Find out how they meld science and art with this behind-the-scenes how-to video guide.

    Inspired? Submit your own agar art to ASM’s Agar Art 2017 contest through April 27, 2017 - http://www.asm.org/index.php/public-outreach/agar-art

    Prizes include up to $200 in Amazon gift cards and the chance for your art to be featured in the Agar Art Gallery at ASM Microbe 2017 (http://www.asm.org/index.php/asm-microbe-2017), June 1-5, 2017 in New Orleans, LA. Submissions must be high-resolution photos of an organism(s) growing on agar. Submitting artists must be ASM members ( http://asmscience.org/content/membership/all) or work with an official ASM Agar Art partner organization to create the submitted piece. Questions? Contact communications@asmusa.org.


  • Posted on 01 Mar 2017


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