MMA Radio: Author: TJ De Santis
20 Feb 2019

MMA Radio: "Beatdown" with TJ De Santis

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TJ De Santis and brings you inside the sport of mixed best source for mixed martmartial arts with "Beatdown," twice week on the Sherdog Radio Network. From the UFC to PRIDE, "Beatdown" offers in-depth analysis and compelling interviews with the sport's biggest names. is the world's ial arts news on the Web. Look up a fighter's record in the Fight Finder or join 60,000 rabid fans inside the Sherdog forum. You want inside information on mixed martial arts, has you covered! As always, the most recent episode is always available for FREE on iTunes. To access the entire "Beatdown" archive and exclusive training videos of the biggest names in M4A, visit!

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  • Posted on 22 Jan 2016


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